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Mere Sai 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhola Sees Kashinath’s Evil Side

Mere Sai 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tatya brings old man to Dwarkamayi who writhes in knee pain. Old man shows his knee to Sai and says he has severe pain here. Sai checks his fingers. Man says his fingers are fine. Sai suggests him to have patience and twists his fingers. Man shouts in pain, but feels pain gone spontaneously and smiles. Sai says we should identify the root case of pain and treat it instead of trying to treat it superficially. At Kashinath’s house, Baizamaa informs Renu of a job at neighbor’s house. Renu hopes all her problems are solved soon. Bhola asks when will his father Kashinath come. Renu says he will come late, so Bhola should sleep. Bhola says baba always comes home late. Renu tells Baizmamaa that she doesn’t want Bhola to see his father’s evil side. After some time, Renu hears door knock and opens it and finds Mureshwar who asks if Kashinath came home. She says not yet. He asks why don’t she change Kashinath. Renu says Kashinath never listens to her. He says if wife wants, she can do anything, she doesn’t have strong will; look at him, he worked hard 10 times more and is 10 times more successful than Kashinath. He offers her money to repay Tatya’s loan and says he is tolerating Kashinath because of baba/father. Kashinath enters heavily inebriated yelling at Mureshwar and holding his collar yells that he is trying to show howmuch great he is, etc. Mureshwar angrily pushes him away and curses him for holding his elder brother’s collar, snatches money and walks away saying he himself will repay Yatya’s loan and not let Kashinath waste it on alcohol. Renu cries inside home holding Bhola. Kashinath enters with wobbling gait and falls asleep.

Old man tells Sai that he will leave Shirdi tomorrow morning and asks how can he serve Sai. Sai says if he sees someone in need and helps him, it would be like helping Sai. He suggests that if everyone help each other, the world would be a great place to live.

Kashinath wakes up in the morning and calls Bhola. Bhola runs away afraid. He runs behind and holds him. Bhola runs away shouting to leave him. Kashinath asks Renu what happened to Bhola. Renu says Bhola saw him inebriated and his evil face. Kashinath takes bath crying and reminiscing Bhola hating him. Sai in Dwarkamayi says if one doesn’t want to change, there is no use of repenting. Tatya asks whom he is addressing to. Sai doesn’t reply. A traveler visits Sai and introduces himself as Balasaheb Merikar who heard a lot about Sai and thought of meeting him on his way to pilgrimage. He also introduces his fellow traveler Ramdasi Dua who is a scholar and carries holy scriptures with him all the time. Sai suggests them to stay in Shirdi for some days and in Dwarkamayi. Ramdasi thinks this place is full of dust with no rooms, how can he stay here; he tells Sai that he reads scriptures daily and this place would be crowded with Sai’s disciples, so he will stay in guest house. Sai says he can exchange his knowledge among disciples here. Ramdasi agrees.

Renu with Baizmaa goes to fetch water from village’s water well when ladies taunt Renu and acts as pity on her condition. Baizamaa confronts them and asks how would they feel if they would be in Renu’s place. Ladies apologize Renu. Santa and Panta call Renu to meet Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks Renu about Kashinath and asks when will he repay loan. Renu says she will inform Kashinath. Kulkarni asks her to inform Kashinath to meet him tomorrow and leaves. Renu feels more sad. Baizamaa consoles her.

A girl walks to Sai and complain that her friends kept lizard in snacks and offered her to bully her. Sai suggests that her friend’s intention was not to harm her and to just bully her, so she should do something similar. She says she will hide chilli in fritters and serve her friend. Sai says its a good idea, she should not add too many chillies as nobody should be harmed in such games. Ramdasi thinks he thought Sai is a saint who would be very serious, but he is playing with kids, looks like he hasn’t ready holy scriptures. Sai smiles hearing his mind.

Precap: Mhalsapati scolds Kashinath to dare not enter temple. Kashinath lifts stone and tries to hit him when Sai stops. Mhalsapati complains Sai. Sai says Kashinath came to apologize, but Mhalsapati provoked him.

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