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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Manish meets with an accident

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Naira saying sorry. Manish says it happens, are you fine. Naira says yes. She drives. He says you don’t do dance practice, is it because you lost the academy. She says no, I don’t get time. He says get time, I want you to dance on big stage. She promises. He says you sacrificed your precious thing, thanks, I can see that pain in your eyes. She shows the barricades and says I will drop you home, I will take stuff from nearby market. He says I have an imp meeting, we will go by that route. Naira says no, Kartik will get angry knowing it, his word may get true. Manish says no, take it slow, I have to go. She says no. He asks her to drive, take him seriously. He says you stop me like I m a kid and you are my parents, we will tell Kartik when we go home, drive. Naira thinks sorry Kartik, I will drive slow. Manish says I know all the routes, nothing will happen, I m with you. A man asks her to stop for 5 mins, work is under progress.

She gets Kartik’s call. She thinks Manish will talk to Kartik. A girl comes running there and asks her to buy some lovely clips. Naira talks to her and asks how many fake stories do you have. She says fine, give me four clips. The man asks Naira to go. Naira’s purse falls down. She asks the girl to not lie next time and sell the clips. The girl says fine. She gets Naira’s purse. She sees much money inside. Kartik says dad didn’t call about the meeting, Naira didn’t come, I have time to hide this gift for Naira, this will be best surprise for her. He writes our 10th Teej. He says I wish you always stay happy. Manish asks Naira not to listen to Kartik. He jokes and asks her to drive faster. He thinks I have fixed this meeting with difficulty, I want to give your dance academy to you. The girl follows the car. She says I will return the purse and ask for reward. A car passes by. The dirty water splashes on the car’s windscreen. Manish asks Naira to use the wiper. The girl falls in front of the car. Naira sees her and turns the wheel.

Kartik runs inside the hospital. Everyone comes after him. They see Naira and Manish getting treated. Kartik says she went by that route when I refused. She sees him and cries. She goes out and says sorry. Everyone asks the doctor about Manish. Doctor says he is fine. Naira asks did he get conscious. Doctor says not yet, he will get conscious. Kartik asks did you get all tests done. Naira says his head was hit. Doctor says calm down, everything looks fine, you can take him home, we will get reports soon, just check on his behavior change. Kartik asks what do you mean. Doctor says if his behavior changed, just observe. Naira asks why will his behavior change. Doctor says I can explain this when the reports come. Naira goes to Kartik. He cries and goes to Manish. Gayu cries a lot. Surekha asks her not to cry. Gayu asks her not to tell anything to Samarth.

Manish gets conscious. Kartik asks are you fine. He says we all are here, do you need something, shall I call the doctor. Manish asks who are you….Everyone gets shocked. Kartik worries and calls the doctor. Manish says Kartik, I was joking. Dadi asks did you go mad, I was so tensed. Manish says sorry Maa. Kartik asks Manish to say how is he. Manish says if you get so tensed, they will make you lie down instead me. Kartik says that’s okay, you scared me. Manish says I m fine, where is Naira, did she get hurt. Naira says I m sorry, its my mistake to take you by that road. Manish says accident could have happened on any road and that route… Kartik asks him to take rest. Suwarna says we have to go home for Teej. Manish says you have to keep fast now, you look beautiful in anger. Everyone smiles. Kartik stays angry.

Everyone breaks the fast. Manish gets scared and runs away. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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