Wednesday , September 23 2020


leap of 3 months
@doctors cabin
Doc:y r u not understanding? I have to speak about ur health to ur husband ..if u didn’t cum with him next time.. Plz don’t cum for check up
Rag:in cracking voice plz mam he can’t able to digest this
Doc:i don’t know Ragini.. This is final.. If u didn’t cum within 3 days along with ur husband.. I will definitely won’t treat you
Rag :plz mam
Doc :plz go beta

@ragsan room
San:angrily y r u doing like this Ragini? How many times I told you I will cum along with u for ur check up but
Rag:sry (pleads)
San:u said appointment was cancelled but u went.. How?
Rag:actually another girl named Ragini was also treating over there and her appointment was cancelled.. They got confused with names and called me mistakenly
San:3 rd time u r saying like this.. For the past 3 months same reason..
Rag:(pouts) do u think I’m lying (turns fake angrily)
San:(melts) back hugs her. .not like that but Wat type of hospital it is? Always committing mistake, shall v change a doctor
Rag:(turns towards him) nods as no.. She is the best doctor ..have u seen how she took care of mahi/swara during their labour time (fb shows how mahi/swara got their Labour pain and how doctor handled her…she has delivered male baby and Swara has delivered female baby)
San:nods ..k next time if u get any call from hospital.. I will handle it
San:smiles and pecks her lips ..

After few minutes
San:y r u sleeping like this (by showing her back towards him)
Rag:if I turns towards u. Our baby bump…. I might feel, I distanced from u
San:smiles and back hugs.. Huskily now
San smiles and dozed off
Rag cries silently by touching his hand over her bump by remembering doctor’s words….

Next day
Lak:hugs Ragini and cries
Rag pats him… And cries too

After few minutes both went to hospital
@doctor’s cabin
Doc:wat Ragini? I told to bring ur husband.
Lak:plz doctor.. My brother loves her unconditionally, he can’t able to digest it.. Plz whatever her condition, say it to me.. She is not only my BHABHI but also my COUSIN
Doc:nods ,and ask Ragini to wait from outside, actually she is having PIH (PREGNANCY INDUCED HYPERTENSION) it means her BP is increased during pregnancy..
Lak:is it affects her (cracking voice))
Doc:v can’t assure might complicate her pregnancy,, it’s about 50-50..some may get seizures also.. It will worsen her condition /baby’s too..sometimes v can save only one live . I have prescribed some tablets.. She should maintain her bp..its all in god’s hand
Laksh’s eyes become teary and nods
Doc:plz hereafter at least some one should accompany her

@ragsan room
Rag:plz laksh don’t say this to sanskar..
Lak:but how will I
Rag:plz (begs)
Lak:cries more by seeing her condition and went to his room fastly

As soon as sanskar came from office ..goes to lakmahi room and saw laksh is sitting in bed being lost
San:goes towards him and placed his hand over his shoulder
Lak:get sense and looks at him
San:where r u lost
Lak:nods as nothing
San:shall I take baby with me
San:happily takes baby along with him and enters into their room and started playing with baby
As soon as mahi enters her room, saw the toddler is empty ..smiles by thinking about ragsan

@ragsan room
Baby is playing …ragsan r admiring his cute antics

Hope you like it
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