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Soul Mate (He likes her) Part 3

Drishti is in a very good mood today, it’s her first day at job. She comes at the office and greets the watchman, the watchman smiles and greets her back. She goes in the elevator and there is liftman, Drishti greets him too. The liftman greets her. The elevator comes to the office floor and opens and Drishti sees all the office members are standing and looking at her, everyone is smiling. They all welcome her at the office with a lot of bouquets. Drishti becames very happy and takes all of them, she talks with everyone. That’s when the peon of that day shows her a cabin saying it’s her. Drishti gets amazed and goes towards it. She looks at her cabin from outside. Then she hears footsteps and looks at her right, she sees Rakshit coming toward her. She looks face to face to him. Rakshit comes and gives her a file.

Rakshit: Iss file mein mere company k sare kaam k details hai. Jaise ap usdin mere jaan bachai thi aj usi tarah mere company ko vi bachalijiye.
This file contains all the work details of my company. The way you saved my life that day save my company now.

Drishti smiles and takes the file.

Drishti: No problem.

Rakshit is still holding the file, so is Drishti, they keeps looking at each other.

Guard: Madam apko ander jana hai ki nehi?
Madam do you want to go inside or not?

Drishti gets out of her dream and comes to reality. She is standing outside of Shergil company, looking at the building. The guard asks her again.

Gaurd: Apko jana nehi kya ander?
Don’t you have to go inside?

Drishti: Jana hai na, of course jana hai. Aj mera pehle din hai office mein. Agar mein nehi jaungi to kaun jayega.
Of course I have to go. Today is my first day at office. If I don’t go then who will.

Gaurd: To jaiye na.
Then go ahead.

Drishti: Ja rahi hu na, khusi khusi ja rahi hu. Aur ap bhi khus rahe. Khus rehne ki paisa nehi lagte.
I’m going alright, I’m going happily. And you should also stay happy. There is no cost for being happy.

Drishti smiles and goes inside. She comes in front of the elevator. The elevator opens, she is about to enter but stops seeing the elevator is fully crowded.

Liftman: Ap arahe hai ya nehi?
Are you coming or what?

Drishti: Bhaiya main stairs hi le leti hu. Health k liye accha hota hai.
Bhaiya I will take the stairs. It’s good for health.

Drishti runs towards the stairs and rides up fast. She comes to the office room. Everyone is very busy there. Drishti tries to talk with them. But no one has time for her. Rakshit’s PA comes to her.

PA: Drishti Sharma? Ap 5 min late hai. Sir ko aise late karna pachand nehi hai. Mere sath aiye.
Drishti Sharma? You are 5 min late. Sir doesn’t like this. Come with me.

Then without giving Drishti any chance to talk he gets mixed up in the crowd. Drishti follows him with a lot difficulty, managing not to hit with someone while going. The PA takes her to a small desk.

PA: Yeh rahi apke desk, aur ye rahi files. Jald hi kaam khatam kar k sir ko report kijiye. Unke orders.
This is your desk, and there is your files. Complete the work first and report to sir fast. It’s his order.

Then the PA leaves from there. Drishti looks at her plain desk.

Drishti: Chal Drishti lag ja kaam pe. Atehi itna sara kaam. Lagtahe ye pagal admi tujhe kaam kara karake bhagayega.
Let’s start working Drishti. So much work on the first day. It seems this mad man is planing to make your life hell with workload.

Drishti sits down in her desk and stars working. Drishti works for sometime, suddenly Rakshit comes out of his cabin. He looks around and sees Drishti at her desk. He calls her loudly.

Rakshit: Drishti, my cabin, right now.

Then he goes back to his room. Drishti gets shocked of this sudden call. She somehow manages to grab the important files and goes to his cabin. Rakshit checks her files and takes out a lot of fault. He gives her more works. Drishti comes out with more files. She puts them in her desk somehow and sits down. A few people  come toward her. In front of them is a very stylish girl. She stops in front of her desk. Drishti stands up seeing them.

