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Kasam 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika asks Ranbir to fight the case and prove his innocence

Kasam 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranbir’s lawyer assistant Mona tells that she knows Kritika who is Vikas’s new intern and says she is BA, LLB from Punjab. Ranbir says I know and asks Kritika if she trust him. Kritika asks him to take court summons. Ranbir asks Mona to sit and holds Kritika’s hand and brings her to terrace. He then says sorry. She asks why you are getting angry and asks if he is angry that she will fight against him supporting Malishka or because he talked to her family nicely and she is against him. Ranbir says I am not angry as you are supporting Malishka, but because you are doubting me even now. He says yesterday you said that you trust me. Kritika asks when did I say? Ranbir says you said that in the kitchen. Kritika says you were holding my hand and asked me to say and that’s why I said

that. Ranbir says ok and asks her to tell now, if she thinks he can really do this. Jiana brings decoration stuff to her house. Pummy gets happy seeing the decorative items. She tells Jiana that she is very talented. Jiana gets happy and says she always missed her attention. Pummy tells that she is not wrong and believes Ishani will become Ms. India, Ms. World etc.

Ranbir tells Kritika that he never misbehaved with any girl or disrespected them. He asks do you think if I can do this with Malishka. Kritika stands silent. Ranbir gets sad and takes the court summons. He asks her to leave. He says this is your first case as an intern and wishes her best. He shakes hand with her and says I regard you as my dear friend. He says once I give commitment then also…He tells her that even if you do someone murder or lie to someone, I will be always with you in any circumstances. He says he did friendship with her and will fulfill it. Kritika says this is the filmy talks and tells that she is against him. She asks him to prove himself innocent to be her friend. She asks him to show the world that he is right and they are wrong. He wishes best and says she will pray to God that he wins the case. She says she wants him to win the case because of humanity. She says when you come to court, you will find me. She says she will see him in court. Mona asks Akki why Kritika didn’t come till now. Kritika comes there. Mona asks Kritika if she forced Ranbir to accept the crime.

Kritika says she doesn’t force anyone and tells that it seems you didn’t study law. She says I am a honest lawyer. Ranbir comes there and tells that he read the court summon and he don’t need her help. Kritika leaves in anger. Akki tries to go behind her, but Ranbir stops her and sits to sign on the papers. Akki goes behind Kritika. Ranbir realizes Akki went to meet Kritika. He goes behind Kritika and says she is misunderstanding Ranbir. Kritika says she knows that he is the ranbir kapoor. Akki says he is honest, sensitive and caring and got hurt as you are fighting case against him. Kritika asks shall I leave my job as he is hurt. She tells Akki that she does work with all her heart and honestly and have studied law to get justice for innocent people. She says she will make sure that Malishka gets the justice. Ranbir hears her.

Jiana tells that she is sure that Malishka trapped Ranbir. Kritika asks why she thinks that rich guys are trapped by girls. Pummy asks why she is taking Malishka’s side. Jiana says she is fighting case against Ranbir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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