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Chandrashekhar 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Jatin dies in the prison

Chandrashekhar 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra in disguise coming to the court. He meets the reporters and talks about Bhagat’s case verdict. He says there is no evidence, Bhagat will get free. Sushila tells John about Chandra. They get confused seeing the group of me. Chandra signs her. She says that’s Azad, the one with beard and cap. Chandra sees John coming. Some people come between and rush seeing the police. Chandra smiles seeing John and disappears. Bhagat’s family comes to the court first and gets seated. Genda tells the lawyer that Bhagat and others refused to come to the court, they said they will be punished and verdict won’t change even if they come, they don’t want to come to court where there is no justice. The judges come there. Lawyer says we have to decide in Bhagat’s absence. The judges

discuss and declare Bhagat and others guilty for killing Saunders and sentence them to death. Bhagat’s family cries.

Chandra burns some papers and cries thinking of Bhagat, Sukhdev and others. Durga comes and looks on. Chandra says I resign from HSRA’s chief post, I want to end this HSRA, I have given my life’s many years to HSRA so that I can see the nation getting free, all the supported got arrested, some are dying, some are in jail, there is nothing left now, some are traitors who has joined hands with police and broke our trust. Sushila says what will we get if we fall ill, we have to fight. Yashpal says think again. Chandra says I know, HSRA is in weak state, I didn’t leave fighting, the battle will go on, let me be alone. Durga says I m against it, HSRA shouldn’t break. They all ask Chandra to keep HSRA united. Chandra cries and says give me some time. He goes.

Yashpal gets the news and asks for Chandra. He says I didn’t meet Nehru. Chandra asks what’s special in this. Veer says I will listen to you, tell me. Vesham says you always make excuses and run away from action. Yashpal says Nehru went out of country, don’t know when will he come back, there is one good thing, I met Kamla Nehru, she is ready to help us. Chandra says its good. Yashpal says she wants to meet you once. Chandra asks why. Yashpal says she also believes you are the right person to go Russia. Chandra says I won’t leave my country, I will meet Kamla.

Bhagat and Batukeshwar ask for water. Bhagat asks Jatin not to lose breath, they are getting water. Jatin dies by thirst. Sukhdev and everyone cry. Veer gives the news of Chandra and Kamla’s meet. Tikaram says we will decide whether you give you reward. John asks is this true. Veer says yes. John asks why are they meeting. Veer says don’t know, Kamla wants to help freedom fighters. John says fine, you will get reward for this, point us out to show Azad, tell us which disguise will he adapt, else we will tell him that you are our spy. John says today will be Chandra’s last evening. Bhagat and everyone get sad for Jatin’s death. They take his funeral. Des mere…..plays……

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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