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It’s complicated💘

Kunj holding twinkle shoulders tightly both looking at each other’s with anger and slightly hatred..
leave my hand twinkle said angrily..
I will not leave what you will do Kunj added back with a smirk.

I said leave me kunjjj what you wanted from me haan every single day you torturing me still now what you wanted from me she said with displeased..

Torturing yup I told you that day only I will make sure your every day in this house or especially in this room I will make hell mark my words he said.

Acha toh remember what I even told you I’m not that Bichari ladki aur wife who will bear her husband torture and will not say uff I will give you back in return she said fully in roar way.,

Aur tumhe se expectation bhi kya kar sakti hu after what have you done with me she said which make Kunj go angrier.

He tightened the grip of her shoulder pulled her near himself.

I remember each and everything twinkle Taneja’s Sarna each fake allegation of yours on me I will never forget this in my whole life sab yaad hai mujhe us raat ki ek ek baate main bolta raha mene kuch nahi kiya kesi ne meri ek nahi suni tears escaping from her eyes while teary eyes of Kunj.

That day only I told you I will make your life hell the way you stoop me low in front of my whole family shadi toh hui hai teri mujhse I will never give you wife rights in this life never he said.

She laughs out painfully toh kaunsi mari ja rahi hu tumhari biwi hone Haq ke liye me bhi tumhe kabhi apne pati hone ka haq nahi dungi kese bhul jau mein you are one who tries to do my rape she said Kunj grab her jawline…

Mene kuch nahi kiya samji tera rape karne ki koshish mene nahi ki kitni bar bol chuka hu he said.

I saw you with my own eyes kunjjj leave me you hurting me kunjjj She shouted Kunj leave her..

Looking at her angrily great tu Apni baat pe ade rahe aur me apni sachi pe one day you will regret Twinkle lott he said..

Regret really kunjjj shame on yourself what you thought you will physically come closer to me and I will get tired and will leave you nope you just stuck with me dekhti hu na main bhi kese tumhara pyaar milta hai jese mera pyaar mujhe nahi mila hai wese hi jane Mein tumhe kahi nahi dungi samje she added..

Kunj holds his forehead and giggles.Pyaar kaunsa pyaar mera pyaar ki baat hi tu chhod twinkle rahi tere pyaar ki toh tune usko chhoda hai not because of me. He held her hand both of them an inch apart.

Lala dream land me mat rahe even I m not going to leave you as well.I will make your life hell.Hell will be better even phir dekhte hai kesa nahi jati hu mujhe aur iss shadi ko tod ke he said..

Their breath hitting with each other’s he pecked at her lips she closed her eyes he leaves her to move away from her she looking at him surprisingly.

I can’t believe you are that same Kunj who understood me so well help me.we not spend much time together just hardly still you become a very important part of my life I shared my everything you and trust you more than whom I love in this world still never thought you will break me like this she said..

Socha toh mene bhi nahi tha na Twinkle I stand beside you every time help you went out of the way still you thought I did that really trust kaha na dosti mein tha nah hi aaj iss shadi main hai twinkle he said..

Rahi baat Haq ki kunj than why you come closer to me she shouted.

Arey pati hu tera Haq banta hai tere kareeb nahi aaunga phir kes ke after all your one and only handsome husband i m 😎aur itni hi problem hai toh free us from this baseless and unwanted relation Kunj stated..

Mene Yeh Shadi apne maa aur papa ke wajah se ki hai bas she said.

Hehe, acha aur me toh tere pyaar karta tha issliye my foot Sun mene bhi apne family ki wajah se acha haina kahi toh humhari soch milti hai twinkle Kunj sarna he said both looking at each other wrathfully Tashan e Tashan e play In bg..

He tucked her hairs which coming on her face.aur rahi baat tere kareeb aane ki for your kind of information my dear beautiful wifey it’s you who always ready to take advantage of me I’m innocent who can’t do anything even can’t save my izzat 👅so tu bol hi mat samji jab dekho ready to attack me huh he added and winked at her..
twinkle hard-fully punch on his chest..
ouchhh Kunj winched in pain.
You siyappa queen Kunj murmured she giving him look..

Woh na issliye kunj sarna Tum kahi aur muh na maro give myself to you she said..

Youuuu he said and both showing each other’s fingers..

Kunj pulled her twist her hand behind her back their face inch apart

Aha, kunjjj she winched..

You know what twinkle I controlled on myself lott not to lose my control on you.. but you can’t digest it.bhul na mat I’m your husband be in your limits and keep your mouth shut up.Till now you just see my goodness If I’m come to show you another side of me it’s really bad for you he added.

