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Qurbaan Hua 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel and Chahat are called to the Principal office

Qurbaan Hua 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Godambari questions how did Dua dare teach Shlok her way of praying, she insists on teaching her a lesson which she will never forget her entire life, she is about to slap her when Ghazala stops her hand threatening her to never dare try to slap her niece once again, Godambari warns her to teach Dua that she should not try deviate Shlok from his path, Dua questions why is she getting so angry because by praying they get good deeds, Godambari reveals that religion is what because of which their mother would never be accepted in to this family, she is the reason this family has suffered a lot in the past, Godambari once again scolds Dua seeing Ghazala threatens her to not touch her niece ever again, Naveli coming questions what are they doing in front of the children, they both might get routinized to which Godambari tries to scold her but Ghazala threat to not listen to her, Naveli advises to take the children to school but Aalekh calls her, when she refuses to come he scolds her, she therefore sends Bopho with the children.

Chahat standing outside the hospital reveals her interview went really well, she is hopeful she would get the job, she questions if there is any problem as Naveli is sounding worried when she reveals that it is not the case and she must also not worry about the children as Bopho has accompanied them, Naveli ending the call thinks she forgot she was not even allowed to say anything in this family.

Chahat prays that she should get the job, Neel stops in front of her demanding she come with him, she refuses saying that her result is about to come but Neel forcefully makes her sit, reaching the restaurant Neel hands her the tool demanding that she start cleaning the entire restaurant as the workers left when he went to pick her up, she insists on just in forming the manager however he even takes her mobile saying she would get it after the cleaning, Chahat stands on the stool and starts cleaning, she is not able to maintain the balance and is about to fall, the workers exclaims he is holding it so she must not worry, he constantly sees her back from the open zip, Neel gets furious he starts scolding him when the worker apologizes explaining he was not doing anything but just holding the stool.

Chahat questions why is he scolding the worker when he was first scolding her, Neel orders her to come down and ties the zip, the worker questions how can he act like this when he doesnot even talk nicely with his wife, Neel starts beating him revealing that he is married to Chahat so he doesnot have any work meddling in their problems, Neel sends him away when Chahat questions why does he not listen to anything she tries to explain as she informed him they have to change their ways as their actions would have a direct effect on their children’s, Neel leaves in anger questioning if it was just his fault.

Chahat calls the hospital questioning if she got the job, the lady says that why is she calling her when her husband was talking with such an attitude, she reveals Neel called her pleading they give her the job and when he got to know she was not selected he said that he would open a dispensary for Chahat, she exclaims that she would make Neel pay for what he has done as why did he not say anything to her, she opens the box and is relieved to find the medical equipment in the boxes, Neel places one of the box over the shelf, she questions why did he not in form her that he was planning to open a dispensary for her and knew she did not get the job, Neel reveals she also played a trick to make him cook so there are some things that should be kept a secret, Chahat puts forward her hand saying then they should both start to work towards building a healthy relationship for the sake of their children. Neel gets a call from the principal so immediately leaves exclaiming there has been a problem, Chahat also accompanies him.

The principal mentions she doesnot know how they are able to differentiate in the religions because this is why Dua in her form wrote the other religion, Neel and Chahat are shocked after seeing the form, the principal mentions that she would have to cancel her admission because of their mistake, Chahat pleads with the principal to not cancel her admission as they do not even talk about religions in front of the children even still they would be really careful and she will try and talk with Chahat, Neel and Chahat get up when she reveals she knows who would have in formed Dua of this situation, Neel exclaims that it was Misses Baig, they both leave in anger.

Ghazala is sitting eating grapes when Neel throws the plate questioning what is she trying to do, she only allowed her to live in the house so the children both get the love of their Grandmother he would however not bear that she tries to ruin the lives of his children as he can even bear the quarrel she has with his family, he orders her to get out of the house but Dua coming says that it is not the case as Ghazala did not say anything relating to the religion, Neel getting shocked question then who did say these words to her, Dua hesitantly replies that the person who called her from another religion was Godambari, she reveals how she scolded Shlok when he was praying like her saying she is from the other religion, Neel getting tensed questions Godambari what is she saying, she replies she is saying the truth because Dua is from the other religion and she cannot that Shlok who performs the pooja starts praying like her as she is indeed from the other religion.

Precap: Aalekh questions Sahil where did he get the money so he reveals they have come to finalize the problems of the destitute centre, Agam receives the call from the centre which Vyas je has made, he calls Aalekh to come and see that he is on the other side, Aalekh is shocked to see Vyas je is alive.

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