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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: BBC informs Mirza and Bachchan about Chakachak fraud

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mirza and Bachchan getting ready with formal clothes. Mirza tells that he has to wear tie and leave his ancestral tea business due to him. Bachchan asks if he is done with the change. Mirza says we shall stick to our decision. Bachchan says we shall inform Sakina and Shanti. Bachchan says we thought to go separate ways. Sakina and Shanti tell that they have decided to unite for this business and asks them to leave, if they don’t want to work for them. She says they are SS corporation. Shanti says if you work for us. Sakina says then we will think for you. Shanti asks them to be careful and not to ruin their company’s names. Sakina says company will give you pension in old age. Shanti and Sakina later give the presentation to the family members and also the people. They talk about networking. Guddu asks if they don’t need to go to school. Shanti says then teacher will come here and tells that they will hire someone to do the house work too. Inaam asks if we need to take bath. Noorjahan and Brij are upset. Noorjahan says woman was confined in the house, now thinking about people as target. Sakina says now this woman is freed and wants to do something on her own.

Later Brij tells Noorjahan that today Sakina crossed limits, I never heard her talking in high tone. Noorjahan says atleast she spoke something and tells the time has changed and both woman and man shall work. She says Shanti and Sakina can be an example for the housewives. Brij says it is difficult to make members. They joke.

Mirza and Bachchan stand on the road, try to make members. Mirza tells that they have been standing here since 3 hours. Bachchan says if Mishra comes to know then you will be out of Allahabad. A guy comes to them and asks them about chakachak. He asks them to wash his car. They wash the car, but the guy refuses to be member and leaves, They wash other cars too and washes the clothes and bike too, but nobody is willing to become member. A guy comes and asks if they wash marriage tent. Bachchan asks him to bring the bride, groom and others. They are about to beat him, when the other guy comes and tells that he came to become member. Bachchan and Mirza run behind them. Bittu and Pappu are in the house and ask the people to give the money for the SS corporation services. Bittu tells that he will get 50000 from Mirza and bachchan. He tells that Mishra ji is coming here. Pappu says we shall tell them how his wife and Bachchan are playing with his money.

Bachchan and Mirza are on the road. Kanta comes there. They ask him to become member. Kanta says he is already a member and tells that Bittu sent him to Shanti and Sakina and asked him to become member. He says he became member without paying anything. Mirza and Bachchan realize Bittu’s game plan. They see reporter BBC in the house and asks him. BBC says Shanti and Sakina called him. They inform him about Chakachak company and tells that they got the cheque. BBC tells that the company is going to elope and asks them to save themselves. He says the company owners will be trapped. Shanti is about to fall. They make her sit. Mirza asks BBC to hide the news and gives him money. BBC says he can hide this for only 2 days and asks Shanti if Mishra is returning as he heard. He goes.

Precap: Sakina and Shanti bursts out their anger on Mirza and Bachchan. Later they plan to get their money back from Bittu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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