Karo na kya karoge pati dev ji maaroge mujhe haan aur kya karoge tum ghar se nikal doge you can’t do anything kunj sarna your control in my hands bhul gye she stated.
And show me what you will do she instigating him..

Kunj leaning for a kiss she turned her eyes and try to move but Kunj did not let her move little..

Just then at door, someone knocking.
Twinkle and Kunj betaaaa its Avantika who calling them for lunch..

Kunjjj leave me mummy at door twinkle said.Both looking at each other.She again knocked.Kunj jerked her fully

He went in the balcony while twinkle composed herself and move toward the door to open.
She opened the door and found Avantika.
mummy ji she said.
Kya hua beta kab se I’m knocking door kuch hua she asked.. everyone knows how their relationship start..

Nahi nothing woh bas kunj ko kuch kaam tha aap yaha she said.
Woh I come to call you both for lunch everyone come Avantika said..

Sure aap chaliya main aai she said
Okay, Avantika said and went from there.

Sadu ek number ka baat baat pe Mirchi lagti hai sach bolo to she said and rubbing her hand which turned red because of Kunj.

She went downstairs cloudy weather so everyone sitting in the garden for lunch they have invited their friend and new in-laws..

Twinkle help khushi and avni for setting everything outside.They set everything all come and took their respective places.

How’s you twinkle Meher asked.
I’m good Bhabi twinkle replied and hugged her.

All having their lunch and chitchatting while having..

Where is kunjjj twinkle Rahul asked her?
Room me she said..

Just than Kunj come in a hurry( he always in a hurry 👅) He about to fall.

Kunjjj be careful Avantika said.. he looks at his mother..

Come here let’s have lunch she called.
Nahi mujhe bhuk nahi hai you guys carry on Kunj said and moved towards his car while Rahul stand.
What happen you anjali asked..
Nahi I’m done I have work okay bye he said and run from there and sit in the car with Kunj both went in rush..

All confused kya ladke hai dono ke dono humesha aisa hi karte hai usha murmured.

Haan sahi kaha Usha this Rahul crazy samj me hi nahi aata kya karta hai kabhi kaha kabhi kaha sanvi said..

Rahul still better but Kunj ka kuch hi pata nahi hai don’t know he doing with his life whole day roaming here and there never listen to me Tej said being disappointed with his son..

Why you saying this tej you never try to understand him and talk Avantika added.

Acha mene he listens me sit with me he running away from me like this I’m not his father but his enemy who going to kill him.Rahi baat ki kese karu sunta kaha hai ache se baat hi nahi karta jab bhi kuch bolo jawab ulta hi deta hai bolta hu office join kare advik and yuvi ke jese but he not he said.

Over this let’s have lunch lata said..

Kunj driving in hurry Arey Kunj please slow we are not going for heaven so no rush bhai Rahul Rahul Kunj stops the car due to signal..

Tu bhi na itni jaldi heaven me jane nahi wala hai Kunj said.

Acha kya hua why your mood so off he asked he is not his childhood friend but one soul split into two bodies..

Kuch nahi yaar tujhe toh pata hai na kunj said.

Hehe, he giggles Kunj teri band ek ladki i mean teri biwi ne baja ke rakhi hai since the day she entered in your life Kuch toh baat hai twinkle mein I mean everyone scared from great Kunj sarna but she is not he said and laughing still.

Don’t laugh life hell kar diya meri siyappa queen ek number ki Chain hi nahi lene deti hai pehle papa kam the ab Yeh twinkle chhod usko tu bata kya hua you did or not he asked in mute something.

After everyone was done with lunch all having dessert..

Bade papa aap yah project mujhe aur advik ko dedo we will do it yuvi said.
Kyun nahi ab tum dono hi ho tej said..

Kitna sochte hai papaji but this sadu is heartless twinkle murmured..

Chalo hum chalte hai leela said they get up about to going leela hug twinkle.
Acha take care of yourself are you happy na she asked and cupped her face.

Twinkle nodded in yes.
I’m happy maa don’t worry me I’m your sherni beti she said and they giggles after they went later..

Sanvi and Atul too along with their daughter in law anjali..

While avni and Khushi and twinkle get busy in work kitchen..

At night all even done with dinner Kunj still not comeback both mother and father waiting for their son..

Tej he will come don’t worry father added
Hmm he hummed and went in room twinkle gestured to Avantika she blinked her eyes and she too went behind her husband..

Khushi and twinkle or avni went to twinkle room they chit-chatting while twinkle folding Kunj clothes and keeping back in wardrobe..

Kunj should think about bade papa and badi maa feelings avni said.
Haan he knows how much they loving him still he never cared about their love Khushi and Agreeing with avni..
Twinkle you should tell kunj something both said.
Mein kya bolu twinkle said..

