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Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 27

Greetings For The Day My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear arunima fenil jasmine sia 

D thank u so much  is always  heart warming to hear from silent  readers

Lots more to come

Recap- judge is about to give his Verdict against zoya Anjana faints Court is adjourned Rajveer hints adi that zoya lied to save him He too can do something like that
Adi in court says that he was involved with zoya n together they implanted bomb n killed pooja n yash because they came to know about their affair
Adi tells zoya unfortunately they cdnt live together but he wants to die with her
All are heartbroken as judge pronounces life sentence to Adiya

Mahi comes about of court
Tears fall from her eyes
Madhu comes behind her
Madhu- mahi do something beta zoya has not done anything we cannot let this happen to her Zoya is innocent save her mahi save her

Mahi nods she hugs madhu

Mahi takes her phone she dails a no
Noor picks up
Mahi-Noor I have some thing very important to tell u
Zoya needs u

Mahi is narrating everything to Noor
Tears fall from noor’s eyes

Anjana is seated on bench in court
N Harshvardan on another
Both are broken
Arjun is talking to some lawyers
Rajveer smiles seeing them
Rajveer’s pov- Tdy I can sleep peacefully Finally these tears

Constables are taking zoya n adi in prison
Adi looks at zoya with lots of love in eyes
He is actually adoring her
Zoya smiles at adi’s look
Deep intense eye contact
Eyes have no pain
But tears
Bepannah aashqui plays in Bg

Adi is pushed in prison
All prisoners look at him in shock
As he is smiling
Zoya is taken away from there
Her hands touch the bars of adi’s prison
Adi put his hand on hers
Their fingers intertwine
They smile at each other
They are not bothered about
Whats happening around
They are into a new world
They are lost in each other
Cops pull zoya
Her hand leaves adi’s hand
Zoya feels bad
Adi gestures her to smile
They are looking at each other
Adi’s prison mate- I feel he is a psycho pagal pagal Smiling He has got life sentence n he is smiling
Another prison mate-Verdict has given him shock n he became pagal
Adi (smiling)-No life has given a beautiful experience to me.

I have been blessed  with somebody’s  bepannah Aashqui

His eyes well up with tears

But there is smile on face

He continues-Somebody  loves me so much I never knew Her selfless unconditional  love made me fell in love with her

Our love is so pure

Am glad

Prison mates are confused

One prisonmate-but u have got death sentence

How will u be able to live with ur loved one

Adi (smiles)-I will die with her

Drs have  come to check Anjana

Anjana  has got panic attack

She is continuously murmuring

My kids cannot die Harsh do something  I beg u Harsh Arjun Arjun

Arjun hugs her

Harsh feels helpless


Scene shifts

Harsh is giving medicine

To Anjana

Arjun comes running

Arjun -DAD I just got call from Mr Nair The hearing  of case in supreme  Court is on next Monday

Anjana  (teareyed)-Next Monday 7 days my adi n zoya would be in prison

This cannot happen

This can not happen

She breaksdown in arms of Harsh


Harsh n Arjun  are discussing something

Siddquis  enter Hooda house

Roshna hugs Anjana

Both get emotional

Arjun n Noor greet each other

Wasim walks straight to Harshvardan

Harshvardan  feels helpless

Harshvardan -am sorry Wasim kids confessed.

Wasim interrupts  n hugs him

Wasim-I know u tried Harsh

Am feeling  so guiltily  I left my zoya in anger   went Hamari zoya went through  such alot my delicate doll

Tears fall from his eyes

Arjun keeps his hand over wasim’s shoulder

Arjun -uncle whatever  happened  is past cannot be changed  we have one week in this one week we all need to work extremely  hard take efforts  n get truth out

Noor nods

Just then madhu enters

With mahi

Madhu-Am sure neither  zoya nor adi can do this definitinely somebody  else has done it N we need to get truth out we are with u

Harshvardan  (smiles)-I feel so strong now

If we all are together  nothing  wrong  will happen  n we will definitely  save kids

Madhu pacifies Roshna n Anjana

Precap-Arjun -DAD we need to reach to Sakshi  Aunty anyhow she is pooja Bhabhi ‘s mom she might definitely  be knowing  something  much more than we all know

Wasim-How to find her but ???


Adi to cop-Sir Pls tell me did zoya eat food Pls sir I cannot touch food until I make out if she had food

Cop-Good u will die one week before

Another cop feels pity seeing zoya not eating food on one side n adi also not eating  on other side

Second cop convinces both to eat

Second cop to adi-I know u both haven’t  done this if loved each other so much  you didn’t  u get married

Adi-sometimes we fail to realise  our feelings sometimes we get blind sometimes we mistake love for friendship sometimes love is besides us n we waste time searching  it all around the world

Cop feels bad

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