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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 2 # unknown to known

Hello everyone aishaD here

Back with epi 2

Here i go

Scene 1

Riddhima (horrified)- kid.. Kidnapped

Vansh stares her for a moment and then burst into laughing

Vansh’s POV

Shit man!! Her face was worth watching

She was looking as if she got electrocuted

I am laughing hard on her face and praising myself for pranking her successfully

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POv

Kidnapped this word just took my breath

But what  i saw next made my blood boiled

This good for nothing man is laughing and making joke of this sensitive issue

How insensible creature he is..

I couldn’t control my tears and i burst into crying

Pov ends

She is crying hard and her sobbing is echoing in whole house

Vansh’s POv

What the hell she is crying on such a stupid joke

Such a kido she is

But wait!! Her tears they doesn’t suits in her beautiful eyes

I m feeling as if someone is shooting dagger at me seeing her sobs

Very next moment i started weeping her tears with my thumb

Pov ends

Vansh (weeping tears)- shh!! See i was joking plz don’t cry..

Your beautiful eyes don’t deserve this tears..

Riddhima’s POv

That’s it ..

The moment he wiped my tears my all anger vanished in air

Nobody i repeat nobody ever wiped my tears

Although he was reason of that tears but

The way he is looking at me i can’t resist his pleads

I stop crying and made myself calm

Pov ends

Riddhima – Plz don’t do this kind of prank with me ever

Vansh – Ok i won’t but now stop crying

Suddenly a loud sound of growl is heard

Riddhima’s POV

damn!! This f**king stomach what was the need to growl at this much serious moment

I bow down my head in embarrassment

Pov ends

Vansh’s pOV

Her face is clearly showing how much emberesd she is

Whatever the matter is she looks damn innocent

f**k!! I swear Vansh if u will praise her for even once na i will kill u..

I chuckled at my own thought

I asked her in sarcastic way since how many days you didn’t eat food

And she replied may be 2 or 3

I gasped at her answer

How can the world be so cruel

Just look at her how innocent she is and keeping hungry this innocent Soul for this much time

One should be  punished severely for this crime

Right now i should be the one to get punished for praising her this much

POV ends

Vansh goes to kitchen and bring some food and keep in front of her

Riddhima’s POv

Heaven!! I am in heaven
I got food after don’t know how many days..

No matter how depressed we are our poor stomach always needs food

Without thinking anything i just pounced on food and started eating

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

Baby!!such a cute baby!

She is eating as if she is hungry since ages

The way she is eating  anyone can just go gaga over her

She licked her fingers and moans

Don’t moan little girl i m already suffering here because of your innocence

Pov ends

Vansh- nobody will snatch your food

Eat peacefully

Riddhima glares him and again started eating

Riddhima – can i ask u something

Vansh’s Pov

She is asking permission like a kid who asks for his mother before eating chocolate

Such a pure soul

Stop your nonsense thought man!!

Pov ends

Vansh – Yes sure..

Riddhima (innocently) – Why did u bring me here..

As far as i know we don’t know each other

Then why u helped me

Vansh – I saw u lying unconscious on road and brought u here..

Listen don’t panic i won’t harm u..

You can stay here as much as u  want

Riddhima – I will leave tomorrow thnq so much for accommodating me  for today

Vansh’ s Pov

What!She wants to go but why

Do i look this much horrible

I can’t let her go

Obviously i am concern i would have for any other person too

Ok ok!! I accept i m trying to convince myself but if she wants to go and who i m to stop her

I have no right on her

Pov ends

Vansh- We will discuss this tomorrow you take rest now

He takes her to guest room and tell her to rest

Riddhima,’s pov

First time in my life someone cared for me

And this room i never imagined i Will sleep in this kind of room ever

I always slept on floor even in miserable conditions too

This man seems to be genuine but what if he is doing this deliberately

What if he will try to do something with me

Where will i go..who will save me

Suddenly i heard his voice outside the door

He is saying something to me

Obviously who else is here except both of us

Realization hit me hard and i froze no one is here except us

He again shouted are u listening

I said yes in affirmation

But his next sentence just made my senses go numb!!

How is it possible

Done for today

I always ended up in suspense na i love to do that😂😂

Bbye for today see u soon


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