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Dev (Colors) 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Dev (Colors) 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manoj grabs Dwani and puts knife on her neck, he asks Dev to leave the rod. Dev drops the rod. Dwani bites Manoj’s hand. Dev starts beating Manoj. Manoj grabs rod and tries to strangle Dev but Dwani attacks him. Dev is about to punch him but Narvekar comes there and asks Dev to leave him. Narvekar says we found that you are hiding someone here. Manoj says there is nothing here, I will file case on you all. Narvekar slaps him. Dev says only one room is locked in this house. Dev comes to store room. Manoj says there is nothing here. Dev and Dwani searches around. Dev sees a trunk locked and ask for key, Manoj says its empty. Dev breaks its lock and opens it but he doesnt find anyone inside, he finds a nail inside. Dev asks where is Sumitra? Dev asks where is your car?
Dev comes

to Manoj’s car and opens his trunk, he finds Sumitra locked in a bag, all are shocked. Manoj says I dont know who she is. Narvekar beats him and takes him from there. Dwani helps Sumitra out.

Sumitra is in hospital. Sumitra tells her story, she says when I married Manoj, he became jealous of everyone. Flashback shows Manoj asking Sumitra to not near sarees, he sees her buying veggies and says you are flirting with him. He takes her to house, beats her and locks in a washroom. Sumitra cries and was locked in bathroom for hours, she tried to scream to help, then he tied her and days passed, then years passed but one day a cat Sweety came in washroom and Sumitra tried to put a message on her tag. Manoj found out and saw a cat going from there, then he locked her in a trunk. Flashback ends. Sumitra thanks Dev. Sumitra’s mother says you saved my daughter’s life. Dev says Manoj has obsession, he thought he could lock her so she would be his only, I have seen obsession symptoms in someone else too, he recalls Mahek’s possessiveness and says she doesnt understand that love is not binding.

Dev and Dwani are going from hospital. Dwani says we solved this case, she says I hope you and your wife solve your troubles too. Dev says stay away from her, you put a camera in my room, recorded our hug and leaked it, she says why would she do it? Dev says find that out, he leaves from there.

Dev comes to his office. He looks at photos on his board and looks at his mother’s photos, he thinks that some people’s craziness can hurt others too.

A man comes in an office, he leaves his bag a lift and goes on rooftop of the building. Man stands on rooftop. Reporters are on ground. He throws reports at them and takes speaker. He says system has been destroyed by corrupt people and I have come here to teach them a lesson, if someone tries to stop me then I will jump and give my life. He shouts to call Dev, I will talk to detective Dev only. Reporters start reporting.

Scene 2
Dev looks at file which Mahek gave him. He thinks I have to find out what Mahek knows.

Mahek is boxing, Dev calls her and says tell me what to do to find my mother, he says I will wait for your call, he ends call.
Dev sees TV and sees a man saying he will do suicide and he want to meet Dev.

Dwani meets Mahek and says there is nothing between me and Dev. They are in a restaurant and sees a man trying to do suicide on TV and asking for Dev.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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