Drishti: Hello I’m Drishti. Aj mera pehle din hai yaha.
Hello I’m Drishti. Today is my first day here.

Riya(the stylish girl): Ha ha wo to sabko patai hai. Rakshit sir ne sabke samne chillakar bata jo dia. Par hamare nam to nehi bataiye, wo hum batane aye hai. Main Riya.
Yeah yeah, we all know that. Rakshit sir have announced that infront of everyone. But he havn’t said our names. We are here to tell you that.

Drishti shyly smiles. She gets introduced with all of them. Riya looks at all her files. She smiles.

Riya: Manna parega, tum jaise larki job k liye kya kya nehi karte.
I have to say, girls like you does a lot of things for job.

Drishti: Excuse me?

Riya: Files k baat karrehi hu yaar. Itna sara kaam! Kaise kar logi samajh hi nehi arahi hai. Aur Rakshit sir bhi na, tumhe pahle din hi kitna kaam de dia.
I’m talking about the files dude. So many works! I’m not able to understand how would you manage all this. Rakshit sir is too much, he has given you so much work on the first day.

Drishti smiles and starts to say something but her smiles disappears after hearing Riya’s next word.

Riya: Bahut khas hogi tum sir k liye, na? Matlab unhone tumhari sabse alag kark special wala interview liya. Uske baad sare candidate ko chorke tumhe job dia tumhare itne tamashe k baad vi. Aur aj office aneke baad sabse pehle tumsehi milna chaha. Itna jaldhi bahut important ho gayi tum Rakshit sir k liye.
You must be very special for sir, right? I mean he took your special interview apart from everyone. Then he picked you out of every candidate for the job even after your drama. And after coming today at office the first thing he did was meeting you. You have become very important for Rakshit sir in a short span of time.

Drishti smiles a little, looks at her desk and then at Riya.

Drishti: Wo kya hai ki Riya, Rakshit sir kafi samajhder insan hai. Wo apni company mein jiski jo kabiliyat hai uski basis pe unko kaam dete hai. Unko laga ki main itna sara kaam karnei ki kabiliyat rakhti hu to unhone wo mujhe dia. Ab dekho jaise tumhari desk pe ( Drishti looks at Riya’s desk which is pretty much empty) jada kuch hai nehi to iska matlab kya hota hai wo to tum samajh hi chuk hoge.
The thing is Riya, Rakshit sir is a very sensible person. He distributes work in his company based on people’s ability. Now he has given me this much work that means he thinks I have the ability to do so. Now looking at your desk in which there is nothing much, you know what that means right?

Riya feels insulted, her expression changes. People around her tries to hide smile. Drishti comes closer to her, she talks in a low tone.

Drishti: Nayi ayi hu, iska matlab ye nehi k tum jo chahe wo bol sakte ho mere bare mein. Bahut dekh chuki hu tumhare tara. Mujhse panga loge to loksan tumaharihi hogi. Mera kuch na ayagi na jayegi.
I’m new here, but that doesn’t mean that you can tell whatever you want about me. I have seen a lot like you. If you tries to mess with me it will be you who will be in loss. I would have no gain or no loss.

Riya gets angry and goes away from there. The others who were watching drama leaves one by one. Drishti looks at the mountain of files and sits down. The entire day Rakshit made her work a lot. Drishti gets tired but keeps on working on her desk. Rakshit looks at her from his cabin between his work. He sees her working, in such a sort time she have managed to decorated her plain desk into a beautiful one. Suddenly Drishti looks up and sees him staring at her. There is question on her face. Rakshit acts strict and signals her to come to his cabin. Drishti comes to his cabin.

Rakshit: Wo nayi project ki file isbar thik se taiyar kia hai ya nehi?
Have you prepared the files of the new project properly or not this time?

Drishti: Maine to sab karliya but (looking at Rakshit’s strong face changes her tone to low) ap hi dekh lijiye.
I have done everything but you check yourself.

