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The Reason Of My Ecstasy – Every End Is A New Beginning :- Epilogue

{Hey guys!! As I end my ff abruptly so I should give a proper epilogue otherwise it will be an injustice upon you. Even Prapti also want it so here it is. Enjoy it!} 

There is a lot of hustle and bustle going on at Kapoor Mansion. The whole mansion is decorated with white lilies and pink lilies. The mansion was looking very beautiful. We see in the middle of the mansion there is the mandap decorated with different colors of roses. Pandit was chanting mantras. Vansh was sitting impatiently for his beautiful wife. The guests are standing and some sitting on the chair. Members of Kapoor Mansion and VR Mansion are present there. Dadi being aesthetic is spreading ganga jaal everywhere after few minutes. Ishani and Kabir was having their good time in the pool side, today no one is there to disturb them. Sejal and Vikram got married and they have a boy also, his name is Ishaan. They are busy pampering them.

On the mandap Aryan and Titiksha was full ready to threw flower petals on Riddhima and Vansh. Sometimes they are talking and sometimes busy fighting between them. Whereas Siya and Angre are standing like a statue like they are newly married couple.

Siya’s pov:-

We are in relationship for past one month. But never he tried to say anything. Nor I am. Sometimes I feel why I accepted his proposal. But I understood that I was in love with Angre not Aryan. For Aryan it was an attraction only. I still remembered that day when I went to propose him, but he rejected as politely as he could. That day I came to know that he loves Titiksha. I breakdown after hearing it Riddhima bhabi makes me understand. And now I fell in love with this buddhu!! Uff!! Now I have to do one thing.

Pov ends.

Siya: Angre..(softly).

Angre: Yes, do you need something? Any problem? Are you hungry? Say me what happened? Did anyone said something to you.? What happened say na?

Siya: Hold your horses Mr. First of all you never talk with me, I never knew you are so shy. Then when I start to say you kept on asking questions one after another.

Angre: Voh…I…

Siya: No need of your excuses.

Angre: We can talk today at night. Will you give me sometime?

Siya: Sure.

Titiksha: See Riddhima came.

All of their eyes were on the girl who is coming down from the stairs wearing a red bridal lehenga, with jewellries. She was looking ravishing. The most beautiful lady. She came down and sat beside Vansh. Vansh was not able to move his eyes from his lady love. How can she look so beautiful.

Riddhima (murmuring) : We have whole night, you can see me over there whole night. (winks).

Vansh was shocked, his lady love has turned very romantic.

Vansh: Sure sweetheart.

And then the marriage starts they chant mantras with the pandit. With moist eyes Ajay do the kanyadaan. They took pheras. And then time came for sindoor and mangalshutra. Vansh took it makes it wear to Riddhima. While wearing it their face was very close to each other. While wearing it he rubs his hand slowly on her back giving her goosebumps. She was having butterflies in her stomach. After that Vansh applies sindoor and makes her his wife forever. They took blessings and left for VR Mansion. Ajay and Kabir was crying a lot, even Riddhima. Dadi was just having hiccups and crying.

Ajay: After your mom died, Kabir and I took care of my Riddhima, now I am giving her to you take care of her. A drop of tear also should not come. Make her like a queen.

Vansh: Don’t worry dad. I will keep on my heads. Nothing will happen to her.

(I am not writing this part too much, tears have started flowing. If I wrote more then epilogue cancel🤧🤧).


Riddhima and Vansh came to VR Mansion. All the rituals happened and atlast it came for their first night. The room was decorated with red rose and flower petals. It has candles also. The bed was decorated more beautifully. Riddhima was sitting on the bed and waiting for Vansh but getting impatient she comes down and stands beside the window. She was witnessing the beautiful moonlit night.

Scene changes to Angre room, he was sitting holding Siya’ s hand.

Angre: I feel so special to get you. I loved you from the very first day I meet you but didn’t have the gut to say you.

Siya: And I was such an idiot who didn’t understand also.

Angre: It maybe late but still we are together and this is more important.

Siya keeps her head on his shoulder.

Siya: Yes, you are right.

Scene again changes to Riansh’ s room. By now Vansh has came. After entering he saw Riddhima is standing beside the window. He goes near her and hugs her from behind.

Riddhima: Vansh you came.

Vansh: Yes sweetheart.

Vansh hands are roaming on her stomach from her waist and his lips were on her neck. Riddhima also closed her eyes and keeps her head on his shoulder.