Arey, you are his wife we all know in what circumstances your and his marriage happened but still, avni said..

Dekhti hu wese meri sune wala toh hai nahi kunj she said..

Chalo goodnight twinkle both wish goodnight her and went in their respective rooms.

While twinkle take her nighty and went in washroom she gets freshen up and come went to the dressing table and combing her hairs and thinking about Kunj while looking at the clock..

Just than Kunj entered the room she comes out of her thought Kunj sit on the couch and breathing heavily..
Uff so tired he murmured and offing his shoes..

Aagya rajkumar kunj sarna she murmured and turned..
Oyee siyappa queen leave mirror will break down soon he said and giggles.

Acha let.by the way you tell me where are you till now she asked him first Kunj blinking his eyes..

Really you asking me and waiting for me great yaar dil bhar aaya but tears hai ki bhar hi nahi aarahi hai 👅🤣he chuckled twinkle rolling her eyes..

Yeh typical biwi mat ban samji inquiry mat le itni pagali dar lagta hai he said.

Baat karna hi bekar hai tum se toh kunj at least go and meet with mummy ji and papa they both waiting for you even worried as well she said.

Ab na tu unki vakeel mat ban samji I’m not small kid he said and went in washroom..

After changing he come and went down and bring dinner for him to come in the room and sit having.Twinkle laying on the bed in a sitting position and looking at Kunj..

Kunj chocked.Kaun banata hai yah khana man itna spicy he said..
khalo Kunj sarna tumhari jubaan hi aesi hai she said..

Kunj having but drinking water too much.
I told Khushi Kunj will not have this much spicy but she never listens to me aur yah sadu bacha hai kya jo spicy nahi khata hai she murmured inside her heart..

Kunj done and keep everything back and come he munching twinkle chocolate.
It’s my she shouted.
So what I will bring back in return I m sure you put chilli because of me haina siyappa queen chantt ladki he said..

Kunj come sit beside her another side of the bed..
he offers her chocolate she looking at him confusingly.
Kha le siyappa queen apne pati ka jhoota
7 janam jeeyegi😂he said about to have twinkle snatched from him and having..

Twinkle please give me my laptop from your side Kunj said.
Ab laptop ka kya kunj it’s already very late Tum karte kya ho haan kunj kaam aur
Job karte nahi pura din yaha waha bhatakte hue rahte ho she said.

Maa mat ban meri he said and about to take but twinkle not let him he come on her.
Kunjjj she screamed Kunj leaves and laid down.
Huh, siyappa queen just 5 months more than wait kya karta hu mein tere saath he said.
Dekhte hai she said and laid down Kunj turned and his back facing to ceiling Kunj was tired he fast sleep.Twinkle chatting with her friends.

In sleep, kunj keeps his hand on twinkle waist twinkle look at him.About to remove but she leaves it then covered him with blanket fully..

No matter both showing each other hate Tashan ego but having a soft corner for each other more than that having desire for each other’s

Twinkle keeping her hand on Kunj..
She closed her eyes and recalling those painful moments which bring void and lott hate between them.
I don’t know babaji I’m fully confused this touch and that totally different whenever I go closer to him or we come I never feel that same touch feeling hi alag aati hai when Kunj now touching me that wasn’t similar kyun?? She asking herself.
Gazing at Kunj again and again and soon she dozed off..

At morning both of them closer almost in each other’s arms. Kunj pulling blanked twinkle too just than twinkle Alarm rang she opens her eyes and yawned and look at Kunj.
Saduuu she murmured and come out of his cage he too woke up at the same time and turned and look at her.And cuddles blanket little cold.

Don’t you know how to sleep Haan Kunj said?
Acha I know it’s you who don’t know she said.
Bruce lee Kunj murmured twinkle listen.
Kya bola Bruce me it’s you she pulling his hairs.
Twinkle he hit her with the pillow it’s their daily morning ritual or starts👅🤣.. she pushes him.
I will complain about you to papaji she said.
Sure he said and make faces. After they fight for washroom lastly twinkle went down for breakfast.

Later Kunj comes down humming song.Tej and Manohar sitting in living room tej eyes went on Kunj..

Kunjj tej called him he stopped.
Haan, he said and stand there..
Where are you last night he asked Kunj rolled his eyes.
Woh bas with Rahul he said.

Okay, today you going office with me Tej said Kunj shocked.
Why suddenly office Kunj asked.
What you mean why Kunj don’t you wanna work haan tej said..

Me aap ko bol chuka hu I will not work in your office mujhe karna hi nahi he said Avantika come and stand beside Kunj all standing scared.

But kyun nahi mene tumhe itna padhaya hai kes liye kunj one day you will take over my business this all I made for you but you here wasting your time here and there haan I give you your time still what you wanted tej said.