Drishti gives the file to Rakshit. He reads it. Drishti closes her eyes to hear scold.

Rakshit: Hmm, is bar sab thik thak e hai..(looking at Drishti) Ap aise kiyun kar rahe hain?
Hmm, everything is ok this time… Why are you behaving like this?

Drishti opens her eyes.

Drishti: Sab thik hai? Haa, sab thik hai. Maine apko bola tha na sab thik hi hoga. Aur ap bewajah shak karte rahte hai. Shak karna bahut buri adat hai. Dusro pe varsa karna parta hai aur sabse pehle khud pe, khud ke kaam pe varsa karna parta hai. Jaise mein hamesha karti hu. Na kabhi khud pe shak, na koi doubt. Mere sath rahte rahte ap bahut kuch sikh jayegi, don’t worry.
Everything is ok? Yeah, everything is ok. I told you so, that everything is going to be ok. And you were doubting without any reason. Doubt is a very bad habit. One should learn to trust others, specially trust himself, trust his own work. Like the way I always trust myself. Never any doubt on myself nor any question. You will learn by staying with me, don’t worry.

Rakshit: Hmm, samajh gaya. Ek baat baliye, apka to scooter hai, hai na?
Hmm, I understood. Tell me something, you have a scooter, right?

Drishti: Ji sir, mera scooty bahut awesome hai, ap dekhenge to kahenge car k jaga ap rose mera scooty se ana jana karna chate hai. Aur to aur mere scooty ka kabhi break fail vi nehi hota.
Yes sir, my scooty is very awesome, if you see it then you will say that you want to travel in it instead of your car. And moreover my scooty has never a break fail.

Drishti starts laughing but seeing Rakshit’s stern face she gets silent.

Rakshit: Haa to kya kahrehe the ap? Break fail? Waise break fail se yaad aya us accident wale din ap sarak pe kya kar rahe the? Apke scooter kaha tha?
Yes so what were you saying? Break fail? Well from break fail I remembered, in that accident that day, what were you doing on the road? Where was your scooter?

Drishti: Uski baat to ap karien maat, pata hai main thik thak scooty pe araha tha, achanok beech raste mein petrol khatam ho…..
Don’t even go there, do you know that I was coming properly on scooty, but all of a sudden in midway the petrol got over…….

Drishti stops in her talk, she haves flash back of telling Rakshit she always checks her scooty before going out of her house. Now then she realizes what she have told him. Rakshit smiles looking at her “got caught” face.

Drishti: Sir, ye wala file to thik hai, par aur bhi bahut sare files jama para hai. Mujhe wo bhi complete karna hai.
Sir, this file is ok, but there is a lot of files in my desk. I have to complete them too.

Dristi turns to leave.

Rakshit: Rukho.

Drishti stops. Rakshit stands up from his place and comes face to face with her.

Rakshit: Jhoot to bahut acche se bol lete ho, ta wo khud k bare mein ho ya fer mere kaam k barein mein. Par ye maat vulo ye office mera hai, yaha jo bhi kaam hota hai wo merahi instruction per hota hai. So bahana eisa banau ki pakri na jau.
You lies very well, if it is about your self or about my work. But you shouldn’t forget this is my office, and the works here happen on my instruction. So if you want make excuse make it like that you don’t get caught.

Drishti tries to say something but nothing comes at her mind. Rakshit takes a step close to her, she takes a back. Like this drishti gets cornered with table, she looks back to see there is no more room for moving, Rakshit comes even closer. Drishti looks at him direct at his eyes. She musters up courage to talk.

Drishti: Rakshit sir mujhe jana hai.
Rakshit sir I have to go.

Rakshit: Hmm, tumhe jana hai. Ghar jana hai.
Hmm, you have to go. You have to go to home.

Drishti gets puzzled.

Drishti: Huh?

Rakshit takes a step back, Drishti stands normally. Rakshit checks time on his watch.

