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A Relation that we can cherish!! #Riansh OS


So this OS was again from my school magazine..

But I wanted to write it on Vansh..so here I am…

I was really very happy after a long long time I got 37 comments on my OS date after fighting..Keep supporting.

If you can break this record I would love to have more than 40 comments …so if you break the record I will give RBTBU and soul forever both the FF tomorrow..offer to buy one get one free but you have to win it so yay!!😉

Okay, so let’s start…

Vansh:- Riddhima I am going to get very late..I will have my breakfast in the office only..

Setting his tie taking his coat from bed and after taking his laptop bag he moved from his room and went towards the main door and soon he settled in car and car vanished in a Nick of time…

A girl in two ponytails cute smile and a bright charm on her face came running towards the door..

Vanya her name was Vanya.. daddy’s girl, Mumma’s apple eye and charm of VR mansion..


Vanya:- Mumma dad went without giving me a goodbye kiss…not fair..

Riddhima coming from behind with her I’d card and school bag..

Riddhima:- It’s okay beta Your dad was getting late..acha go and get ready or else you will get late..

Being a little bit angry her red nose…was making her cuter..

She folded her hands around her chest and went towards her room to get ready for school..

After a minute she moves out of her room and after taking her school bag and I’d card she moved towards the main gate and there the driver was waiting for her..she was going to sit in the car but someone pulled her into a hug full of love and affection…

He was none other than Vansh..

Vansh:- Sorry Sweetheart i forget in hurry…

He kissed her forehead and took her hand in his goodbye Vanya have a good day in school..

Vanya:- dad you drove back just to give me a goodbye kiss..you are the best..

Vansh:- okay getting late bye!!

This whole scene was witnessed by Riddhima..

Her eyes were filled with tears..happy tears..she was blessed to have a husband and daughter like this..

She wiped them and went to Vanya..

Riddhima:- Happy?

Vanya:- Yes very happy..

She hugged her tightly…

Riddhima:- Achhaa okay now go to your school..

After 18 years…

Vanya was sitting in her room balcony staring at the sky full of stars..

Vanya:- 18 years ago papa drove back to just give me his goodbye kiss..but now I am going to leave him…I am going abroad for my higher studies..that I don’t want to, how can I leave without my two lifeless here..I can’t able to live without dad…and mom is saying what you will do when you will be married.. speaking frankly she is in a hurry to marry me off…but I know how immensely they love me..

“No one will remember a father getting late for an important meeting who drove back to just say goodbye to her daughter…”

But life it has to be we have or we will be torn apart one day…but my dad will be always mine…

No one can say daughters are Alienation to their father they are the heartbeat of their Fathers…

No relation can be bigger than a father and daughter one….

Let us cherish this beautiful bond that will be torn apart soon..it has to you believe or not..but our heart will be always connected  ❤✨ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ✨❤️

The End!!

Do listen to this it will just touch your heart and mend your mind…

Although I have read this from a magazine but it happened to me too..papa was going out of station for an important work his flight was of early morning and I was still sleeping..he couldn’t say goodbye to me..I woke up and was really restless..but he came back he has to pick his file but I feel it was for me..God sends him so that I can say goodbye!!

Hope you like this do tell me your views…

Bye, take care!!

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