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Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 14: Faking it!

Chapter 14: Faking it!

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-Tris’ pov-
We were sleeping peacefully until a knock on the door woke us up, we scrambled around. Tobias went to open the door and uncle Max was here, he was smirking at us. He closed the door and he said: “I know that you both are faking your memory loss.”
“What? How do you know that uncle Max?” I asked him and he answered back: “I over heard you conversation and I will help you guys in getting rid of Nita, but the problem is…”
“What’s the problem?” Tobias interrupted him while asking. “The problem is that you have to fake your liking towards Nita.” Uncle Max said while his voice was filled with something that I wasn’t able to recognize. “I cannot do that!” Tobias said in his Four voice and uncle Max said: “you have to or else she’ll realize that you both haven’t lost your memories and she’s gonna tell Jeanine about it. We have to trap them both in way that the web of our plan, so that it has a success and they cannot solve it.”

“Good idea uncle Max, but I don’t know if it will work as I will get jealous seeing my man with another woman.” I said and Tobias asked me before winking at me: “your man?”
“Yes, my man!” I replied back but then he teasingly said: “we’re not even together and you already called me yours. Am I an object? Because of what I know, you don’t own me!”
“Then why did you both say I love you, whe you’re not even together?” Uncle Max asked us while being perplexed. We both then said: “He/I said that we’ll get together, when I/she start/starts to trust myself/herself again.”

“I didn’t understand anything. Can you please tell me the reason again?”
“I told Tris that we can start a relationship, but then when she starts to trust herself again.” He replied back to my dearest uncle Max. “Great so maybe after the plan works out you too can, but don’t get to naughty with eachother as I’m too young to become a grandfather.” He winked at us, left the room and we both were blushing profousingly. “Let’s go to bed beautiful.” He sweetly said and I answered back: “but in separate beds as someone may interrupt us, if we are not careful enough.”

“Okay, but I’ll miss you and your warmth by my side.”
“Same here!”
We kept talking, teasing and maybe sometimes flirt with eachother until we both fell asleep.

The next day we got woken up was because of the unexpected visit of Jeanine Mathews. I opened my eyes and she was “brightly” smiling at me and Tobias. “How are you feeling Beatrice?” She asked me with “concern” and I lyingly answered back: “like someone has wiped out my memories and replaced them with blurry ones.”
“It’s the same with me too.”
“How come?” She asked slightly irritated by us, so he answered back: “the person, who attacked her, attacked me as well.”

“I heard the rumors that you both were quite active in this room.” She then said with the sudden interest in our love life and I angrilly replied back: “when I woke up, I was in the same bed as him as well as we both were naked, I don’t know why and how. I don’t even remember knowing him.”
“Oh really?” A stunned Jeanine asked, while I was innerly smirking as I love playing games with her. “Yeah even I was confused as Beatrice was and in that moment her parents and my mom came in, because that’s when they found out we both don’t remember eachother.” I knew that our acting was great as Jeanine believed us and I could swear I saw that she was relieved about our fake memory loss. “Okay, I need to go. Bye Beatrice and Four. Take care of yourselves.” She happilly said, before going out of the damm room. I hate that woman so much, I would love to give her a Serum that’s she would be in a simulation forever. I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn’t notice anything at all. Some people were talking until someone shook me while saying: “Trissy.” I immediately knew that it was Uriah, so I teasingly said: “don’t call me Trissy ever or else I will lock you up in a room without anything.”

“Not even food will be in that room.”
“Dauntless cake?” He hopefully asked and I answered back: “don’t you get it when I say nothing.”
“Noo. Please don’t do that to your brother.” He whined, Marlene went to him and said: “Baby, she’s just joking. She wouldn’t do that to you.”
“Uriah are you sure that you aren’t high on Peace serum?” I asked him while uncle Max answered back: “he was always like that and I swear it’s not my or Hana’s fault, that he’s like that.”
“Maybe you both were high on Peace serum while creating this idiot.” Four said while siding with me, unknown to the others I smilled. “Lets go out and we will show you the place, where you both met for the first time.” Christina said and Tobias answered back with no interest: “no, I don’t want to go there as I want spend some time with Nita.”

“What? Why do you want to spend your time with her?” Zeke asked him with an expression that he’ll kill that queen of plastic on the other hand Four whose expression was unreadable as well as mine. “Don’t tell me that you like that queen of plastic.” Will dramatically said while Nita, who just came and now was glaring at him. “What did you just say?” She asked and I lyingly replied back, before anyone else could: “Will said that he is happy that Four likes you.” Will looked at me and said thank you with his eyes, while Tobias looked at me with an are you serious expression and Nita was beaming with happiness while the rest wasn’t happy at all. I managed to tell him with my eyes that I didn’t mean it at all, that it was a part of the plan. I conveyed my feelings for him through my eyes and he was doing the same. Our unspoken words were speaking their volumes. The rest of the world was blured, it was only us and nobody else. The way he was looking into my eyes was like he can read me like an open book, while he was unreadable for everyone else but me. “We managed to postpone the Truth serum schedule for Caleb, Cara and Susan, because of their accident.” Dad said, who just came in and I asked even though I knew why: “why is Caleb going to take the Truth serum?”

“Because of Jeanine Mathews.” That’s all that dad said, before storming out of the room as he saw her here.

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