Rakshit: Tumhare ajk liye office time over hai. Ab tumhe ghar jana hai. Par jane se pehle ye leke jau.
Your office time is over for today. You should go home now. But before so, take this.

Rakshit forwards a pendrive towards Drishti, she takes it.

Rakshit: Iss mein kalk hone wale Khurana’s k sath deal k details hai. Ghar jake pura dekho, samjho thik se aur ek presentation taiyar karo, kalk meetings k liye. Aur haa ye pendrive bahut important hai. Agar ise kuch hua to company ka bahut loksan hoga. Yaad rakhna.
This have the folders containing details about the deal that will happen with the Khurana’s tomorrow. Go home, see through them, understand it properly and prepare a presentation, for tomorrow’s meeting. And yes, this pendrive is very important. If something happens to it there will be huge loss for the company. Remember.

Drishti nods and leaves. Rakshit smiles and sighs.

The next day

Drishti is working at her desk. Pari comes at the office. She suddenly notices Drishti, she runs towards her. Before she reaches her completely Drishti turns and holds her. Looking at Pari she makes fake question look.

Drishti: Tum? Tum yaha kaha se aya? Is taraf se kaise aya? Aneka rasta to us taraf hai. By any chance tumhare ander koi magic power to nehi hai? Tum koi pari to nehi?
You? From where did you came here? How did you came from this direction? The door is in that way. By any chance do you have any magic power? Are you a fairy?

Pari laughs hearing her questions.

Pari: Main pari nehi hu mera nam Pari hai.
I’m not fairy, my name is Pari ( fairy ).

Drishti acts of becoming surprised. She takes Pari on  her laps.

Drishti: Kya? Apka nam Pari hai? Main to bas aise hi bol dia ki ap Pari hai. Iska matlab kya hai apko pata hai?
What? Your name is Pari? I just said like that that you are fairy (Pari). Do you know what this means?

Pari moves her head to say that she doesn’t know what that means.

Drishti: Iska matlab hai mere pas magic powers hai, isliye main na jante hue bhi apka nam guess kar liya. Apko aur magic dekhni hai?
This means that I have magic powers, that’s why I could guess your name without knowing. Do you want to see more magic?

Pari nods. Drishti stands up with Pari on her lap and goes to balcony. She talks with her, shows magic. Pari laughs. Rakshit was going somewhere but a staff stops him and starts taking some signatures. Rakshit starts signaturing but he stops suddenly noticing Drishti and Pari. He keeps looking at them. Suddenly someone places hand on his shoulder from back. Rakshit turns and see RK. Rakshit signs the other papers and the staff goes away. Then he looks at RK, RK has very big smile on his face.

Rakshit: Tu itna has kiyun raha hai?
Why are you smiling so much?

RK: Mera chor, tu kya kar raha tha wo bata.
Forget about me, tell me what were you doing.

Rakshit: Main to kaam kar raha tha.
I was working.

RK: Accha, to chal ajkal Rakshit Shergil ka kaam kisko kahte hai wo dekhte hai.
Well, then let’s see what is work for Rakshit Shergil now a days.

RK turns Rakshit forcefully at the direction Drishti and Pari is.

RK: Oh, bolna parega agar eisa kaam mere office mein hota to main bhi bahut mann lagakar karta.
Oh, I must say if this kind of work happens in my office then I would have worked hard too.

Rakshit: Bakwas bandh kar.
Stop talking nonsense.

RK: Rakshit dekh, dhian se dekh iss scene ko. Tujhe nehi lagta ki dekh k lag raha hai ek maa aur ek beti baat kar rahe hai, aur in dono k pas agar tu khara hoga to lagegi ki ek pura family hai.
Rakshit see, see carefully. Don’t you think this looks like a mother and her daughter is talking, and if you stand beside them then it will be a full family.

Rakshit looks at Drishti and Pari for some time. Then he suddenly looks towards RK and speaks rudely.

