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SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 20

Episode 20

Its dark and RagLak are in their respective rooms… Engrossed in thoughts… While their siblings and friends are busy teasing them… Swara and Aisha about the kiss and the fall and Sanskar and Rohan about the fall coz they have already teased him a lot regarding the kiss…

Boy’s side

Sanskar and Rohan see him not responding and lost in his thought…

Rohan (in a low whispering tone) “He isn’t reacting!!”

Sanskar “I know that is irritating me… How can Lucky not be hyper!!”

Rohan “Man! He is changed!! And may be I know the reason!”

Sanskar “Nah… That’s not possible… He is Lucky!! Lakshya Maheshwari… He cannot be affected by a girl!!”

Rohan “Dude!! Because of a girl, he broke into Anu Ma’s cabin stealthily and copied the forms… He took such a big risk!!”

Sanskar “Bet?? If he falls for Ragini, then anything I say??”

Rohan “Hey I was about to bet on that… Means we are expecting the same!!”

They both look at Lakshya who is busy in his own world…

Lakshya’s POV….

What was that!! That perfume, that feeling, that wish…. What was happening to me…. She said she was in the room when I entered there… I smelt sandalwood there… The same sandalwood which I smelt that day in Hogsmede Alley and at Wandatorium… Means she was there in the alley that day… Why she wanted to see the forms?? What was she searching for?? Are they same?? The girl I am looking for and Ragini..?? She attracts me so much and we are so similar yet so different… And that kiss!! I was trying to pull her all over me… Why?? I didn’t rejected her from kissing me instead I reciprocated!! Why she reminds me of that girl whom I am searching?? Are they one single person… ??And if it’s so then ( he gulps at the horror thought of his being stuck with Ragini all his life according to his promise made to Sanskar!!) But this cannot necessarily be true… It can it???

End of Lakshya’s POV…

Sanskar and Rohan call him out…

Sanskar “Lucky what were you thinking so intensely…”

Lakshya thinks to make up something which seems real “Bhai… I was thinking about the forms… It was there on Mom’s table… Aisha saw it but she didn’t tell us anything… No scolding nothing?? How is that possible??”

Rohan “We don’t even know how Ma got those forms… If I get those books,then I can tell how she got that… But now it’s impossible… It’s in Ma’s cabin and maybe it’s removed from there… ”

Sanskar “Yeah… It was made invisible coz she knew you guys were going there… I am wondering who caught Ragini’s copy of forms…”

Lakshya “I don’t know… I don’t want to think about Ragini for sometime… I am going on terrace…”

He gets up and goes from there…

Sanskar turns to Rohan “Something happened to him??”

Rohan shrugs his shoulder indicating don’t know…

Girl’s side…

Swara and Aisha are busy having their teasing session on… But now not on Ragini as she didn’t reacted to of their teasings… Irritated,Aisha started teasing Swara…

Aisha “Swara, I heard that you and Sanskar didn’t kissed till now and it’s been six months…!!”

Swara turns around popping out her tongue childishly…

Swara “You know what… I tried once but Sanskar is so tubelight he thought that when I am coming close to him,I am asking him to guess my new perfume!”

Aisha laughs out loud “He must have been pretending that… May be because of nervousness… You know boys act silly when they are nervous… Does he behave so always??”

Swara shakes her head… Aisha shrugged her shoulder indicating ‘See I told you’… Swara realizes and smiles embarrassedly…

There Ragini is in her own world…

Ragini’s POV…

Whenever Lakshya comes close to me why does my heart beat starts increasing at a running horse speed? Why am I so affected by him? And wait… I just now called him with his proper name!! Unbelievable… This guy definitely does some planchette… Else how can me,Ragini Gadodia change her way… That day in VP Maheshwari’s cabin also,when I was invisible,he came close to me unknowingly and I was tempted… That day when he kissed me suddenly,I unintentionally reciprocated and then I kissed him back and he was like pulling me into him and I was also acting accordingly… Why did I kissed him as a revenge? I could have slapped him,kicked him or the worst cursed him but no..!! I kissed him!! Was it unintentional?? Today also when he held me in his arms,I felt good… I don’t know why but I did… Now I am even half hoping that my mind reader is Lakshya!! Gopal!! What’s happening to me… As the day passes by,I get to know our similarities and feel more connected to him… Why?? Plz help me… You are my best buddy na… Plz… I need to distract my mind… Plz do something Gopal!!

End of Ragini’s POV…

Her thoughts are broken by the thundering… She runs to window and looks at the sky happily!!

Ragini “Di!! It’s about to rain!!! I am going on terrace… Meet you after the rains…”

She runs from there to the terrace…

Aisha “She gets attacks like this on regular intervals??”

Swara nods… They both laugh out loud…

Swara “Hey!! Come with me… It’s about to rain…!! I want to spend this first shower with Sanskar…!!”

Aisha “But why should I go then?”

Swara “I cannot leave you here to get bored… You be with Rohan for sometimes… I swear I won’t take long…”

Swara pulls her hand and runs with her… Aisha has no other way than to agree…

There Lakshya is sitting on the terrace… He looks at the thundering… And it starts raining…

Lakshya “Arrrgghh!! What’s with the day!!!”

