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Dil Hi Toh Hai 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritwik keeps a condition before Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Dadi tells VP not to worry. I gave turmeric milk to Mamta. She will be fine. Shivam comes to check on Mamta. Ritwik also comes there. VP tells him he wont let his family break apart. Don’t lose heart. Ritwik repeats that he too cannot see his family break. We should let go of some things for the sake of family. He leaves. Rishabh looks on.

Ritwik tries Palak’s number. Pick it up please. I am so sorry. Shivam asks him who he is calling. Ritwik replies that he is calling Palak. She isn’t picking up. Shivam reasons that it is 4 am. What happened? Ritwik tells him they were wrong and Palak was right. She is marrying someone because of my mistake. She should be with me. Shivam tells him not to go to her house or Manjeet ji will end his story once and for all. Ritwik insists he

has to stop her from marrying Naman. Shivam advises him to speak to Mumma. She will wake up in 2 hours. Rest till then and calm down. Ritwik agrees.

Palak’s haldi ceremony is done. Manjeet ji asks her to take bath now. She goes. Ritwik steps out of the curtains and makes her listen to him. I love you. You cannot marry anyone else. You will only marry me. She tells him to leave or his mother wont spare him. He refuses to leave without her. Come with me. I love you just as much as you love me. Come with me. She speaks of his parents. He agrees to make them agree later. I promise I will fix everything. Manjeet ji shouts at Palak. Palak steps away from Ritwik. Manjeet ji asks constables to arrest Ritwik. Palak shouts against it and wakes up with a start.

Next morning, Dadi tells VP sometimes elders have to bend down for the sake of their kids. VP is sure Palak isn’t the right girl for Ritwik. Plus she is marrying someone else. Dadi knows Ritwik wont be able to get over this girl. Just make her marry him and we will fix everything between them.

Mamta comes to check on Ritwik. He makes her sit down and tells his mom that he cannot let Palak marry someone else. I love her very much. I am going. Shivam is excited. Bhai is going to stop his girlfriend’s wedding! Aman also calls him mad. They will send you to jail. Mamta tells Ritwik against it. He says how I can see her marry someone else. I have to go get her. Promise me you wont go anywhere leaving me alone. She agrees. Remember to ask for her hand nicely from her parents. Don’t create a drama. Aman says it is bound to happen as he is going to break a wedding. Ritwik says there will be a new drama for a new wedding. Ritwik promises to abide by his mother’s words and runs away. Shivam follows his brother excitedly. Aman informs Rohit.

Reeva is massaging Mamta’s head. VP is tensed seeing Mamta thus. I think I will have to take care of this matter. Mamta insists she is fine but he knows she isn’t taking care.

Ritwik and Shivam reach the venue but police is everywhere. Ritwik gives an idea to Shivam. He holds his stomach and acts to be in immense pain. Police starts taking care of him. Ritwik manages to get inside the venue amidst other guests. He asks for the bride’s room from a waiter.

Shivam tells police he is fine. They ask him if he took drugs. Shivam shakes his head.

Ritwik scolds the guy who is writing the wedding invitation board to write his name instead of Naman. You will be thrown out of your job if you wont fix it! It’s Ritwik with a W. He panics and changes the name to Ritwik from Naman.

Setu clicks some photos with Palak.

Kamlesh ji stops Ritwik while he is carrying the basket of flowers and asks him who he is. Rohit diverts his attention to the food vendor. Ritwik thanks Rohit who scolds him cutely for making everyone mad. Palak’s room is upstairs. Let me know what I have to do.

Mamta’s BP is all the more low. Saanchi and Rishabh suggest ideas to make her better. Dadi asks VP to go. We are here to take care of Mamta. The wedding will happen otherwise. VP excuses himself and tells Mamta to take care. Rishabh suggests holding a meeting with some important clients. VP tells him to handle it himself. I have some urgent work. Rishabh is sure it would be Ritwik’s important work. VP scolds him for not thinking about the situation at home. Seeing his outburst, Rishabh is all the surer it is about Ritwik only. Saanchi also tells him to manage it. You always manage it. Mamta’s health worsens.

Mrs. Kapoor calls Manjeet ji to know about the temple in Chhatarpur. Manjeet ji cooks up a story. Mrs. Kapoor tells her they are on their way.

VP asks Aman if he had a word with Dr. Batra. Aman tells him he is on his way. They hear the sound of drums. VP asks them what it is. Dadi tells him it is Palak’s Baraat.

Naman is talking to Palak on phone about Tanya as she is unwell. Ritwik calls out to Palak. She tells Naman she is imagining things. I am imagining what isn’t here. Ritwik takes the phone from her shocking her. She asks him to leave. You will get arrested. He tells her nothing will happen to him.

Reeva is angry with the Baraat thing. Dadi asks VP what will happen now. What if the wedding happens? VP asks Rishabh to call Ritwik. Saanchi too tells him. Rishabh says you think I will call him. Dad should also know what his favourite son is up to!

Ritwik accepts all the mistakes that have happened so far knowingly or unknowingly. You were right. The clauses were demeaning. If my Dad knew about it he wouldn’t have asked you ever to sign them. He begins to tell her the rest when she says something. He agrees to apologize to her mother in front of the entire world. I will do whatever you will ask me. She tells him it is too late. My parents are waiting downstairs for me. You got too late. He holds her. I will fix everything. I will apologize to every single person on behalf of everyone. She reasons that not everything can happen as per his wish. I will get convinced but it will break my parents. DO you want me to do that? I love you but I also love my parents very much. I am marrying for my mother’s sake but if I go with you, she will lose everything. She wont be able to take it. I wont be able to do it. He assures her he will fix everything. You love me. You cannot leave me. She says I will have to marry Naman. I wont be able to live with this guilt. He nods. You should stay happy. It’s my mistake. Promise me you wont cry ever for me. You will stay happy. She promises him. He promises not to come before her ever again! I will never show you my face again! There is one condition. She asks him about it.

Manjeet ji welcomes the Baraat.

Rishabh acts to have spoken to Ritwik and lies to VP that Ritwik isn’t ready to listen to him. I even told him about Ma’s condition but he disconnected.

Palak refuses to let Ritwik hurt anymore. I cannot let you take me to the mandap. Manjeet ji comes to call Palak and is shocked to see Ritwik there. Ritwik assures her he hasn’t come here to create anymore problems for her. I have come to say sorry. She refuses to listen. I will call police. He agrees to disappear from Palak’s life once and for all after her wedding. I have a right to take her to the mandap though. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays as he wipes Palak’s tears. He tries to hold back his own tears but fails.

Precap: Ritwik brings Palak to the mandap and makes her sit next to Naman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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