Rakshit: Ye sab bakwas hai. Pari k dad bhi main hu aur mom bhi main hu. Tu yaha deal k liye aya hai na, to chal mujhe deal k bare mein kuch discuss karna hai.
This is all nonsense. I’m Pari’s father and mother both. You are here for the deal, right. Then let’s go I have to discuss about something regarding that.

Rakshit turns and leaves. RK follows him but there is a smile on his face. Before going he looks at Drishti and Pari for the last time. Drishti and Pari is still talking.

Drishti: To dekha mera power, main kaisa jadoo kar sakta hoon.
Well did you see my power, I can do awesome magic.

Pari: Ap bahut accha magic kar sakti hai. Kya ap magic karke mere mumma ko lekar asakti hai?
You can do very good magic. Can you bring my mumma through magic?

Drishti gets sad hearing this as she doesn’t have a mom herself.

Drishti: Beta apki mumma kaha hai?
Dear where is your mumma?

Pari: Pata nehi, papa kabhi kuch nehi bolte.
I don’t know. Papa never says anything.

Drishti is about to say something but Rakshit’s PA comes.

PA: Pari beta apki papa apko ghar jane k liye bola hai, driver uncle apko leke jaiyegi.
Pari dear, your dad have said you to go home, driver uncle will take you.

Drishti takes Pari down from her lap. Pari goes and takes the drivers hand. She turns and waves at Drishti. Drishti waves too. Pari leaves with the driver.

PA: Rakshit sir apko prepare hone ki liye bola hai, meeting kuch hi der mein suru hoga.
Rakshit sir have told you to prepare, the meeting will start in a few minutes.

Drishti: Yeah sure.

Drishti come backs to her desk, takes some files and her bag and goes towards a room. Riya looks at her from a side, she is holding the pendrive Rakshit had given Drishti. She smriks.

Drishti get inside a room and starts preparing for the meeting. She goes over some files then opens her bag to take the pendrive but she couldn’t find it. She starts looking for it everywhere. She is about to leave the room but stops seeing Rakshit in front of him.

Rakshit: Aise pagolon ki tara kya dhoond rahi ho? Sabkuch thik hai?
What are you searching like this? Is everything OK?

Drishti: Ha sabkuch thik hai, kya hoga.
Yeah everything is fine, what would happen.

Drishti becomes very nervous.

Rakshit: To dhoond kya rahe the?
Then what were you looking for?

Drishti: Main, main to ye. ….. ah..  Ab jake mila. Main to ye pen dhoond rahi thi. Ap to jante ho mujhe, jada tensions lene ki adat hai. Apne mujhe presentetion k jimma dia hai to thori bas tension ho rahi thi. Aur tension mein pen nehi mil raha tha. Wohi dhoond dhoond k pagal ho rahi thi. Per waise sab kuch thik hai. Main bahut hi kamal ki presentation banai hai. Is presentation ko dekhne k baad ap hamesha mujhse hi presentetion banaiyengi. Main apko….
I, I was…. ah…. finally found it. I was looking for this pen. You know me, I tends to take tensions too much. You have given me the responsibility of presentation so I was tensed a bit. I lost the pen in tension. And I was looking for that like mad. But everything is OK. I have made an awesome presentation. After seeing it you will always ask me to make presentation. I will……

Rakshit gets irritated and suddenly goes towards her. Looking him coming at her all of a sudden Drishti gets scared and moves back fast until there is nothing but wall. Rakshit comes very close to her.

Drishti: Sir please please kuch mat baliye. Maine sach mein bahut mehnat ki hai. Mere tensions bas aisei hai, abhi aya to abhi chala jaiga. Apki deal mein kuch problem nehi ayegi….
Sir please please don’t say anything. I seriously worked hard. My tensions are nothing, they will come and go. This would do no harm in your deal…..

Rakshit: Shhhh.

Rakshit put his finger on his mouth as a sign to ask her to stay silent. Drishti is very nervous. She nods. They have an eye lock.

