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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu gets rid of mango seed

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amma asking Rajjo to think of an idea. Rajjo says she couldn’t think. Amma tells that Happu is very scared of ghost since childhood. Rajjo thinks to scare him by acting as ghost. Amma asks her not to become ghost as she will look ugly. Rajjo says she is very beautiful. Amma asks her not to get happy and asks her to call Kamlesh to play ghost’s role. Rajjo tells that she is happy that she will get the money. Amma says she is very greedy and says 1 lakh rs. Rajjo tells Happu that neighbor’s gardener died and asks if he saw his photo. She shows Kamlesh’s pic as old man and tells that hritik had clicked his photo. Happu signs that whoever comes, goes too. Rajjo says someone people returns after going. She asks him to rest. Kamlesh is standing outside indisguise of a ghost. Happu sleeps. Rajjo goes from there. Kamlesh comes to the bed and lies down beside Happu. Happu wakes up and sees the ghost. He slaps him and pulls his moustache. Kamlesh sees his lie caught.

Next day, Kamlesh tells that he got sick while remembering Shamboo Kaka’s ghost. Kamlesh tells that he was speaking that Shamboo Kaka is here. Amma asks if he spoke in English. Kamlesh says he has translated Hindi. Resham Pal comes there and tells that he was praying all the way, to hear Jai hind from Happu Singh’s mouth, but it seems like God doesn’t listen to him. Amma tells that the seed couldn’t be taken out. Resham Pal says it could have come out from long way….Kamlesh laughs. Happu slaps him. Resham Pal says that he will lose his job this time and will be jailed and that’s why he is announcing that he is resigner from his post and on his place, he appoints Happu Singh as the Commissioner. Happu gets happy and the seed comes out of his mouth. He says I have become Commissioner. Resham Pal rejoices and asks Happu Singh to give the statement. His phone rings and picks the call. He comes to know that the men who were blackmailing him was caught. Resham pal tells that today is the good day and asks happu to think his announcement as a sweet dream and forget. Amma slaps Happu for getting happy to bring the seed out.

Amma asks Rajjo not to wear particular blouse seeing the catalogue and tells that kids are growing up. Hritik tells Malaika that he is very sharp kid. Malaika asks him to be quiet. Happu comes and asks if there is no chance of Mahabharat today. Amma asks him not to put the bad sight. Happu tells that Atbeer Mama sent the mangoes for them again and asks kids to eat. Amma calls Mama and thanks him for sending 2 boxes. Mama tells that he has sent 4 boxes. Hritik and Ranbir come to happu along with Malaika and look angrily at Happu. Happu says my wounds are not still healed. Later he brings pine apple to beni’s house and thinks he had accused Beni many times for eating mangoes. He sees someone eating mangoes and calls him. He is Beni. Happu gets shocked seeing Beni eating mangoes.

Pandit ji tells Amma that she is going to die soon. Amma gets shocked. Pandit ji says if they get kali mata puja done then the trouble can end. Amma tells that she is scared of kali mata temple and that’s why she will get the puja done at home. Pandit ji tells that the expenses will be 10000 Rs. Amma gives him 5000. Pandit ji asks her not to worry. Amma thinks my life’s lemon will be squeezed. Pandit ji tells other pandit that he lied to Amma as his wife asked him to bring money.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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