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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 41 (MOOD SAGA CONTINUES)

Last countdown for the end of this FF begins. 10 episodes more to go, will convey my feelings in the last one, till then Thanks all 😊😊. 


Episode starts with:


VR Room:


Riddhima smiled at him Mischievously and he looked suspecious..


Riddhima: I need a Kiss!


Vansh (relaxing): Take it..


(Vansh kisses Riddhima on cheeks, while she frowns..)


Vansh: What happened Sweetheart?


Riddhima: Am I your daughter that you’re kissing me on cheeks 😩


(Riddhima holds Vansh’s collar and pulls him near and leans towards his lips, while Vansh says..)


Vansh: Now Mrs Raisinghania being romantic. #MoodChanged!


(Vansh and Riddhima shared a passionate kiss and broke in after long 10minutes, Vansh says..)


Vansh: That was s*xy Sweetheart! Now you’ll join the meeting na?


Riddhima: No, kiss was just for fun. It’s not so easy to change my mind. Afterall I’m Riddhima 😌.


Vansh: Not fair! You told after your condition you will. And “The Riddhima” doesn’t move back from her words.


Riddhima: ofcourse, kiss was not my condition; as I told it was just for fun but my condition is I want a homemade Mango Musse and with Mango Cheese Cake.


Vansh: What 😲?


Riddhima: Yes! Mango Musse for your VAMIKA and Mango Cheese Cake for Your Sweetheart.


Vansh: Riddhima now your Conditions are going out of control, I mean it’s not the season for mangoes, from where should i get them and prepare?


Riddhima: Season nhi h Mtlb? You are Mr Vansh Raisinghania, aise toh bada sulagte rehte ho, VR yeh VR woh aur yahan Mangoes nhi laa skte 😠


Vansh: Riddhima!😩😩 Okay wait..


(Vansh calls Angre inside the room urgently, along with him Aryan, Siya and Ishani also come, they enter while Riddhima starts crying seeing them, Angre asks..)


Angre: Bhabhi why are you crying? Boss You called so urgently is everything fine?


Vansh: Does anything seems fine? Listen now Angre I need mangoes anyhow.


Ishani: But Mangoes, who needs?


(Riddhima smiles brightly, pointing towards herself 😁)


Vansh: No need to smile.


(Riddhima starts sobbing again, when Angre says..)


Angre: But Boss, this is not the season of Mangoes! How to get them?


Aryan: Yeah it’s no possible Bro!


(Hearing this Riddhima starts crying loudly like kids, Vansh says..)


Vansh: (hugging her) Stop it Sweetheart! Don’t cry. See I’m arranging na.


Vansh: (shouting) If season is not there then bring the season itself, but I need Mangoes, that’s it.


(Angre tries to arrange Mangoes everywhere but couldn’t find them, While Riddhima crying, sleeps in Vansh’s lap, Siya says..)


Siya: Bhaiya I’ve a friend, he has a farm, hope he might have kept some, wait I’ll call and ask.


(Siya calls her friend, he gets the Mangoes home, everyone gets relieved, as Riddhima was sleeping in Vansh’s lap, he cancelled all his meetings for the day and asked the servant to prepare the Mango Cheesecake and Mango Musse. Everyone depart to their rooms, dish was prepared, Servant kept it in the room, Vansh woke Riddhima up, and says..)


Vansh: See Sweetheart, here’s what you wanted to eat. Come on eat it and sit for your meeting.


Riddhima: (kissing his forehead) Aww! Thnkew Vansh 😘 but now I’m not in mood to have it. I should join the meeting now. I’ll attend mine you go and do your work.


Vansh (in mind): She doesn’t even now how much efforts have been made to make these desserts andy Sweetheart now is in no mood to even taste it.


(He kisses her forehead and goes to the study, after an hour, he reaches back to the room and found Riddhima missing, he panicked and ran down, he reached Aryan’s room searching Riddhima and saw Her, Aryan and his Friends watching a movie and chit chatting, he was shocked, he came in and said..)


Vansh: What the hell is going on?


Aryan: Bro actually my friends came for a movie time so..


Vansh: (looking at Riddhima): And What the hell are you doing here?


Riddhima: I’ve got the Deal, so enjoying my victory.


Aryan: Bro woh, we were watching movie, Bhabhi passed by and we offered her a seat, she agreed and now we all are enjoying.


Friend1: Aryan your Bhabhi is such a fun!


Friend2: Yeah, now we all are friends with her too😁


Vansh: (faking smile) Really? But sorry! Your friend has to go now.


Riddhima: Why? 😟😟


Vansh: Because now it’s being too tiring for you. And watching such a noisy and violent movie isn’t good for you and my VAMIKA both.


Riddhima: Vansh please 🥺 you know na j don’t leave any movie in between.


Vansh: No please. Come and Aryan till her delivery ask your friends to make movie plans at Their home not at VR Mansion. Why did you offer her?


Aryan: (nervously) Later j told Bhabhi to go but she’s didn’t agree.


Riddhima: (angrily) Hww😱Liarr! Tumhe toh mai baad mein dekhungi, pehle tumhare Bhai se nipatloon 😠Hnn toh Mr Vansh Raisinghania I’m not scared of you. I’ll watch this movie and come.


Vansh: (lifting her) though you’ve become heavy but not that much. Now shut your mouth and let’s go.


(He leaves the room carrying Riddhima, takes her to the room and tucks her inside the dovet, he remains angry and soon dozed off to sleep while Vansh kept on caressing her forehead, he came to bed and slept cuddling his wife..)


Episode Ends!




Hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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