Kunj closed his eyes good you did for me but papa I don’t wanted advik and yuvi haina aapke pass meri kya zaroorat hai aapka aaj tak toh hui nahi why for this business they are smarter and talented than me for you all I’m just useless and nothing I’m not your pride but who always stoop you down it was your words remember Kunj said while looking at his father eyes..

Woh baat gai kunj jo beet gaya so beet agay why you bring old things tej said.
Old aap ke liye hai papa mere liye nahi I remembered each and everything still and will not forget I told you numbers of time I have no interest in your so-called business and anything else.And don’t worry about my life you have more important people in your life wese bhi one you already cut from your life one more nothing is new for you He said and walked out from there..
Tej looking at Avantika..

Suna tum ne what he said just now he even don’t know he standing in front of his father I wish we had no children’s he said and sit sadly.
Bhai saab aap bhi na I will talk to kunj Manohar said Tej nodded.

Then they sit for breakfast Kunj sit and having his breakfast while tej eyes fixed on Kunj only

Now, this papa will eat me raw Kunj murmured inside his heart.he getting messages everyone looking at him he off his phone and finished his breakfast.

Before tej and Avantika could say anything went from there.
Tej you leave I will talk to him don’t worry Avantika said.
Okay, he said and went for office.

Avantika sit disheartened Usha assuring her..

Mein kya karu usha I’m just grinding Pehle bhi ab bhi kunj samj tha hi nahi uske papa bas uska future ke bare mein hi soch rahe hai jo shadi ke time hua us baat ko leke beta hai she said.All looking at twinkle.

We told you let him do what he wanted both grandparents said..

Twinkle went in her room angry on Kunj she cleaning her room in this mood only..

Kunj comes to xyz place he sits and oder coffee for himself..
Ahah don’t know what papa wanted from me always office office yah kya office hogi he fuming but let it go because he had more things to do in his life..

Avantika looking at all photos of theirs and smiling they were so happy now everything is seemed to finish day by day.

Why ?? they shifted to India from new York think after come here maybe the atmosphere changed their life issues too but everything is wrong after come here thing become more harder for them..

Tej sarna elder son of Prithviraj sarna and lata.He has two more sons Manohar sarna and Surjit sarna.Both of them not having good terms with tej in starting.

Tej went against his father will and marry Avantika they love each other’s they try to make their families understand their love but they never accepted them and their love as well.They don’t have any other way without their families will they get married to each other.

After they come to sarna mansion all surprised mother already knowing about this but she can’t say anything.

Tej comes to his father to take his blessing but he rejected them and break all ties with tej that moment only lata try to make her husband understand their love but he is not ready. He said tej he has to leave Avantika or them but he choose Avantika from them so he has to leave this house he doesn’t want to see his face and this bahu as well whom they not found eligible for their family and culture both family already having issues with each other’s that nobody knows..

Lata supporting his son and his wife they didn’t do any crime.She chooses her son not her husband along with tej and Avantika lata leaves sarna Mansion..

They don’t know what they will do now..
tej took them newyork both Avantika and tej having their degrees and get the job they work hard day and night Avantika fulfilling both duties perfect supporting wife and daughter in law too..

When tej is stable started his own small business Avantika leave the job and giving all time mother in law and house.when their new phrase started its parenthood they were extremely happy because of their bundle of joy.somewhere they aren’t happy from their hearts they missing each and everyone many times they told lata to go back to India why she away from the family she missing that showing in her eyes but she is a mother she can’t leave her son alone..

Year passing no contact and connection with other family members of sarna’s..
Both families is happy in their life’s.
But some tragedy happened with tej and Avantika which breaks them completely it’s like HISTORY IS MEANT TO REPEAT ITSELF”.

Avantika was fully lost in her thoughts just then there twinkle come.
Mummy ji she called her and sit beside her and look what she seeing.

Aww kes ke pictures hai yah sab mummy ji twinkle asked..
Avantika smiled bacho ke hai bachpan ke she said and caress them..

Kitne cute hai sab ke sab aur yah toh surely sadu hoga twinkle said Avantika look at her and nodded in yes both giggles.
How you recognised him?? Avantika asked.
Look at him mummy ji bachpan me bhi sadu tha aur abhi bhi hai 😝 always in serious look she said.

Nahi mere kunj kabhi bhi aisa nahi tha he is very fun-loving and obedient son he changed life circumstances and the situation changed everything in our life she said.

Matlab mummy ji she asked being confused.
Kuch nahi beta bas aise hi extra emotional Kunj is like this because of tej he always behind him unwanted she said both giggles and they went and had food together.

After twinkle and Avantika went to gurudwara for prayer babaji bring peace and happiness in their family.

