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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-46)

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Flashback Continues:-

Year 2016:-

April 13:-

In Saint Teresa’s Institute, Darjeeling:-

Vansh came out and threw the vase kept beside the table on the door making it break into pieces

And he stood holding the railing and suddenly he heard a voice

Voice- Ahhhhhh……..   

He turned around and was shocked to see, Riddhima hurt in her toe from one of the broken piece of the vase. He immediately rushed to her and knelt down holding one of her hands and took her feet on his knees

Vansh- Be calm, I’m taking it out

Riddhima- Yaa….

Vansh held the piece’s tip and Riddhima clutched his hand more tightly and he slowly removed it while she hissed in pain holding him tightly

All came out hearing the shout and saw blood on the floor while bold was oozing out from Riddhima’s toe. Siya held her other hand to support her

Vansh saw tears on her cheeks while her doe shaped eyes was closed due to severe pain, this was enough for him to curse himself for breaking the vase even he was still confused why he reacted that way. He immediately took her into his arms and took her into auditorium while Kabir brought the first aid box

Vansh- Why you came out? See what happened, Duffer?

Riddhima- Actually you rushed out so I came just to see you… Why you left?

Vansh- An important call came you could have called me what was the need to come out and even if you came can’t you see the path while walking and why the hell on earth were you walking bare feet? Why you removed your sandals….. Idiot… Now why aren’t you saying anything?

He looked up and was amused to see her trying to control her laugh by keeping her hand on her mouth, he looked here and there and saw all were laughing

Vansh- Did I cracked some joke or what? Why the hell are you all laughing?

As he said all started laughing like a maniac

Vansh- May I get the honor to know that why are you all laughing?

Kabir- Vansh your face I mean your concern

Vansh- Did I do something wrong?

Angre- Vansh actually her left foot is injured may we know why are you bandaging her right foot?

Riddhima- Actually he was busy in scolding me……

Vansh- Shut up I was just concerned…….

He took out the bandage and did in her left feet

Vansh- No need to come tomorrow we will manage here and about notes I’ll send it you….

Riddhima- No way…I will come and about this it’s a small wound will be cured by tomorrow or day after tomorrow….

Vansh- I said na means that’s final

Riddhima- Just like KKKG in which Amit sir said na “Keh diya na bas keh diya”

Vansh- Shut up You won’t come……

Riddhima- I will come, what will you do?

Vansh- Then I won’t talk to you

Riddhima- Let’s see

Vansh stood up and asked her to get up

She wore her sandal and as it was high heel it pained in her feet like hell and she stumbled he held her by her arms and made her sit

Riddhima- You guys can leave or if you all will get late

Sejal- I’m going to stay with you until you come

Vansh- Guys you all leave I’ll bring after giving her injection

Riddhima (panicking) – I’m completely ok see there is no need for your help and (mumbling) Injection

Vansh- You all leave

Angre- Ok then your car is outside I’m going with Kabir

Vansh- No take another car even and safely drop them near hostel and then bring car back here and then leave with Kabir, No need to bring the key to me I’m having the original one

Angre- Ok…..

They all left and Vansh turned around and was shocked to not find Riddhima

Vansh (panicking) – Riddhima…. Riddhima…. Where are you? Come out……

Meanwhile Riddhima was standing behind a pillar

Riddhima (to herself) – Riddhima….Riddhima….Can’t he just leave… If he really cares for me then he won’t give me injection but no he has to after all he would gain an opportunity to taunt me seeing me in that condition… No I won’t come out he will leave after sometime on his own But I won’t take the injection I only know the size of that needle It will hurt me like hell my soft soft skin will get pierced with that harsh injection…. God…. Save me from this devil injection

As Riddhima was thinking all this her toe were paining to hell and she stumbled as her bandage got open and in the nick of time she fell in someone arms

While she closed her eyes getting ready to give a long kiss to the floor but when nothing like that occurred she slowly opened her eye lash to show the person her hazel brown colored pupil just to meet black ones

And he slowly made her up

Riddhima- Thank god Vyom you once again saved me….

Listening to her voice Vansh who was about to leave the auditorium to search her came running to her and was shocked to see her in Vyom’s arm

Vansh- Vyom how come you here?

Vyom- Actually Vansh I was about to leave from home but in the way I saw all but not you both then Angre tell me about her….. Riddhima are you ok? I mean you were hurt in the feet

Riddhima- Yaa… Ac…..

Vansh (interrupting her) – Yaa she is perfectly fine No need to worry you can leave its already too late

Vyom- But she?

Vansh- I’m there for her always you can leave

Vyom was about to leave but Vansh slid his feet in front of his way and he stumbled and fell on the floor

Vansh smirks to see him but his this smirk was short lived to see Riddhima

Riddhima (concerned) – Vyom Are you ok?

Riddhima was about to bend to him but Vansh slid his hand in front of her and she stopped then Vansh gave Vyom his hand

Vansh- Are you okay?

Vyom- Yaa… Don’t know I guess something came under my feet

Vansh- Its ok you can leave                        

Vyom- Yaa…Good Night Bye Vansh Bye Riddhima….See you

Vansh (to himself) – Forget about Night you just leave that will be Good for me

Riddhima- Bye… Good Night

Vansh- Bye….

Vyom left and Vansh made her sit on the chair while he sat on another and then took her feet and kept on her knees.

Riddhima saw Vansh wasn’t talking to her and then

Riddhima- Vansh….Are you angry from me?

No reply came from him

Riddhima- Vansh I’m sorry…. Actually that injection I….I’m afraid of it

Vansh- What’s the need to get afraid I’m there na…… (realizing) I mean it’s just a small injection….. Come Angre had left the car….. Let me give you injection

Riddhima- Vansh please na….It isn’t that big wound see It will get cured within few days.

