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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini sends Rajdeep to jail

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli complains to the inspector that people in the market are evident he slapped her, he beats her daily. Rajdeep brings Nandini out of the car for them to ask Nandini herself. Mauli asks Nandini to tell the inspector what happened in the market, and that he beats her regularly. Nandini stood silent. Mauli convinces Nandini that her silence will encourage any husband who abuse their wives. She requests Nandini to speak up. The inspector thinks this is a pointless case. Rajdeep asks for Mauli’s permission to take his wife home and holds Nandini’s hand walking towards the car. Nandini looks towards Mauli then recalls all the harassment she had to bear in hands of Rajdeep. Rajdeep’s warnings, and Mauli’s fight for her. Rajdeep opens the car door for Nandini pushing her inside, the

police was about to leave. Nandini thinks about her lost child and calls the inspector from behind. Rajdeep silently asks what she is doing. Nandini hurries to Mauli and complains to police that he is her husband but he daily beats her, he even slapped her in the midst of market as well. He forcefully wants to take her home, comes even at her friend’s house and shouts there. The inspector arrests Rajdeep who stares at Nandini and murmurs he will remember everything. The police takes Rajdeep. Mauli was happy and hugs Nandini out of pride.
Mauli prepares kheer at home. Kunal asks whose birthday it is today. Mauli calls the family and says it is someone’s birthday, everyone asks whose birthday they missed? Mauli says its Nandini’s birthday. Kunal mentions celebrating Nandini’s birthday a few days ago. Mauli says it’s a new birth of Nandini since she sent Rajdeep to jail. The family cheers and appreciates Nandini, Dida offers a treat and tells them to order Chinese. Mamma allows Nandini to take any saree from her wardrobe as a gift. Everyone heads to decide the menu. Kunal notices Nandini was crying. Mauli asks Nandini what happened. Nandini tries to utter a few words, only Mamma understands she is trying to say she is very happy. Nandini tells Mauli no one cared for her so much in life. Mauli tells Nandini no one can love more than Dida or Mamma, can’t she sense how spoilt Kunal is. They turn to see Kunal already enjoying the kheer, he explains at once he wanted to give the first bowl to Nandini. Kunal presents the bowl to Nandini to inaugurate the kheer.
In the room at night, Rajdeep and Mauli discuss about Rajdeep. Mauli suggests about getting divorce papers ready for Nandini. In her room, Nandini recalls Rajdeep’s warning while getting in the police van. Mauli says Nandini won’t be able to get rid of Rajdeep until she isnt divorced. Kunal insists it must be Nandini’s decision, divorce isn’t an easy decision. Marriage is a bond that is deep rooted in one’s mind, it turns into a habit after years and can’t be get rid of easily. In the room, Nandini pulls her mangal sooter to break it, then leaves it unbroken. Nandini wonders if she would ever be able to get rid of this marriage. Mauli tells Kunal that Nandini’s marriage has turned into a trouble for her, she took her first step against Rajdeep today. Kunal says Mauli can easily think about it because she is very strong. Mauli insists Nandini is stronger, she would have broken if she had to bear all this, but Nandini has faced everything bravely. She then smiles looking towards Kunal and medals their marriage as the best. Kunal takes Mauli’s permission to kiss her and turns the lights off.
The next morning, Nandini was watering the plants in the balcony. Mauli and Kunal come outside and hands Nandini an empty paper to write whatever she wants to do in life. Kunal says Nandini must note down everything she wants to plan for her life ahead. It must prove to be a bucket list of her dreams. They take a leave from Nandini. Kunal returns to her alone, he reminds Nandini’s promise to give life a chance. She must utilize this empty paper and give life a complete chance.
Nandini sits excitedly and begins to write on the papers. She gets worried and cuts his words. In the evening, Nandini still sat on the couch upset. Kunal returns and greets Nandini. Nandini offers to get him tea, he wanted to see the bucket list on empty papers. The papers were empty. Kunal understands, then suggests to make a list now. This face won’t work for Mauli otherwise. He asks Nandini what she wants. Nandini had no replies. Kunal tells her to imagine she is in a big store, there is a section named Life and she can select anything, food, travelling, shopping etc. Nandini was clueless as she never did shopping for herself. Kunal shares that he must have chosen food, Nandini also likes cooking. What she wants to eat or cook then? Nandini replies anything that everyone loves to eat. Kunal asks her to think only for herself. Nandini looks at him blankly. Kunal tells Nandini about an Italian pizza covered in cheese on both sides, does she want to eat? Nandini nods. Kunal notes it down, he murmurs he even dreams about food. He asks if Nandini has ever eaten flaming Paan, and wants to have it. Nandini nods, then notices Kunal had been slurping at the thought of food already.
Mauli reads the list when back home. She looks towards Kunal and at once sense its Kunal’s list. Nandini says this is her list, he wrote it by her consent. Mauli complains that Kunal taught her friend to lie. She urges Nandini to write something else that she wants to do on her own. Nandini says she doesn’t know what to write. Kunal notices Nandini had written something then cut it. Nandini lies that it was only a shape she had drawn, she goes into her room to think about the list. Mauli wonders what did Nandini wrote, and is now afraid of?

PRECAP: Nandini, Kunal and Mauli enjoy food outside. Mauli spots a henna stall and mentions it was Nandini’s favorite, let’s apply it. Nandini says they may to it some other time. Mauli convinces Nandini that it’s her life, Rajdeep initially stopped her but now she is doing it herself. After getting the henna applied, Mauli leaves the stall. Nandini hears someone calling Rajdeep’s name, she was fearful and hurries to leave but her saree was stuck behind. Nandini was terrified.

Update Credit to: Sona

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