Due to some work kunj too come near gurudwara he thought let’s visit usually he not believing but just sake of his dadi values..

He went inside and praying even his closed friend Malika too with him..

She get call she went in side while Avantika eyes went on Kunj. She went near him and tap on his shoulder he turned and found his mother.
Maa aap he said.
Mein yaha tum yaha kese twinkle come just then. She asked him
Woh aese near here so thought to visit pray to give some sadbuddhi to your husband and my papa he said.

Acha thinks he is my husband she said and playfully slapped him..

Aur aap iss siyappa queen ke saath yaha kya kyun he asked.
Kyun mein apni bahu ke saath nahi aa sakti hu kya ab beta toh aata nahi hai pata nahi kaunsi duniya mein busy rahta hai so I’m happy I get my daughter in law company she said.

Acha aap ke upar bhi isska spell great Kunj added twinkle making faces.. Malika come.
Let’s go she about to speak further Kunj cut.
Haan Malika tum chalo me aata hu do one thing you go kal milte hai he gestured her and added she nodded in yes..

Twinkle looking at Malika than Kunj..
Kunj can see her look😝.
Ya aise typical biwi wale look mat de samji he said..

Mein kyun dungi she murmured..

She is with you why?? Avantika asked.
Kuch kaam tha saath mein issliye aur kuch nahi he said and they mother and son sit in the side.
Huh, sadu kaam tha saath mein duniya ka saara kaam iss sadu ko hi hai jab dekho ladkiyo ke saath chipka rahta hai she murmured and went and sit beside them Kunj looking at birds.

Kunjj whatever happened in morning is it good Avantika said. Kunj about to get up she held his hand sit she order him.

Listen maa if you wanted we will talk on this topic than mistake of yours he said she cupped his face.
Kunjj why you doing this haan he is your father she said.
So when I’m denying he isn’t my father MAa he stated..

He have some expectation with you and you behaving like this what so wrong to join his business everything is yours only why you wasting your time and spoiling your life haan look at yourself kese rahte ho whatever is ours tumhara sab ka hi hai you can enjoy your life live nicely with twinkle what we wanted more from you just small things you know your papa already broke he bear lott still you she said..

What he bears maa if you thought he is alone then I’m sorry each and everyone suffered not he is unka ego always on high level what I will do kaunsi expectation maa kabhi pucha hai unhone what we wanted just like dadu he just gives us oder nothing else aren’t his servant rahi baat meri kaam karne ki I told you all I will not do I’m happy with my life simple don’t want money and fame and all’s I’m doing what you wanted enough already he said while looking at twinkle..

So you not going to handle your father work she asked him.
He looks at her you just stretching the matter maa papa kar toh rahe hai sab ache se he having yuvi and advik sab hai unke pass he doesn’t need me at all he said:.

Kunj why you still giving importance to that matter and words he loves you she added.
I know he loves me but his words hurt me lott he always chooses others over me you don’t come in this matter please he said and closed his eyes twinkle just listening.. Kunj rests his head on his mother shoulder and sits for while then get up.they come towards the car.

You both go I will come Kunj said.
No, you coming with us driver will bring car Avantika stated twinkle about to sit in the backseat.
You sit with your husband she said and sit in the backseat.

Twinkle come and sit beside Kunj he starts the car and they drove off to sarna mansion..

At sarna mansion.
Evening time.
Trio brothers comeback from office along with yuvi and advik.

Rest family sitting Khushi and Avni served them evening tea along with hot snacks..

Where is Avantika tej asked..
She and twinkle went to gurudwara long back Anita replies Surjit wife.Tej nodded in yes.

Avantika and twinkle along with Kunj arrived.
Kunj went and sit in the side didn’t look at his father.
You comeback tej Avantika asked?
Yeah waiting for you just he replied.

Kunjjj you want Khushi asked him?
Nahi I’m fine he said and get up and went from there he hardly mingling with anyone here.

He is with you guys tej asked Avantika she nodded in yes.
Baat ki tumne he asked again?
Ki as you know him tej leave na karne do jo kar raha hai she said.

Beta tumhara hi hai tej baaghi toh hoga hi just like you Prithviraj said and went in the room.Tej doesn’t have anything to left.
Lata gestured him.

Tum inki baat ka bura mat mano pata hai na age ke saath lata said.
Nahi maa papa is absolutely right mein unka acha layak beta nahi ban paya issliye aaj tak in return mujhe same hi toh mil raha hai mene unki baat nahi maani went against him today my son doing same my last Hope he is he said in a very sad voice.

He went in the room everyone looking at each other’s face..

Kunj sitting in the room get busy in his laptop twinkle entered in room with coffee mugs.

