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Siddhi Vinayak 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin names POA to Manjiri

Siddhi Vinayak 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone rushing to Siddhi. They take her to room. Prachi says I was saving Siddhi from toy car and didn’t know she will fall. Manjiri asks her not to blame Juhi. Siddhi hugs Juhi. Manjiri asks Siddhi to take care. Siddhi says I would have done some good thing to get you as mum. Manjiri thinks I would have done some sins that you came in my life. Juhi gets scared of Manjiri and hugs Siddhi. Prachi apologizes to Siddhi. She asks her did you tell mum and dad that you are Siddhi, you have seen their love and yearning, why did you hide your truth then.

Vin says I don’t think I will get free, so I have got a POA. Manjiri says you would have made it on Siddhi’s name. She says you will be free soon. He says stop giving me false hopes, you trust me right. She says yes,

its good you are naming everything to Siddhi. Gauri and Prachi look after Siddhi, and argue. Siddhi asks them to leave her alone. Manjiri says you should have called Siddhi to get her signs. Vin says I called the one whose signs I need on POA, I m naming everything to you. She gets shocked. Manjiri does the drama. Vin says you have more right on me than Siddhi. Siddhi goes to kitchen. Servant says I will pack food for Vin. She gets ration list and checks handwriting. She asks who wrote this. He says Manjiri, she knows everyone’s choice, she makes list always. Siddhi recalls and thinks did Manjiri wrote that letter. Manjiri thinks I got everything. She asks Vin to talk to Siddhi once. He says you are my mum, I can just trust you, if its in fate, I may come out. She thinks I won’t let you get free. She says very soon, you will be with us. She leaves. Siddhi recalls everything and thinks of the video.

She says did mum do all this, I have to find out if she wrote this letter. Mane gets a thief and puts in Vin’s cell. Thief sees Vin and laughs. He takes selfie with Vin. Mane asks how can this happen, its same handwriting. She asks can we confirm that its same. He asks whose handwriting is this. She says I can’t say, maybe I m wrong. He says fine, I feel its same, but i will get it confirmed. Manjiri laughs seeing Juhi and asks why are you scared, come to me. She says I pushed Siddhi down, as she was trying to know truth, we both know who shot Shivam. Gauri and Prachi come. Manjiri asks Prachi to make sweets. Prachi asks why, is Vin coming back. Manjiri scolds her. Prachi says what happened to her. Gauri says maybe she got mad, as her son went to jail. Manjiri says my dream got true. She flies money notes and dances happily. She gets a trunk and sees her son’s pic. She says I have a good news, all the property is ours now, Vin will always be in jail.

Siddhi confronts Manjiri for writing the letter. Manjiri gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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