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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 52- riddhima recovered

First of all let me clear that Kabir was dead after the torture of Aayush😂!

The episode starts with:

Riddhima gets up and walks to her house. Vansh calls a servant and gets the mess cleaned. Riddhima reaches her mansion. Aastha and Aayush ask her the reason for her blood but she moves without answering. She goes to her room and remembers everything. Suddenly she faints down. Sejal went to her room and was shocked to see her like that. They all quickly rushed to hospital. Vansh also came as anika told him. They all were waiting for the doctor to come out. Finally the doctor came.

Doctor: due to a lot of stress her mind has been affected badly! We have to do her surgery and there are chances that after the surgery maybe she forgets everything or will get recovered fully that is that her memory will not fluctuate. With a heavy heart everyone agreed for the surgery. Vansh went to the hospital temple.

Vansh: why are you doing this with her! Already she is suffering so much! I know I hate her because of all this but I cannot forget that she was love and she is! She is my first and last love. (Crying)

After 2-3 hours the surgery ended and they all were waiting for Riddhima to gain conciousness. She was conscious after a while. Doctor informed that her memory is now good. She has recovered and her memory will not fluctuate from now. All were happy. Vansh left without talking to Riddhima. After a while Riddhima was shifted back to home.

Riddhima: now see what will I do mr. Raisinghania!(smirk)

Next day Riddhima took a leave from college and at her coaching time she went to VR mansion. Vansh asked her the reason for being absent today but she ignored him and went to the room. It was Riddhima’s going back time. A handsome boy came to VR mansion.

Vansh: who are you!

Boy: I am Vyom Khurrana! I came to pick up Riddhima.

Vansh: who are you to pick her up(jealous)

Riddhima came from behind.

Riddhima: my boyfriend.

This statement came as a shocker for vansh.

Vansh(shock): what!

Vyom: yes mr. Raisinghania. She is my girlfriend.

Vansh looked at Riddhima while she screamed.

Riddhima: come darling! Let’s go!

Vansh (thinking): darling..

He was again burning in jealousy while Riddhima held vyom’s hand and left. Vansh was looking at vyom and giving killer glares.

Outside the mansion:

Riddhima removed her hand from vyom’s hand.

Riddhima: thankyou vyom for acting!

Vyom nodded and she left.

Vyom (thinking): for you maybe it would be acting to become my girlfriend! But for me it’s heaven! I would snatch you from the world Riddhima! You will be soon mine!

Vansh: angre !! I want every information about vyom Khurrana (shouting)

Angre nodded and left.

Next day VR college:

Riddhima sat on her seat and after a while vansh came and starts teaching.

Vansh: ok any doubts?

Everyone: no sir!

Ahana: vansh baby! (Lo aagayi bohot logon ko milna tha isse😂)

Vansh: yes Ahana baby!

Riddhima’s blood boiled. Ahana moved to vansh and held his hand. Riddhima was burning in jealousy.

Riddhima (thinking): baby!! Idiot! Stupid! I want to kill her!

Vansh: see everyone she is Ahana! My would ne wife! My sweetheart!

Riddhima(thinking): how can he say her Sweetheart! I was his sweetheart!

Vansh smirked seeing Riddhima jealous.

Precap: Riddhima beats Ahana.

Kahaani mein action aagaya🙂✌️😂! Hope you like it! I will most probably update evey ff today (apun ich bhagwan hai 🙂✌️😂).


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