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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima’s trick works for Ganga

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhima requests he ladies politely. The water in your well wont decrease if you will give me 1 pot of water. The ladies nod at each other after thinking for a few seconds. We will give you a little bit of water from our ends. They him keep his pot on the floor and pour water around it instead of pouring in it. Your pot isn’t holding water! Bhima says your kids are my age and study with me in the same school. Give me some water. We wont be able to cook food if I cannot take water with me. They insist that they are helping already. Your pot is smarter than you. Now show some smartness on your pot and arrange water yourself. Ganga comes there just then and asks Bhima to come home with her. He refuses. We all have a right on water. I cannot lose this battle like this. She tells him not to try and get justice for everything. We cannot take water from here. He tells Ganga to cover her head using her saree like those ladies. Mix with them. They wont stop you then. She is hesitant but he tells her to trust him. She calls it cheating. It’s a sin. He reasons that they are only taking water to survive. We will die without it. This is called smartness. Rich people of the society have been snatching what’s ours. We will come up with these kinds of plans in the beginning. Later on, we will get what is rightfully ours by planning things well. Trust me. No one will doubt you.

Ganga’s husband asks Meera about Ram ji. She assures him he will be back soon. Bhimbai tells them that she is going to check on Ganga and Bhima.

Ganga covers her face with her saree. She walks towards the well holding her pot like the other ladies. Bhimbai comes there just then. She asks Bhima about Ganga. He gestures her to be quiet and points at Ganga who is walking towards the well with her head covered. A lady asks her who she is. Ganga gets tensed. One lady says looks like she is a new bride. Another lady tells her to let it be. She is wearing saree like us only. Her saree looks like ours too. They tell Ganga to take water from the well. Talk to us a little whenever you come here. Ganga nods. Bhimbai looks on in surprise. Bhima smiles.

Dhruv comes to a shop and asks for a particular musical instrument from the owner. He tells him to pay money for it. Dhruv gives him an ornament instead of money.

Ganga comes home smiling. Meera asks her what happened. Ganga tells her everything. Bhima says Baba says strangers try to recognize / judge us by our appearances. Ganga Didi wore clothes like them. They thought she is one of them when they saw her dressed up like them. Ganga’s husband is all the more determined to keep distance from Bhima. He can go to any length to get things right. Ganga says I will bring water like this from now on. Bhimbai tells her against it. We will go to any well which is far away from here. We wont steal water like this again! He questions her but Bhimbai stays put. Make your wife wear saree in similar style when you are married and send her off to places like that. You wont understand it as you don’t know the implications of a married woman walking around like that. He reasons that they have a right on water. We will do this if someone refuses. Bhimbai says you don’t have to steal your rights but earn it. He says no one gives it like that. She tells him that they will go to any extent to earn it but we wont cheat. She asks Ganga to take Bhima inside with her. Bhima tells his mother one has to snatch our rights if no one gives them to us. Ganga takes him inside with her.

Meera notices Bhimbai going somewhere and stops her. Bhimbai says I will ask Ram ji’s boss about Ram ji’s whereabouts. Meera agrees to take care of everything till then.

Bhima thinks clothes don’t change people but it can change the outlook of people. I would have spoken to Baba on this matter if he would have been around.

Bala’s music group is all set to go for their performance when Dhruv walks in. I will follow you and learn to play from a distance if you guys wont agree to teach me. They reprimand him and leave. Mangesh has overheard everything and fumes.

A guy tells Ram ji’s boss that army has attacked those rebellions. Some people were shot and some fell in water. Don’t know what happened to Ram ji. Ram ji’s boss says he would be fine. Bhimbai asks him who he is speaking about. He shares what he has just heard. Both the guys speak positively about Ram ji. Country needs men like him. Bhimbai nods. His family needs him too. Please convey my message to him if you are able to connect with him. Tell him that we are missing him. They agree. Bhimbai and the guy leaves. Ram ji’s boss prays for his well being.

The music group tell Dhruv to stay away but he keeps following them. Mangesh and Dhansukhlal come there just then. Mangesh holds Dhruv while Dhansukhlal questions the group. They honestly explain everything but Dhansukhlal threatens them yet again. Stay in your limits. Keep my son away from this low profession. You know me very well! He asks Mangesh to bring Dhruv with him but Bhima tells them to stop. You aren’t at fault but it is this group which should be blamed. They kept lowering themselves by taking money from you. They kept mortgaging their self-respect for money. It is your business to mortgage. They wont change. You scolded them today and they heard you. They will do the same thing tomorrow. Dhansukhlal says people from lower community are born to be treated this way only. The leader of the group tells Dhansukhlal they wont take money from him ever again. If your son comes back to us ever again for help then we will accept him. We love and respect our profession and we wont let anyone disrespect it. Dhansukhlal warns them but Bhima points out that he can get his son back with love. Dhansukhlal blames him but Bhima retorts. It is your mistake that your love for your son isn’t too strong. I still want him to return home to you but his hatred towards you is much more intense than my wish for him to return home with you. The sooner you can change this hatred into love, the sooner he will return home with you. You can learn how to love like a father from my father, Ram ji Sakpal. He is the same guy who you hate so much. Dhansukhlal says I wont spare anyone Dhruv tells him to remember it that he is with Bhima. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh leave. The leader of the group tells Dhruv to think well before making any decision. The group leaves.

Bhima tells Dhruv to go back to his home. It is for your best. Dhruv picks up the instruments. I will learn how to play them even if you don’t want me to!

A group of police accompany a man from English Army. He announces that they have come to know that some people from this area are engaging in rebellions. Tell us their names and we will give you prize. It can be anyone who hasn’t been around for past few days. Dhansukhlal takes Ram ji’s name.

Precap: Ganga’s husband gives a letter the personal from English Army. He confronts Sakpal family and tells the constables to arrest all of them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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