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Choti Sardarni 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram and Aditi are dating

Choti Sardarni 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kulwant gets up scared. She breaks her pipes and looks outside. Vikram is walking in the corridor. Kulwant hides behind the door.

Sarab helps Param with homework, while cooking. Sarab also works on his laptop to compile the file. Karan cries. Sarab consoles him. Param says pizza first. Sarab says but Karan is crying. Sarab says I will also cry. Sarab is confused. He gets calls from the office as well. Param says this Karan is crying to stop my pizza from being cooked. Param pretends to fall. Sarab says are you okay? Param says you leave it. Mama is the best. Sarab says how do you do all this Meher ji.

Vikram walks towards Meher in the corridor. Her back is towards him. Vikram drinks water. Their backs are against each other. Vikram sings. Meher feels weird. She leaves. Vikram walks behind her. Kulwant says Meher and Vikram together? They want to kill me and take revenge. Vikram comes to a room in the hospital and hugs a girl. Meher hugs Kulwant and says why are you on the floor? What happened? Why are you looking at me like that? Vikram says nothing, I was missing you so I came here. The girl is Aditi. Aditi says I love it when you surprise me. Vikram says and? Aditi says when you sing me songs. Vikram says and? She says when you hide secrets with your mysterious smile. Vikram pulls her close and says and? Aditi walks.

Meher gives water to Kulwant and says please rest. Aditi says I am seeing you after 6 months. He says 6 months, 12 days, and 2 and a half hours. Aditi says I missed you. He says not more than me and hugs her. Meher gives Kulwant water. She throws it on her face and says you want to kill me with poison. Meher says what are you saying? Why would I give you poison? Kulwant says you two have planned to kill me. I saw you two together. Meher says who? Who is planning to kill you? What did you see? Kulwant says I saw.. The nurse comes and says what is happening here? Wh are you not on the bed? Meher says who did you see with me? Kulwant says in heart this could be their plan. They would want me to confess. I should stay quiet and not take his name. Kulwant says no one and she lays on her bed. Meher says you’re fine. This is because of your bruise. You will be fine. Please rest, I am here. Pinky calls Meher and says nothing is working right. Meher says I will come to meet you tomorrow. Vikram says would you only give me water or food as well? Aditi says there is a Punjabi Dhaba here. Should I order? He says you mean makai roti, saag, butter chicken daal makhani? He says I hate Dhaba food. Aditi says I know but eat it sometimes. He says why should I? I have never eaten this unhealthy food. How do people even eat it. She says do I even know you. He says let’s order something continental you know me very well. He orders food. Aditi says I saw you on Tv. You landed at 12 and came to meet me now? Can I know the reason? He says first you tell me that you do surgeries here or watch TV? She says not a hospital, Sarabjeet Gill. Vikram is dazed.

Meher gives water to Kulwant says this is a sealed bottle. No one is here. Please drink it. Kulwant says go and let me rest. He shouldn’t come again. Vikram says Sarab Gill? Aditi says they invited me to their house for their naamkaran. Vikram says how do you know them? Aditi says his wife.. She gets a call. Aditi says how are auntie and uncle? He says I don’t ask a question twice. How do you know Sarab? Aditi drinks water. Vikram says did I ask anything wrong? Why are you dodging the question? She says why would I? I don’t know him. I did his wife’s emergency delivery so I know them through that. His MIL is hospitalized here. His wife is here as well. Do you want to meet them? Might help you with your case. He says yes sure. Would also see if the MIL’s injury is real or a drama.

Precap-Kulwant comes to Vikram’s house with a dagger. She tries to stab him. Vikram stops her hand. Meher calls Vikram and says I am Meher, Sarab’s wife. Vikram says there’s something in her voice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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