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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun And Dhani’s Haldi Ceremony

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Costume designer asks Dhani to select one dress at least. Dhani says she is future super superstar Varun’s would be wife and needs best, go and get something best. Devika passes by holding turmeric sticks. Dhani yells at her that she is a servant and it is her duty to grind turmeric herself. Devika says okay and grinds tuurmeric. Varun walks to her. She asks what is he looking at, she is lucky to grind turmeric for her own wedding. Varun says he can see a servant grinding turmeric for her boss, it is his and Dhani’s haldi ritual and not her. Devika challenges if she does not apply this haldi, then even Dhani will not. Varun walks away and thinks what Devika must be up to. Basanti walks to him. He says Devika challenged she will not let Dhani apply haldi. Basanti says

she will change bowl and give it to Dhani. Varun says Devika does what she says. She asks not to worry and wear haldi dress.

Haldi ritual starts. Basanti and Kesar dances on Meri banno ki ayegi baraat…song.. Devika watches silently. Varun comes down wearing only dhoti for haldi ritual. Devika whitles. Basti and Kesar make him sit, and Heera asks Basanti to start ritual. Basanti applies haldi. Heera taunts Devika to apply haldi to Dhani and get some reward. Kesar asks Dhani not to get sad, servant cannot do anything.

Dhani walks to Varun and applies him haldi. Heera and Dhani fume in jealousy. Devika winks at Varun and stands back. Basanti removes Varun’s hadli in a bowl. Heera says Dhani that she will be applied this haldi. She then dances. Basanti says weddinng is tomorrow. Heera says rat entered her sari and runs to her room keeping haldi bowl. Basanti knocks door and asks to open door. Heera asks to go, she will return after changing her clothes. Basanti realizes she kept haldi bowl in living room itself and runs. Heera reminisces Dhani telling rats are her frinds. Basanti returns and sees 2 same haldi bowls. Devika asks who will she know which one is Varun’s. Varun reminisces Devika’s challenge and stands up. Devika eagerly looks at him. He turns to her and then applies his smeared haldi to Dhani. Devika stands weeping while Dhani rejoices. Naina…song..plays in the background. Dhani hugs Varun.

Heera tells Kesar and Basanti that she feels Devi is alive and is in this haveli itself. Kesar pleads to do something, else Devi will not let her daughter’s wedding happen. Basanti says they are worried unnecessarily. Heera calls her 1-1/2 feet woman and asks to go and continue wedding arrangements. She asks Kesar to be alert 24 hours.

Devika continues crying reminiscing Varun applying his haldi to Dhani. Varun walks to her and taunts she lost her challenge and she could not do anything. Devika says it is just haldi and not wedding. Varun asks why she is doing this. She says she is saving him from evil. Varun asks her to stop, she is believing her lies and wants him to believe it, just like haldi today after 3 days, he will marry Dhani and Devika will not be able to do anything. Devika reminisces doctor Shergill telling love is the one she does to Varun, he wants them to be together. She thinks only Dr. Daksh Shergill can save, where is he, if he heard her message or not. Daksh reaches home and hears Devika’s message to help her. Devika at home continues crying reminiscing Varun’s challenge and thinks what is left in her life now, Varun will marry Dhani and nobody can help her. Daksh calls Devika, but she does not pick call.

Precap: Heera asks Devika why she is shouting at midnight. Devika asks her to stop getting angry and celebrate with her. Varun shouts to stop her drama. Devika challenges she will do something because of which he will marry her.

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