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Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Bela realizes her Prabhu’s existence to always guard her.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Bela explaining Maharaj of what all she went on facing till coming in the temple for performing Pooja on her birthday which made her believe that it was only her Prabhu Jagannath who guarded her in everything hence there is no fault of Pujari in this but Maharaj isn’t believing her & he instead explains her that you do not know as you are small because such people who tend to be devotional but they aren’t infact they have human errors of becoming selfish while again Bela is trying to tell him that infact you aren’t understanding what I wish to explain you but Maharaj gets angry on her saying that you being small girl will explain me who is how & what when I am a Raja of this place who has seen this world & in between the dress maker interrupts telling Maharaj that yes you are right as she is a small child & tells Bela to let’s leave & they both leave while Maharaj sends Pujari to prison for fooling people.
Madhav asks Senapati that did Maharaj sent Pujari into prison like me if he was true devotee while current Pujari comes telling him that I’ll narrate you further because he was my father who faced the same situation like you.
Bela sees her father is preparing food & she scolds him for doing work but he tells her that a person came to him & gave Prasad by which I got better hence preparing something on occasion of your birthday while she realizes it was none other than her Prabhu & she becomes emotional telling her father about it & he offers her the same Prasad & she also tells him what all happened in temple with Maharaj.
Maharaj dreams about he being fallen in a mud pit & walking from it thinking how he landed in this but he is pulled towards the temple for pleading Prabhu Jagannath but he tells him that you didn’t believed that small girl who was trying to explain truth who has all that knowledge being a small girl but you do not have & Pujari also who is true devotee telling you the truth about what all he too felt hence you got this punishment for not realizing true people around you. Maharaj wakes up shockingly hence orders his people to release Pujari from prison & also goes to meet Bela.
Bela’s father welcomes Maharaj while he tells him to call his daughter Bela & Bela offers him to sit but instead he makes her sit & he himself sits down. Bela wonders while he confesses his mistake of not listening to her & tells her to show him the right path of devotion towards Prabhu who has given me lesson to learn from his true devotee & also offer you the main position in my ruling territory & Bela gets surprised while her father is delighted of his daughter’s big achievement in such a small age.
Bela prays her Prabhu saying that I have brought so nice flowers which you like hence please come to meet me now but Prabhu is thinking while Balbhadra, Devi Subhadra, Devi Laxmi & Mata Paravati wonder why Prabhu is waiting to meet his devotee. Bela says that if you do not wish now then I’ll wait for your right time but while Bela is leaving Prabhu tells her how can you go without singing prayers hence she gets very emotional & begins singing prayers & her Prabhu emerges telling her to come & hug me & both of them hug deeply.

Precap: Maharaj realizes his mistake getting punished by Prabhu hence he releases Madhav from prison. Madhav takes oath in front of Prabhu that unless he doesn’t come to hold his hands he won’t leave.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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