Rakshit: Tum itna jada bolti kiyun ho. Kabhi bhi kuch bhi situation ho bas bolti hi rahti ho. Do second k liye chup kark nehi reh sakti ho? Samne walo ko bhi bolne ka mauka dena chaihe.
Why do you speak so much. You talk anything anywhere in any situation. Can’t you stay silent for two seconds? You should give chance to talk who is in front of you.

Drishti gulps. Rakshit takes a few steps back. Drishti tries to fix her hair and looks fit again.

Rakshit: Main tumhe ye batane aya tha meeting yaha nehi, kisi dusre room mein ho rahe hain. Sare files leke mere sath au.
I was here to tell you that the meeting will not take place here but in some other room. Take all the files and come with me.

Rakshit goes out of the room. Drishti takes the files and her bag and follows him. They comes to the meeting room, everyone else is waiting for them there. Rakshit says sorry to everyone for being late. Then he looks at Drishti and asks her to give the pendrive. Drishti looks at him and everyone else. Rakshit asks again. Drishti nods and slowly opens her bag. She puts her hand inside and searches for the pendrive. She closes her eyes and then opens them. She brings out her hand from the bag and takes out the pendrive. Rakshit signals her to get into work. The meeting starts. Drishti gives her presentation. Rakshit stares at her. The meeting ends after a while. Everyone claps, Drishti smiles. RK gives Rakshit a gentle tap and he notices the meeting is over. He handshakes with RK’s dad, Mr.  Khurana and they both signs the deal. Everyone leaves the room.
Rakshit inform his PA he is going home for the day. He walks while his eyes is in his phone. He bumps into a staff, he says sorry and that’s when he notices Drishti. She is talking with another stuff and looking at a file. Rakshit keeps looking at her. Suddenly someone screams and he comes back to reality. Even Drishti looks up from her files to see who screamed. It was Riya who screamed, she was standing a little far from them. She suddenly faints. Everyone comes running to her and then takes her away. After the crowd gets cleared Drishti notices Rakshit. She comes to him.

Drishti: Ap abhi bhi yaha?
You are still here?

Rakshit: Yeah, wo main jahi rah tha par mujhe kuch kam yaad agya to wapas aya.
Yeah, I was just going but I remembered some work and came back.

Drishti: Oh.

Rakshit: Sref oh? Aur kuch nehi bologi?
Just oh? Will you not say anything else?

Drishti: Kya?

Rakshit: Yahi ki sab kam thik se complete karna chaihie, kuch nehi chor rakhna chaihe. Tum hamesha sab kaam time pe karti ho.. Eisa kuch. Waise to hamesha bolti rahti ho. Ab kya hua?
That one should complete their job properly, should not keep it pending. You always finish your work in time.. Something like that. You always talks too much. What happened now?

Drishti: Aphine to zada bolne se mana kiya. Mein bolu tabbhi problem, main na bolu tabbhi problem. Pehle ap apni mann thik kijiye, main bolu ya na bolu.
You have asked me to talk less yourself. If I say something that’s a problem, if I not say something even that’s a problem. First you decide, should I say or not.

Drishti leaves from there. Rakshit tries to stop her but couldn’t. He sighs and turns to leave but stops and sees RK in his cabin. He is smiling and looking at him through glass. Rakshit comes to his cabin.

Rakshit: Tu yaha kya kar raha hai?
What are you doing here?

RK: Main yaha hot movies dekh raha hoon.
I’m watching hot movies here?

Rakshit: Kya?

RK: Wo kuch bole tab tujhe problem, wo agar kuch na bhi bole tabbhi tujhe problem. Wah.
If she says something than you have problem, if she says nothing even then you have problem. Wow.

Rakshit: Tu….. Kaise…. Tu yaha se waha ka baat kaise suna?
You…. How….. How did you hear everything from here?

RK: Mujhe lip reading ata hai.
I know lip reading.