She found him with laptop rolling her eyes.
She went towards the couch and with a loud voice, he kept the mug in side Kunj raised his eyes and look at her he shut his laptop immediately.

What so important and secrete in your this laptop haan everytime you immediately shutdown after me haan she said.

Kunj take coffee mug don’t give stress to your brain pagali already limited hai he said and chuckled.

Thanks for this he said.
Keep your thanks in your pocket in return you have to do my work she said he weird his eyes.
Means?? He asked.

Mera cake khane ka maan kar raha hai she said.
Acha la abhi oder kar deta hu he said.
Nahi sadu itna me bhi kar sakti thi problem yah hai jo cake shop delivery nahi karte hai you have to go and bring for me she added.
Kaha hai he asked she give him address Kunj shockingly looking at her.
Tujhe pata hai tu kya bol rahi hai yah stop almost out of the city hai for your this cake I will go this much away haan pagal samja hai kya he said.

Haan you have to go and bring samje it’s your wifey oder pata hai today is Saturday so you have to do my work tomorrow is Sunday I will do bhul gye humhari deal Kunj sarna ji she said.

Jab tu mujhe tum bolti hai hayee 😝he giggles.
Jada bolo mat tum samje she said she one day scold by dadi she used to calling Kunj with TU..

Okay done now don’t eat my head tujhe cake mil jayega kese bhi he said.
Arey you go bring kaunsa humhara P.A layega haan she stated.
Woh hi samj le he said and immediately called someone.
Haan ek hi chahiye yah aur he asked twinkle with eyes she showing fingers 2 he rolled his eyes impossible and damn foodie girl she is.
Haan 2 bring soon he said and cut the call.
Kes ko oder diya aise sadu she said and try to take his phone while Kunj not let her in this process she almost on him both giggling.

It’s bad manners twinkle to check someone phone Kunj said.
Not someone my husband official she said.

Tu na iss shadi ko bhut serious le rahi hai day by day don’t you think so it’s not sensible Kunj added.

It’s for you for me lott shadi ki hai puri duniya ke saamne after all she said and aside little.

By the way What you doing with Malika why she is always with you koi kaam nahi hai kya usko she said and sounding jealous 😛..

Kunj giggles twinkle get confused her husband never gives her answer in the right way always making fun of hers..

First twinkle it’s none of your business Malika is my friend me uske saath Rahu kya kesi aur ke saath tujhe kya biwiya wale daure kyun pad rahe hai tujhe aajkal he said..

Bada obvious question hai itna toh puch hi sakti hu mein tum kes ke saath the aur kyun she said..

Kal kya bola tune pati ka Haq nahi degi phir kyun biwi bani ja rahi hai he said..

Biwi hi hun tumhari kaunsa Haq chahiye tumhe haan she said about to go Kunj held her hand.
Haq tujhe pata hai humhare beech mein it’s like a joke twinkle. He turned her we are just room mates or else BEDMATES.

He cupping her face I never get so confused in my whole life but iss shadi me pura pagal kar diya hai tu chahti kya hai mujhe se haan ek taraf bolti hai biwi hai pati hu tera another second Haq nahi banta hai itni life mein confused kyun hai tu haan?? He said.. she looking at him..

Har baar tu apni marzi chalti hai tujhe pehle shadi nahi karni thi than tujhe karni thi phir we will just stay like strangers and pretending like husband and wife in front of our families phir suddenly tu humhari shadi consummate karne ko bolti hai if I do than what you will do put again blame on me chahti kya hai he pulled her near himself.
Tujhe haat lagao toh problem hai nahi lagao toh bhi seriously I’m very confused he added.

Why you thinking lott yah bas deal jesa hi hai humhare beech mein rahi baat our marriage consummate mujhe nahi lagta iss me Kuch galt hai I give you right on me which all husband had and mine too on you she said.

Really right bas physical right aur rights ka kya hai pyaar dosti kuch nahi hai hUmhare beech mein I told you I will free you in someone months he said.

She look into his eyes directly but I will not you kunj she said..

Acha kyun phir tere us psycho boyfriend ka kya hoga aankho mein gussa dimag mein bhusa he said.
Tumhe uski fikar karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai kunj I leave him long back you know this nothing we left If you dreaming you will leave me and can live happily with Alisha that never happened she said held his collar..

We not having anything we already over you know this useless reason de rahi hai tu he said.
Acha over than what she doing that day with you answered Me she asked in roar little.

I m not answerable to you twinkle he said.
Kyun nahi ho haan she shouted.
Tu soch le yah husband and wife yah phir teri so-called deal because I will answerable to only my wife not deal and pass time wife he said..

Toh apni biwi ko hi dedo she said without blinking her eyes..
Woh bas mujhe se yah puchne aai thi he saying.
Kya twinkle asked..