Vansh- Riddhima you will get infection I’m not going to listen to you…. So stop saying

Riddhima- Please na Vansh…. Please Vansh….. I will give you anything whatever you will say but please na…..

Vansh smirks listening to her….

Vansh- Anything?

Riddhima- Yaa…Anything but please don’t give me the injection

Vansh- Think for last time you can’t take your words back

Riddhima- Yaa…Yaa…Anything…

Vansh- Ok then I won’t give you the injection but you will have to kiss me….

Riddhima (shocked) – What? I’m not going to do anything

Vansh- Ok then injection

Riddhima- Time please

Vansh (smirking) – Given   

Riddhima (to himself) – What the…. He is asking to kiss him but how can I… I mean….No….no…. Might be he is asking to kiss on cheeks and my useless brain took it for lips…But If he said for lips….. Why will he, he knows we are friend, Array I accept I have feelings for him but why will he ask do he also have….. But I never felt so or I haven’t observed that much…Uhhhhh…..Riddhima first think what will you do now……..Idea…

Vansh- Time up….

Riddhima- Huh?

Vansh- Time up Riddhima…….

Riddhima- Ok fine but no injection

Vansh- Ok done…..

She instantly closed her eyes and slowly came close to his face while he smirking on seeing her panicked state as she her lips were somewhat getting open and then close yelling about her panicked soon she felt there breaths mingling and there was just a slight gap between their lips any movement from anyone of them would be the start of their kiss but before she could just like her breath mingle her lips a slight pain entered her body and she ended up shouting

Riddhima- Ahhhhhh…………

She instantly opened her eyes and blood rose to her cheeks making her completely pink as they were just a 0.01 cm away and still if any movement they would end up kissing. Riddhima’s eyes fell on his dark brown orbs which was yelling her to kiss him instantly……

But both controlled their feelings and moved backward and then she realized that he tricked her

Riddhima- You tricked me

Vansh (smirking) – Any doubt

She smacked his shoulder and

Riddhima- I won’t talk to you cheater

Vansh seeing her cheeks which still blushing kissed her on her cheeks making her blush even more and shocked with the sudden action

Vansh- Chaloo let’s go….or no entry

Riddhima didn’t said anything and got up to wear her sandals, while Vansh took her sandals in his hands and then took her in his arms making her shocked

Riddhima- Vansh My sandal I can move

Vansh- Shut up Riddhima I will take you in exact same position to car and then to your room…… (Realizing) I mean to your hostel room

While Riddhima was all this while just blushing they moved out of the auditorium and it was already dark outside as it was 8 pm they were too engrossed in the work that they didn’t realized when the time passed, moon was gazing the two love birds while wind was having its own aura of feeling their love which wasn’t known to them but was known to the nature so they were just taking their pleasure while crickets chirping was giving pleasure to the environment and to their hearts

They moved from the field and entered the parking lot which was empty yelling that it’s too late and all left while cold breeze hit their faces Vansh opened the back seat’s door making Riddhima worry as she felt will he make her sit at backside, but her worry was short lived as he just kept her sandals there and then made her sit at the passenger’s seat and while he sat at the driving seat

Riddhima took the seat belt and then was about to lock it but god knows what happened her hand started shaking at the instant making her nervous then slowly she felt that someone slid his hands on her hands though she was very well know about the owner but still she was shocked and it got locked and Vansh started driving all way silently

Vansh (to himself) – What the hell was it why I asked her to kiss me I would have easily agreed to her and left her but why I felt something would be wrong and Why I was that much concerned for her when she got  hurt…And why the hell I behaved like that to Vansh…. Do I… No no….But may be Angre is right I really love her as how much they convinced me to accept my feelings…. Do I love her? Yes I love her and how do I confirm that do she love me even or not? I can’t directly propose her if she refused and our friendship got break but without risk how will I get to know that so now I will go on with the risk I will propose her after the fresher’s party

Riddhima (to herself) – Why I was blushing when we were that close why I didn’t refused to him what starts happening to him whenever he is that close to him….Why I start getting goose bumps?… I was never like that I never felt like that…. Do I love him? Yes indeed I love him after all aren’t these signs of love…… But how do I confirm that do he love me also or its one sided? If I propose and he refused then are friendship will break…. but without risk how will I get to know that…. Ok I will say sorry and convince him but I will go on with the risk I will propose him after the fresher’s party

Both were indulged in their own thoughts and soon they reached to the girl’s hostel

He lifted her and then after taking the person of the in-charge he got her in her room and then gave her the medicine

Riddhima (shocked) – When you brought the medicine?

Vansh- Actually I messaged Angre to keep it in the car… Now stop asking take it on time and yeah…Just a minute…I will be right back

He rushed down to his car while all girls came to his room to see her

Sejal- Riddhu are you ok…and why he rushed like that?

Riddhima- Yaa….I’m ok…and I don’t know

Soon Vansh came with a bag

Siya- What’s there bhai?

Vansh- Actually during lunch Riddhima was saying that you guys don’t like hostel’s food so I brought it now eat and Sejal give her the medicine on time

Sejal nodded and

Vansh- Ok Bye…Good night

Without waiting for reply he left as he came out he heard Riddhima’s voice

Riddhima- Vansh

He turned back and saw her and moved close to her

Vansh- Why you came out?

Riddhima- Come a bit closer

He frowned but did and she planted a kiss on his cheeks shocking him

Riddhima- Bye…Good Night

She rushed in while Vansh stood their only being in shock but soon he left

Episode ends

Precap- Fresher’s party and proposal

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