Rakshit: Yaha koi majak chal rahe kya?
Is this some joke?

RK: Tu yaha baith. Ab soch, us larki ne tujhe beukuf kaha, kaha ki tera koi time sense nehi hai. Aur fer bhi tune usko naukri dedi. Kiyun? Rakshit Shergil apna insult karne walo k liye naram kab se ho gaya?
You sit here. Now think, that girl said you are dumb, that you don’t have any time sense. Yet you gave her the job? Why? Since when Rakshit Shergil is warm to person who insults him?

Rakshit: To tu mujh pe spying karta hai?
So you spy on me?

RK: Karna parta hai. Agar mere dost, Rakshit Shergil apna office mein achanok ek larki k sath baithk coffee pita hai to mujhe to spying karna parta hai.
I had to do. If my friend, Rakshit Shergil all of a sudden drinks coffee with a girl in his office then I had to spy.

Rakshit: Dekh tu pura mamla galat samjha hai. Mai use pehle se janta tha isilie uske sath…..  Us accident wale din Drishti ne hi mera aur Pari ka jaan bachaiye tha.
Listen you understood the whole matter tottaly wrong. I knew her from before that’s why I…….. In that accident Drishti was the one to save my and Pari’s life.

RK: Kya baat karta hai! Tab to tune usko ye job thanks bolne k liye dia hoga.
What are you saying! Then you must have given her this job to say her thank you.

Rakshit: NEHI. Maine usko job dia kiyun ki wo uski kabil hai.
No. I gave her this job on her capability.

RK: To fer kal pura din tune usk sath strict behave kiyun kiya? Wo to isilie na taki tu usko dikha sake ki tu strict bhi hai aur tujhe time sense bhi hai. Kiyunki usne eisa kaha ki tere ander in dono baat hi nehi hai. Aur office mein itna staff rehte hue bhi tune khud kiyun gaya usko ye batane ki wo galat room mein gaya hai?
Then why did you behave strictly with her yesterday? That’s cause you wanted to show her that you can be strict and you have time sense. Cause that’s what she mentioned you lack. And even after having so much staff in the office why did you went yourself to tell her that she have gone to the wrong room?

Rakshit: Ager tune kuch samjhne ka soch liya hai to main tujhe kya bol sakta hu.
If you have thought that you will understand only one thing then what can I do.

RK: Par main tujhe bol deta hoon wo larki tujhe kabhi nehi milegi.
But I should clear to you that you will never get that girl.

Rakshit: Kya matlab?
What do you mean?

A smile comes over RK’s face.

RK: Matlab tu usko pachand karta hai. Tere shakal pe saf dikh raha hai.
It means you like her. It’s all over your face.

Rakshit sighs.

Rakshit: Matlab ye bhi tera majak tha?
So this was your joke too?

RK gets a bit serious.

RK: Nehi ye majak nehi hai. Tu mera dost hai aur mein tera dil tut ta hua nehi dekh sakta. Isilie main bol raha hu. Mujhe nehi lagta wo larki Drishti tujh mein interested hai. I mean pichle do din se tere shakal pe dikh raha tha tu use pachand karti waisei usko dekhkar har waqt yehi lag rahe ki wo tujhse vagne ki koushis kar rahe hai. Aur ye baat mein prove bhi kar sakta hoon.
No, this is no joke. You are my friend and I don’t want to see your heart break. That’s why I’m saying this. I don’t think that girl Drishti is interested in you. I mean just the way it was seen in your face from the past two days that you like her, like that way it seemed like she is always trying to run away from you. And I can prove that.

Rakshit: Kaise?

RK shows two movie tickets.

RK: Iski madat se. Ye film iss moment pe bahut hit chal raha hai. Sare larkia pagal ho rahi hai ye movie dekhne k liye. Mai ye tickets usko offer karunga ki tere sath dekhne jai, per wo mana kar degi.
By it’s help. This film is very hit right now. All girls are going crazy to watch this movie. I will offer these tickets to her that she goes with you and watch it, but she will reject it.

