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Santoshi Maa 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh plans to marry nidhi informing his parents about it.

Santoshi Maa 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indresh giving his father good news of he & nidhi getting married & his father is very delighted while swati hears this from inside the locked room. Indresh’s father tells his mother to arrange of sweets while he asks indresh when you are marrying & he says just tomorrow itself & his father is excited while his mother asks so soon but his uncle interrupts saying good work should have no time limit & his father blesses him while he takes permission to leave for arranging everything in time & he allows him to leave.
Swati is praying for help from mata santoshi & santoshi is feeling trouble expressing dev rishi about it but dev rishi tells her we are helpless clutched here without any powers in our hands so santoshi mata is crying for her helplessness towards swati while mata paravati tells mahadev see how your daughter santoshi is crying for her devotee but mahadev explains her this helplessness will make her strong but let’s wait for tomorrow.
Indresh’s father enters swati’s locked room & gives her information which she already knows & she is depressingly expressing her anger towards indresh’s father but he tells him these are papers of divorce to be signed by you but she takes & tares it saying I have loved purely not for these days to face & keeps crying while indresh’s father tells his other son to bring other papers & he gives another set of papers to sign & leaves with all his members.
Swati keeps crying watching the papers in very depressing conditions.
Nidhi comes along with indresh in her house & indresh asks her till now you were cursing me & suddenly how got ready for marriage with me so she tries to divert him but swati’s brother arrives & talks with indresh having a stick in his hands while nidhi calls from her phone to inform indresh’s father & she opens speaker call to make them understand what swati’s brother doing at her house & he talks about swati being lost since 24 hrs. & indresh asks nidhi what has this happened & she tries to divert him but swati’s brother tells him try calling her if she picks your phone or if call connects because we tried but no response & he tries to call her & immediately indresh’s father understands & tells his mother to switch swati’s phone so indresh says can’t connect so her brother says I told you she can’t be connected but nidhi tells him to try again & he calls again & polomi picks the phone using her evil powers & talks with him saying I do not want to talk to you as I had told you not to be in touch with me for a month & he shuts the phone while indresh’s brother comes & catches swati’s brother but indresh tells his brother to stop all this & also tells swati’s brother I spoke with swati & she does not wish to talk with me while swati’s brother is trying to tell him that pranks are played with you but indresh tells him you’ll know very soon what will happen & indresh’s brother takes swati’s brother away from nidhi’s house.
Indresh’s brother hits swati’s brother outside nidhi’s house with stick while polomi is watching happily & indresh’s brother warns him to not to interfere in this matter again or will be killed. Devi polomi is planning more such incidents to occur in future.

Precap : Indresh tells nidhi whatever will happen in our life will be after marriage itself & she accepts planning cunningly. Indresh’s aunty tries to release swati from the house at night but indresh’s father catches them. Swati asks him only once to meet indresh & he allows but before that to sign the divorce papers & swati is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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