Yah hi ki how can I marry you jhalli si ladki hai tu he said and giggles twinkle giving impossible looks..

Kunj laughing loudly twinkle tu na serious hogi hai I think after see me teri neeyat bigad gai hai kahi pyaar toh nahi karne lagi hai it’s only 1 month passed away baby he said..

Yaad rakhna kunj mere emotions and feelings nakali nahi hai she said tears escaping from her eyes.

Kunj feeling bas he cupped her face and wiped her tears. 
Sorry I’m just joking tu senti mat ho I just like that twinkle only who irritates me yah shadi bhut confusing hai twinkle tujhe nahi lagta hai can’t we stay like normal couple why you making complicated he said.

Kuch bhi toh complicated nahi hai i m ready Already that’s why give myself to you she said.

That not so important Twinkle tu kuch bhi nahi bhuli hai us raat ka you understanding me who is your culprit jab tak I will not prove myself right till than mujhe nahi pata what future of our marriage issliye I told you we should stay away from each other’s but you never listen.Tu har waqt woh baat leke aayegi twinkle aur mujhe woh baat humesha chubti rahegi. You and me having no distance between each other’s just physically but mentally and emotionally lott twinkle this you know tere liye tera mein tera pati galt hu aur humesha rahega bhi rishta jhoot aur galt pe jada der tak nahi teek pate hai twinkle kash tu samj pati aur shadi ke liye mana kar deti but tune apne ego and tashan me mujhe se shadi karli he said. Ab ek side tu Haq mangti hai mujhse kya Haq du tujhe mujhe khud ko hi nahi pata hai.

Tears escaping from Kunj eyes ek saath ek hi room me mein tere saath rahta hu kabhi tere pass aane ki Koshish nahi ki tujhe haat tak nahi lagaya jo limit thi meri usme mein hi rahta hu ab jab tu ne yah sab chaha hai hUmhare beech mein before your permission still I never cross my line karta hu bol haan he held her shoulder she nodded in yes..

Phir tu kese soch sakti hai me tere saath aisa kar sakta hu trust me twinkle mene tere saath kuch nahi kiya hai na hi karna chahta hu mujhe khud ko kuch yaad nahi hai kya hua tha us raat everyone misunderstood mein kyu Alisha ke saath jab ki me tujhe bol chuka tha we already over and I started liking you shadi toh teri mujhse hone hi wali thi toh apni hi hone wali biwi ke saath woh harkat kese kar sakta hu bol sochne ki baat hai he said even she too think.

Mene jo dekha woh hi bola kunj dil toh mera bhi nahi manta hai tum aisa kar sakte ho I don’t know anything she said and hugged him tightly. Whenever they talked and argument on that topic she always scared.

Acha leave don’t cry he said and wiped her tears.
I will bring your cake he said she blinked her eyes.
Aur haa Malika sirf meri Achi dost hai He added and went..

She sit and thinking about this all.This issue making their life and marriage complicated Kunj is right.Even I’m too very confused babaji I feel so secure when he is around me being in his embrace feels like the safest place in this world she murmured and smiling while remembering his antics..

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Khushi and avni preparing dinner twinkle come and helping them..
Khushi going to add chilli’s in food just than twinkle.

Khushiii please don’t add chilli yesterday also you added and Kunj didn’t have twinkle said. Avni and Khushi teasing her twinkle blushing unknowingly.

Shut up she said.
Acha okay you check as per kunj taste khushi said.Twinkle taste and take out less spicy food already added more for rest.

While a girl come and give boxes to Kunj.
Thanks, sara he said.
Please, sir, she added and went.While Kunj finding twinkle.

Where is drama queen Kunj murmuring and went in kitchen.
Find twinkle busy in cooking. He went near her.

Twinkleeeee he called her.
Haan bolo kunj she asked him.
Yah lo tumhara cake he added.
Aww she murmuring and check and get so happy Perfect she said.

Kunj handover her boxes and went from there twinkle kept them in the refrigerator.

Kunj sitting alone there dadi lata come and sit beside him.
Kya kar rahe ho kunj putttar she said.
Kuch nahi dadi bas he said.
Aajkal kaha busy rahta hai she added Kunj rest his head on her shoulder and held her hands tightly.

I’m here only it’s you who busy after come here you get busy and forgot me Kunj said.

Lata patting on his cheeks aisa kuch nahi aur kabhi ho bhi nahi sakta hai you are my favourite grand son will always aur yaha toh sab hai she stated.
Woh toh hai dadu ke favourite Ratan kaha gye he said.

Don’t know 😛dadu aur Ratan ka she added and both giggles.

Kunj spend his life mostly with his dadi while yuvi and advik with grandfather they both more closer to dadu like Kunj.

