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Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rhea thinks to take advantage of Pallavi’s misunderstanding

Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Prachi telling Ranbir that Rahul went and you are explaining about Yaar. Ranbir says Rahul has left, and tells that whenever some big problem comes in life, it comes with a good thing. He says I am looking at that good thing and tells that he feels that she is in his destiny. He asks if she will solve his problems? Prachi says yes, I will and says friends solve each other problems. She asks if she said wrong. Ranbir tells that if he gets married to Maya then people will say that their friendship bond is not strong, but it is strong. Prachi says I won’t back off and will not let Maya marry you. Ranbir says I want to love once in life and want to marry that person, if I am with some person then want to be with her all life. Vikram calls Ranbir and asks him to reach home with Prachi. Ranbir says ok and asks Prachi to come with him. Prachi says baklu.

Pallavi tells Beeji that she doesn’t want to go to marriage. Beeji says it is our relative’s marriage. Meera comes there and says I understand what she is saying. She says like Ranbir’s sangeet, we had to attend it. Rhea comes and asks them to go and come. Pallavi says I missed you. Rhea says I missed you too. Ranbir and Prachi come home. Ranbir greets Beeji. Beeji tells Rhea that you couldn’t see Maya and Ranbir’s relation and that’s why you went away, but Prachi stood by him and heard Maya’s parents taunts etc. Rhea says when you all are showing so many efforts then why this marriage is happening. Pallavi appreciates Prachi and tells that she never stop supporting Ranbir even when Police was involved. Ranbir says our friendship has taken to new level now. He says we have become more good friends now. Prachi messages Ranbir that she can’t tell him something. Ranbir thinks what could it be? She messages him not to tell Rahul and Maya’s plan to anyone, they will handle later, everyone will get tensed. Rhea takes juice in her hand and sneezes to make it fall on Prachi. She then says sorry. Prachi says its ok. Beeji sends her to wash her clothes. Rhea thinks you came near Ranbir as I was far. Prachi comes to Ranbir’s room and sees his clothes on the bed. She folds his clothes and says he doesn’t keep his things on place. She takes the wet towel from the bed. Ranbir looks at her and thinks she will handle. Prachi hears him. Ranbir runs away from there. Pallavi calls Ranbir and asks where are you going in a hurry? Ranbir says there is nothing like that. She says you have smile on your face. Ranbir says you have seen my face from right profile, but there is nothing from left profile. Pallavi says you are talking naughty.

Ranbir asks why didn’t you clean my room and tells that it is messy. Pallavi pulls her ears and asks him to get married and asks his bride to clean the room. She says I will get rid of these duties. Ranbir says if I tell that I have searched a girl to handle my rooms, towel, clothes, football etc. Pallavi thinks of Prachi and then thinks she was not that girl. Ranbir tells that the girl is here. Pallavi says that girl wants to save you from Maya for her. She says she will ask for his alliance. Ranbir asks her to let him get out of Maya’s trap first. He asks her to let him propose her first and tells that he had confessed to her indirectly. Rhea hears them and thinks he shall not take Prachi’s name. Prachi finds her bangle stuff in his room. Pallavi asks Ranbir to say, but he thinks if she comes to know then she will slap me. He tells Pallavi that she likes him, but not that level. Pallavi says she will like you and asks Ranbir to get cashews from Dida. She then asks Rhea to come out and says I knew that you was hearing us secretly and hidingly. She says whatever happened with Rhea is because of you. Rhea thinks aunty came to know that I brought Maya in Ranbir’s life. Pallavi asks her to tell truth and asks if Aaliya knows about this.

Ranbir comes to Beeji and asks where are Cashews? Beeji says it must be in the kitchen. Vikram asks where is Prachi? Ranbir says she is with me forever. Prachi comes there. Vikram asks her to get cheque from someone. Prachi tells that she has forgotten her phone in room. Pallavi then asks if she loves Ranbir. Rhea thinks thank god, aunty doesn’t know that Ranbir said this for Prachi. She says he didn’t take my name. Pallavi says Ranbir said that the girl is from this house, says Prachi and you are here. Rhea tells that he said that the girl is helping him to get rid of Maya. Pallavi says Prachi is not in the picture, tells that Ranbir loves you truly. Rhea thinks Pallavi has a misunderstanding, I have to take advantage of this misunderstanding before Ranbir proposes Prachi.

Precap will be added after episode ends on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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