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Riansh: Discover the love life# Introduction

#discover the love life # introduction

So here I m first time uploading the ff of immj2 our most loveable riansh’s love story in some unique way. I hope u all like it nd if yes then plz comment me so I can continue this or if anyone’s feeling will hurt by my ff unknowingly then sorry for advance but I really loved riansh so I assume that u all riansh fans aur any other who read this will like it. So let’s start without any bakwas of mine

Vansh Rai Singhania: 

Well known one of the most rich  businessmen with white collord underworld mafia. Love his family but something happened that snatched his smile nd made him rude so now he forget to smile. Hate betrayer as u know. Don’t believe in love. Don’t believe easily on anyone

Ridhima Sharma:

Here she is not an orphan. She is too moodie like if the exact situation repeat itself her reaction are different for both situation whether it will be exactly same so alert to them don’t try to judge her will be action bcoz get fail in this. Well she lives with her dadu nd khanna( new character, later introduce). Her friend sejal all this trio love her so much in truely.

All other characters are the same except Anupriya here she will be positive nd not kabir’s mom nd love the VR family genuinely. Nd yes here ridhima is not in love with kabir so don’t worry but kabir will be the villain here also

First jalak for my ff : 

The running bride is hiding in VR’ s car ki dikki 🤦‍♀️. As usual after some time of ride of car vansh get some vibes that indicate there is something fishy in car so he stopped the car nd checked it nd then he opened the dicky nd boom..🤔… he saw something that made a smile on his face 1st time after such a long decade u can say

Suspence what made him smile for first time ?!

Alert for those who always trying to predict don’t try this bcoz it is almost different from all as I said in ridhima’s introduction.

So comments down plz bcoz it is my first time that I m doing this kind of stunt. Give me ur precious comments to know ur interests in my ff so that I can continue it.

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