And Prithviraj loves Kunj but because of tej and all’s he not showing any love towards Kunj give him cold shoulder because he doesn’t like Avantika after their grudges less down still somewhere is there. And not counting Avantika sarna family elder daughter in law just Usha and Anita. Still, both husband and wife are happy.

Yuvi and advik come and join them.
What’s going on between dadi and grand son yuvi said.
Nothing Kunj replied they not having such good bond because advik and yuvi many times taunted lott..

Everyone come for dinner all went towards dinning table Kunj take his seat near to dadi Khushi and avni serving everyone.
Kunj about to take.

Kunjj twinkle bringing your food avni said.
Why Usha asked. ?
Woh issliye mummy ji kunj don’t like spicy food so twinkle already takes out for Kunj she said Kunj arching eyes in a surprising way.

Waha babaji kya antic biwi mili kabhi maarne ko aati hai sometimes caring he think in his heart..

Twinkle come with Kunj food she served him he smiled they all having twinkle beside Kunj only..

Waha aaj lag raha hai khana otherwise chilli he murmured twinkle listen and giggles.

Kunj take this it’s awesome Anita offer him.
Nahi chachi He deny but she give him anyhow he has to eat.He eats slightly started coughing.Twinkle give him water
Why you eating you know she scolds him.
He drinks water..

I’m fine Kunj said to twinkle they looking at everyone tej and Avantika smiled.. praying things get over between them.

Kya kunj tum bache ho jo mirchi nahi khate ho lagta hai badi maa and bade papa ne tumhe mirchi nahi khilai kabhi yuvi said.

Aisa nahi I just don’t like even it’s not good for health he added.

Hmm Woh toh hai but humhe kaunsa healthy fit rahna hai koi military yah movies mein jana hai advik said.Kunj did not reply again anything.

Before anyone can see twinkle put green chilli in Kunj plate that Kunj can see.
He didn’t say anything held her hand under the table. She looks at him.

She tries to freed her hand but he is not ready and giving her a cheesy smile.She making faces she has to eat her food like this..

everyone done with dinner.Elders sit twinkle bring the cake for them and give youngsters.

Waha cheese factory cake kaun laya twinkle yuvi asked.
Kunj aur kaun layega duffer they are good friends already she said.

Ho ho impress man yuvi murmured..

She give them and take herself and for Kunj and went into her room.
Kunj was in washroom she keeps in side till then laying bed Kunj come out of the washroom..

Kunj have your cake she said and take her nighty went in washroom. Kunj gets Rahul call he get busy twinkle come and saw him she hold her head.

She takes her plate and started having it and making faces Kunj done with the call.
And went towards bed and sit opposite twinkle.

Have she offer him he took and having.
How’s it my favourite she said in all excitement.
Acha not bad I had better than this Kunj said.
Tum na sadu ho kabhi meri cheez achi hi nahi lagti hai, by the way, thanks for this she said.

Kya bola thanks zara jor se bolna suna nahi mene kunj said.
She held his collar and bring him near her face and loudly in his ear.
Thankkssss sadu sarna almost screamed.

Siyappa queen mere ears kharab karegi kya haan he said.

Because you deserve this only husband ji she added and smiling..

Wese thanks tujhe bhi he said.
Kyu she asked.
Woh food ke liye I mean tune itna socha mere liye I m very very happy he said pulled her cheeks..

Given take suna hai na bas woh hi hai twinkle said and winked at him..

Little bit cake icing still on twinkle corner of lips Kunj see this he wiping it..

Both of them looking at each other’s face than eyes.Their face inch apart just proximity Kunj cupped twinkle face their eyes stuck on each other’s lips..

Twinkle closed her eyes soon their lips meet no distance left between them.
The kiss was slow and gentle they lost in that moment and making the kiss more passionated.. when it’s uncontrollable Kunj pushing twinkle on the bed she laid down he comes above her and lac of breathing break the kiss and Kunj grab her neck and giving her wet kisses she moaning his name.

While Kunj phone ringing but they least care about it’s too Much but they come in sense.

Kunjj phone twinkle in low voice speaks Kunj raise his face.Look at his phone he sit in side she get up and sits there composed herself they gazing each other’s.

Kunj get up and went in balcony twinkle touching her neck and lips.
I can’t resist his touch it feels like magical she murmured and laid down smiling just.

While in balcony Kunj. Don’t worry Rahul you try to find all biodata we will get something acha me subh baat karta hu twinkle still awake kunj said.

Acha same my condition he added and both cut the calls and thinking something..

Next scene big bungalow so lavish everywhere guards standing with guns.
A lady running and giggling while a man chasing her.
Ruko juliet he shouting..

To be continued…..


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