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Pavitra Bhagya 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Navya and her baby’s life is in danger

Pavitra Bhagya 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi tells Pranati to make up her mind. You need to decide what you want – to be with your daughter or to save Navya! Look at me! Pranati obliges. Dadi says this bouquet is kept in a corner. It just adds to the beauty of the house. Follow its example. Don’t think your tears can melt my heart. I don’t have a heart. Fix your appearance and come for pictures only. She abuses Pranati and leaves. Pranati cries thinking of Jugnu’s words.

The guests have started to come with Khurana family. Riya comes with her family. He finds Pranati staring at him looking upset and goes to check on her. She says it is exactly what you wanted. You and your family are winning, Rey! You have sown the same seed of hatred in my daughter that is inside you. You can separate her from me so you have started creating distance in her heart. He gets a call from Maan and takes Pranati to a corner with him.

Pranati asks him to let go. He says it’s done but what are you after. She shoots him a confused look. He asks her what she has done. She asks him if it concerns him. He keeps the phone on loudspeaker. Maan says Navya and her kid is in a bad condition. Anything can happen. Reyansh tells him to be in touch with doc and keep him informed. Maan agrees.

Pranati tells Reyansh that all she did was ask Navya to tell Riya everything honestly. He scolds her for putting Navya’s life in risk. Pranati asks him if someone did this intentionally. He nods. Only a fool will think it to be a coincidence. She takes Dadi’s name. He feigns innocence but she tells him not to lie. What have you and your family done to her? He says I really don’t know. She says you must know it is your Dadi’s doing. It is about a girl’s life. Be honest.

Dadi calls Maan. Navya may or may not survive but the kid shouldn’t live. Maan gets stunned. He says yes to her hesitantly.

Pranati asks Reyansh if he is still quiet after knowing who the culprit is. You are a pathetic human being! You said Khurana family isn’t bad. I agree. They are culprits. They think everything is a joke and you are supporting her. I am ashamed of the fact that I loved a guy like you! I have a kid with you! What are you guys punishing Navya for? She fell in love with your useless brother. Is this her fault? Or you also think only one person is at fault here? He tells her to relax. Nothing will happen to Navya. She asks him if nothing except money and power matters to them. What is driving you crazy? He tells her to keep her volume low. She slaps him. He raises his hand but stops himself somehow. He hits his hand on the pillar angrily. She tells him to do whatever he wants to but she will leave with her daughter. I cannot let my daughter’s life by spoiled just like your mother’s was spoiled by living here! he warns her to be in her limits. Don’t drag my mother in this. She asks him if she cannot say anything. He asks her what she knows about his mother. She says I know that she committed suicide because of your family. They forced her to do this. Am I wrong? He tells her to be quiet but she keeps talking. Your Dadi compelled her to do this. No normal person can live here. She would have run away seeing the kind of people here. She would have thought it better to die than be here! He covers his ears. She says she would have realised that women aren’t respected her. when she gave birth to you, she would have realised you too are turning out to be like your family and she would have committed suicide! He breaks a vase angrily and then holds her by her neck. You have said enough! I wouldn’t have spared you if you weren’t needed. She knows he would have killed her too. It isn’t this easy. I am also a mother. Pranati tells Reyansh she is a mother. I can cross all limits to save my kid! I wont let her be raised in this hell. I will take her solo custody and raise her alone. I wont let her turn into one of you. I will keep her away from you and your family! Remember this Rey. I will leave with my daughter! Reyansh throws a chair angrily as she walks away.

Riya and Armaan are getting pictures clicked during their mehendi ceremony. Everyone is having a gala time. Reyansh gulps down alcohol. Pranati’s words echo in his head. Pranati shakes her head seeing his condition. She calls Maan but he does not pick up. I hope Navya is fine. I should find out which hospital they are in. She keeps trying his number.

Reyansh joins his family on the dance floor. He suddenly calls for everyone’s attention. He holds Riya’s hand. In his drunken state, he tells Riya to get to know the reality of the house she is marrying into. No one in this house has been happy till date! Mallika’s fiancé tries to say something but he tells him to let him talk. He points at Pranati. You think she is my wife but she is a time bomb which can blast anytime. Armaan tells him he is drunk. Let me take you to your room. Reyansh says people celebrate silver jubilee after spending 25 years with them. I always wondered how one can be with a person for so long. I got fed up in 25 days! Though we have an 8 year old daughter yet this feels like a life imprisonment. That’s what marriage is, right? Think about it bro. Dadi says this isn’t for women. It might be for men. Mallika says we heard that you love your daughter very much. Reyansh says this is true. He calls it true. He walks up to Pranati and hugs her. Dadi says people who love each other very much, fight as well. Everyone claps and resumes dancing.

Reyansh brings Pranati to a corner and pushes her. Her words about his mother’s suicide keep haunting him. Now I will make you see our reality.

Precap: Reyansh says I thought to throw you out of the house because of the anger I have for you. Pranati watches Jugnu dance happily and applies kala teeka behind her ear. Reyansh’s SIL tells Jugnu her nayi Ma loves her very much. Jugnu calls it a lie. She wouldn’t have thrown me in that hell if she actually loved me.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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