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Riansh (A pure love story) Part 2

Hello everyone, I loved it how u guys loved my first part of fanfiction.. Thankyou for your blessings

So let’s start with Second part


It was a beautiful monday morning

Vansh woke up and went office by saying bye to riddhima

After vansh left she went to kitchen and started thinking about vansh

Riddhima POV

I love u vansh but I am not able to confess it to u, I really want to tell u my feelings but I am scared if my heart broke than but I think the way u care for me is love.. I will soon confess it to u


Dadi, ishani, siya, angre and aryan gathered at ishani room for the discussion


Dadi – I don’t know what these two fools are doing, they love each other but they don’t confess it.. What to do now??

Ishani – I think we should talk to riddhima bhabhi about it and ask her if she is planning to confess her love to vansh bhai

Siya, angre, Aryan and dadi agreed


In Hall


All came and called riddhima to hall and made her sat in sofa

Dadi – Riddhima I know u love vansh and U want confess but u are scared but trust me vansh also love u purely as u love him.. confess it riddhima

Riddhima blushed

Ishani – I will arrange everything in Terrance you confess plz bhabhi

Riddhima agreed and called vansh

Riddhima – Vansh there is a surprise for you come at terrace at 7 ok??

Vansh – ok but what is the surprise??

Riddhima – You will get to know it

They ended the call and riddhima was blushing and all the members began to decor the Terrance and ishani took riddhima to makeover her…


At 7

Riddhima was wearing a very beautiful red gown, with open hair and red lips

Vansh was wearing a cool white shirt, looking handsome


Ishani blindfolded him and took him to terrance where riddhima was waiting for him Ishani open his blindfold and she went from there


Vansh was seeing Riddhima continuesly and riddhima was blushing hard

Vansh – u are looking drop dead gorgeous riddhima

Riddhima – U are also looking very handsome

He smiled and she again blushed

The Terrance was beautifully decorated with roses and fairylights

Vansh – so what’s the surprise ??

Riddhima – I want to confess something


Precap – I love u vansh❣


End of the episode wait for the third part

I hope u all enjoyed the second part and the next part will be of confession and riansh moments


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