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Imlie 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Anu Gets Tripathis Arrested

Imlie 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Aparna tells Adi that he snatched a daughter of the family who stayed with them for so many days, loved them unconditionally, and shared an emotional bonding and is informing them now. He says who is he to snatch Malini from them, Malini is his best friend and will always be, she will be a beautiful part of his life and he is ending a relationship which would turn ugly in the future, he didn’t want to take this decision under anyone’s influence and hence informing them beforehand, he knows she is hurt but should understand him. Nishant says he already told him and once again is asking him to rethink again. Harish says divorce is happening for the first time in this house. Rupali says they always tell that whatever they do is for children’s happiness, then do they think Malini and Adi are happy, they didn’t let her and Pranav take divorce till now and let her suffer, why are they putting Adi and Malini in guilt when they are taking a decision, do they like putting them in guilt. Radha says all this his happening because of Malini’s affair. Adi asks her not to badmouth about Malini, they took a decision mutually and hence needs their support, not only Malini even he has a reason for this divorce. Imlie looks at him. Pankaj asks what is his reason. He says he will inform at the right time and walks away. Aparna cries saying her Adi’s heart cannot break like this. Pankaj consoles her and asks to stop fighting as he doesn’t think things will get right between Adi and Malini. Harish says if one walls falls down, whole building shakes, don’t know what will happen to their family. Imlie silently watches.

Anu asks Malini who was the boy who dropped her home. Malini says even maa saw Kunal now, how much lies she has to say now. Anu asks if he is the same Kunal Chauhan, she supported her until Adi did wrong and now even she is doing wrong like him; if Kunal is the same boy because of whom she is taking divorce from Adi. Malini asks if she wants even her to live with a false relationship and stay with a man who doesn’t love her, then apologizes her. Anu says maybe following a false relationship like her is wrong, but she is not wrong; Dev is wrong instead because of whom all this problem happened, Dev’s illegitimate daughter broke Malini’s house and her mother broke Anu’s house. Malini requests not to vent out her anger on Imlie as she is innocent, she shouldn’t worry about her now as Kunal is in her life and she is very happy with her. Anu says if that is the case, she is happy for her and asks her to come and have food. Malini goes to her room. Anu thinks she knows Malini is not happy as Adi broke her heart for uncultured maid, whatever she couldn’t do years ago she will do it for her daughter and will punish Adi for sure.

Imlie walks to Adi. Adi says he doesn’t want to talk to her. She asks to listen to her once. He says when he promised amma and Satyakam that he will get her right, each day is a burden for him; Malini also loves someone else, even then Imlie brought some reason to stop him from telling truth to family. Imlie says she needs to show him something and showing him family photos asks if they are nice. He asks what she wants to say. She says these are not just photos but her morning, she wakes up and cleans these photos each morning and prays Seeta mayya to keep them happy. Adi asks what she wants to say. She says she wants to show instead, his family together looks so happy and she is nowhere in this pic as her place is to keep these photos clean and not be in it; a family which cannot tolerate their DIL leaving them, how will they accept a servant as their DIL; they will not smile again and will shatter. Adi says he always thinks she is giving an excuse to tell truth, but didn’t she is thinking in a different way; she has to decide how she will inform their truth to family before they find it out and break down. Anu files a police complaint against. After sometime, Adi gets on his bike to leave for his office. Imlie says she is going to meet KC at 11 a.m., will he accompany her. He says its near his office and he will reach there on time. He drives bike away saying bye Mrs. Tripathi.

Imlie walks back in. Sundar cleaning the floor scolds her to watch out. Anu walks in and tells Tripathi family they are celebrating after burning someone’s house. Aparna says if she is talking about Adi and Malini’s divorce, even they wanted to talk to her, but didn’t citing Dev’s illness. Anu says Dev did not come with her, but she is not alone. Pankaj says even they don’t want this divorce. Anu says she wants to know what Adi wants, he was behind Malini for 7 years and got bored of her after marriage and now wants to spend remaining 7 hears with a servant. Harish shouts at her to dare not speak ill about Imlie; though Imlie didn’t tell anything, they know Anu did something wrong with her at her house. Anu says he is worried for his servant but didn’t speak when there was injustice happening with Malini in front of him. Aparna says if she is questioning Adi’s character, even she can point at Malini’s character. Anu says if she is talking about Kunal Chauhan, Malini doesn’t have any affair with him and is alone; now they will pay for their sins. Aparna asks what she means. Anu calls police in. Inspector says Anu has filed a case against them of domestic harassment, mental torture and abuse. Tripathi family shocked says this is wrong and Anu filed a false case against them. Imlie says this is wrong and he should question Malini. Harish asks her to back off as Anu will get even her arrested. Inspector says there is an arrest warrant against even Adi. Imlie asks Anu why is she doing this. Anu says they made her daughter shed her tears and Imlie made her shed her tears, they all will pay for it. Inspector arrests Tripathis.

Precap: Adi warns Anu to dare not speak ill about Imlie.
Anu asks Malini how did she ruin Malini’s life. Imlie holds her hand tightly and says she will teach her difference between right and wrong.

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