Riddhima: I never thought I will get you back.

Vansh: Not even me. I thought after that day I lost you for my whole life. But now I will not let you go.

Riddhima: Nor I want to. But I have a suprise for you.

Vansh makes Riddhima turned towards him.

Vansh: What suprise?

Riddhima: Don’t you want the person for whom we were away should also get punishment by us instead of police. Come with me.

Riddhima holds his hand and took him to a room. She opened the door and saw a girl is lying on the floor. Her eyes, hands and legs are tied.

Vansh: Oh! So we will give her punishment by us.

Riddhima: Absolutely right.

Tista: Who are you? Leave me. How dare you to tie me up like this ??

Riddhima didn’t say anything, she just took a hockey stick and starts to beat her.

(Itne din se isko marne ka plan tha😈. Aaj pura hoga, Thanks to Prapti✌).

Tista: Aahaah!! Don’t beat me please.

Riddhima didn’t listen to her and beats her with her full strength., after she is done with it, she took some rats and left it around her. When they are biting her, she was screaming. Both Vansh and Riddhima got peace from heart seeing her condition. Then again she beats her with leather belt. There were stripes on her body like zebra. Then she lie down on the ground unconscious. Before leaving from there they kept there some wasps. They will treat her in a very better way.

(Jyada nhi likha kyuki riansh romance abhi bhi baki hai🙃🙃. Varna gang se pita ne ka maan tha✌😬).

Riansh came back in their room. Suddenly something comes in Vansh’s mind and he took Riddhima in his arms.

Riddhima: What happened to you suddenly?

Vansh: Romance sweetheart romance.

Saying this he makes her sit on the bed. Then one by one he starts to removing her jewelleries. At first he removed her ear rings and then kissed over there. Then he removed her nose rings and kissed over there. Slowly slowly he removes her heavy necklaces and kissed softly on her neck. It excitement she closed her eyes and starts to breath fast. Then he removed her other jewelleries and kissed over there also. After that he closes his eyes and brings his face near to her for a kiss. But Riddhima being shy pushed him and went away. But Riddhima’s legs got twisted and again fell down on Vansh. They share an eye lock.

Vansh: Don’t you dare to go away from me, otherwise you will fall like this everytime on me coming more close to me.

Riddhima nods in shyness. Vansh now place his lips on her and kissed her. Riddhima was sucking his upper lips, and Vansh was sucking her lower lips. Both of them are engaged to themselves.

Mature content :- 

While kissing Vansh’s hands are on her bre*sts. He was pressing, which make Riddhima to moan and Vansh gets an access to her mouth. Their tongues are twisting and playing together. Vansh removes her dupatta while kissing. He unbottons her blouse and removed it. They broke their kiss and remove their clothes. Now they are in their birth dress. Vansh lie down on Riddhima and gives her wet kisses all over her body. Riddhima was moaning in pleasure and closed her eyes tightly. Vansh kissed over her female part also which makes Riddhima moan again. He puts his finger inside her. After they are fully ready their both become one soul. Riddhima was moaning Vansh’s name and clutches the bed sheets tightly. After they reached their extreme level they gave up.  

Mature content ends. 

Now they are lying on the bed. Riddhima’s head is on Vansh’s chest. Both are seeing towards the ceiling holding their hands.

Riddhima: Do you believe in janam janam ka saath?

Vansh: I don’t know about it. But I want you as my wife in my every life. I might have get you as my wife in previous birth, so in this life also I get you. And I want you in my next birth also. I want you to hold my hands in time of difficulties. I want to keep my head on your shoulder and cry in my difficult times.

Riddhima: Even I want to spend my whole life staying in your arms. I Love You Vansh.

Vansh: I Love You a lot.

Here is the end! I don’t know it is upto your expectations or not. Thanks for your love and support throughout my journey. It will be a best part of my life. It is my first ff and I was able to complete 60 episodes and this is a lot for me. Now I will write short ff types. The next ff is ” The Monster in my Bed “. It will have violence, mature content. It will be manily about feminism. Here is the thumbnail👇 

Do say me it is fine or not. Do I need to do any changes.

And @Aishu asked me to make Vansh and Riddhima remember about their past life in this ff, but I think it will be too illogical so I didn’t write it. Please don’t mind anything, I didn’t want to hurt you. 🥺🥺🥺🥺. 

Okay bye, meet with you all very soon✌✌. Love you all a lot😘😘😘😘😘…

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