Rakshit: She would reject it anyway.

RK: Par main aise offer karunga ki na bolne ka scope e nehi hoga, fer bhi mana karegi. Drishti idhar e arahe hai, tu bas mera lead follow kar.
But I will offer it in such a way that there will be no scope for no, but she’ll still reject. Here she comes, just follow my lead.

Before Rakshit could say something Drishti enters the room.

Drishti: May I come in Sir?

Rakshit nods. Dristi comes and gives him a file.

Drishti: Iss mein apki sign chaihie tha.
Your signature is needed here.

Rakshit looks at RK with irritated look and starts signing the file.

RK: Waise Ms. Drishti manna parega. Ajke deals k liye Rakshit ne kafi mehnat kiya hai per apne bhi kuch kam nehi kiya. Apke presentation bahut accha tha.
By the way Ms. Drishti, I must say that Rakshit may have worked hard for today’s deal but you worked hard too. That presentation was very good.

Drishti: Thank you sir.

RK: Isilie main soch raha tha ki tum dono ko treat du. Mere pas kalka release hua movie ka do tickets hai, actually main to meri gf k liye kharida tha par kal hi uske sath mera break up hogya. Ab main akela jake kya karoon. To tum dono ek kam karo wo do tickets mere taraf se treat samajh k rakh lo.
That’s why I was thinking that I should give a treat to you two. I have two tickets of the movie that released yesterday, actually I had bought it for my gf but we broke up yesterday itself. What will I do by going alone now. So you two should take the tickets as a treat from me.

Rakshit and RK looks at each other then at Drishti, they are waiting for her answer. By surprising both of them Drishti smiles and forwards her hand.

Drishti: Dijiye ticket.
Give me the ticket.

Rakshit and RK both are surprised. They looks at each others faces. Then RK looks for the tickets.

RK: Yeah sure.

But RK couldn’t find them anywhere. He searched everywhere but they are just missing. He give Drishti a sorry look. Drishti smiles.

Drishti: koi bat nehi, waisebhi meri family mein is movie dekhne ka planing ho rahe hain. Main unlogo k sath hi dekhlungi.
No problem, anyway there are plans of my family to watch this movie. I’ll watch it with them.

Drishti gets out of the room. RK looks a bit foolish, Rakshit seems angry. RK tries to smile.

RK: Dekha maine kaha tha wo nehi jayegi.
Did you saw, didn’t I tell already that she won’t go.

Rakshit: Pehli baat tune jis tara ki ghatia excuse dia tha usko koi bhi reject kar sakta hai. Dusri baat usne fer bhi raaji hui, tickets tune kho dia. Aur tisri baat mujhe tera is bakwas plan mein shamil honai nehi chaihie tha.
Firs thing is your excuse was very poor, anyone could have reject it. Second thing is she still agreed, you lost the tickets. And the third thing is I never should have agreed in your nonsense plan.

RK: Par tu khud hi soch na. Tickets to hamare akhon ki samnehi tha, ghar mein koi hawa bhi nehi hai. Hamne sab jaga dhoond li par tickets nehi mila. Aise kaise kho gaya. Main keh rahe hu tujhe, us larki mein kuch garbar hai.
But you think yourself. Those tickets were in front of our eyes. There is no air flow in the room. We searched everywhere. How could it be lost. I am telling you there is something wrong with that girl.

Rakshit keeps talking with RK, tries to make his idea change about himself and Drishti. Outside of the cabin, Drishti watches them. She forwards her hand, there is the two movie tickets. Suddenly the tickets caught fire.

Next: Rakshit and Drishti both stays late at night in the office without knowing about the other person. Rakshit finds out a shocking truth about Drishti.

There will be a big twist in drikshit love story in the next part. I’m not sure how many of you can guess what it will be. I’m only hoping that you will like it, so fingers crossed.

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