He runs and goes beneath the shed on one corner of the terrace… He ruffles his fingers through his hair to sprinkle off the water… Just then he hears some steps and searches his wand which he realizes he left in his room… He curses himself then goes in dark so that the person can’t see him…

Ragini comes running there there on the terrace and goes to the railing… She lifts her face up and lets the rain drops fall on her… She smiles broadly feeling the cool sensation… Lakshya looks at her… He can’t help staring her constantly… He was literally drooling over her cute and innocent looks…

Ragini thinks something and takes out her wand and phone… She points the wand at her phone…

Ragini “Impervius…!! ”

Her phone becomes waterproof… Lakshya is stunned by her use of technology and magic… He smiles and mentally appreciates her… Ragini listens some voice from ground and looks down from the railing… She sees SwaSan in one corner drenching in rain holding hands… Rohan and Aisha standing beside each other awkwardly in a shed watching SwaSan… And some other students with their boyfriend/girlfriend enjoying the First Shower…

Ragini “It seems that Ragini has to do some social service… All I need is a speaker… But… Oh yaa I remember!! (She again points the wand at her phone) Sonorus..!! ”

This time she doesn’t removes the wand but keeps it by the side of the railing… And then looks down… Lakshya looks at her keenly… He thinks what she is upto… Suddenly music starts playing very loudly… All the couples, SwaSan and RoiSha look up… Ragini gives them thumbs up and enjoys herself… Now Lakshya understands what she was doing… Now he has to admit that she is intelligent… A beauty with brains indeed!!

The song starts playing…

Aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree
aye Ang Rang Khilee Aye Saaree Raath Bolee

aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree
aye Ang Rang K Hilee Aye Saaree Raath Bolee

halkee Ae Halkee Kal Raath Jo Shabnam Giree
are Ankhiyaan Vakhiyaan Bhar Gayeen Kal To Aag Mein Dab Dab Giree
pahlee Pahlee Baarish Kee Chheethein Pahlee Baarish Bheegee Ho Ho

nagina Nagina Nagina
ho Ho O Na Jaare Na Jaare Na Judhaa
nagina Nagina Nagina
ho Ho O Na Jaare Na Jaare Na Judhaa

Ragini dances alone on the terrace (according to her 😉) doing the steps and flying her long silky hairs… She imitates holding a microphone and singing… She then imitates palying a guitar… Lakshya just looks hiding at her open mouthed… He could not help noticing that she wears no makeup at all… Her skin all smooth and milky white… She has a million dollar smile… He longed to go and join her in her dance… But he can’t… He is afraid that he may ruin her moment which she thinks she is enjoying just by herself…he just enjoys watching her dancing from the dark…

uljhee Huyee Thee Khul Bhee Gaee Thee Lat Vo Raath Bhar Bharasee
kabhee Manaaye Khoob Sataaye Vo Sab Yaar Kee Marzee
aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree
aye Ang Rang K Hilee Aye Saaree Raath Bolee
aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree

Ragini’s hairs comes on her face as she takes a sharp turn… She removes it slowly all the while smiling and continues dancing… She spreads her arms and rotates like a cute little princess… Lakshya closes her fist tight and gulps hard… He is having hard time controlling his emotions…

chhed Doon Mein Kabhee Pyaar Se To Tang Hotee Hai
chhod Doon Rooth Ke To Bhee To Jang Hotee Hai
chhed Doon Mein Kabhee Pyaar Se To Tang Hotee Hai
khaam Khaah Choom Loon To Bhi To Jang Hotee Hai
zindagee Aankhon Kee Aayat Hai Zindagee
aankhon Mein Rakhee Teree Amaanat Hai
zindagee Ae Zindagee Ae Zindagee
nagina Nagina Nagina
ho Ho O Na Jaare Na Jaare Na Judhaa
nagina Nagina Nagina
ho Ho O Na Jaare Na Jaare Na Judhaa

Sanskar and Swara are drenching and dancing in one corner… She turns back when he makes his two fingers walk on her hand all the way up to her neck and tickles her… She gasps and holds his hand to stop him from doing so… She steps ahead to go but Sanskar pulls her towards him and she lands on his chest… He lifts her chin up and they look into each other’s eyes… They both smile and nuzzle their noses…

uljhee Huyee Thee Khul Bhee Gaee Thee Lat Vo Raath Bhar Bharasee
kabhee Manaaye Khoob Sataaye Vo Sab Yaar Kee Marzee
aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree
aye Ang Rang K Hilee Aye Saaree Raath Bolee

aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree

He turns her around and moves her hairs aside and brings it on the front from one side… He keeps his head on her shoulder on the other side and backhugs her… He kisses on her cheek… She blushes and smile…

lad Lad Ke Jeene Ko Ye Lamhe Bhee Tode Hain
mar Mar Ke Seene Mein Ye Sheeshe Jode Hain
tum Kah Do Sab Naate Manzil Do Socho To
ambar Pe Pehle Hee Sitaare Thode Hain
zindagee Aankhon Kee Aayat Hai Zindagee
palkon Mein Jhapakee Hai Meethee Shikaayath
zindagee Ae Zindagee Ae Zindagee
nagina Nagina Nagina
ho Ho O Na Jaare Na Jaare Na Judhaa
nagina Nagina Nagina
ho Ho O Na Jaare Na Jaare Na Judhaa

Rohan and Aisha are standing awkwardly beside each other under a shed… Rohan goes two steps back and leans on a support folding his arms across his chest and looking at Aisha lovingly… Aisha when sees Rohan is not beside her,then she spreads her one arm out of the shed to let the rain drops fall over it… She smiles as she the rain touches her skin… Rohan admires her lovingly… He then goes to her and taps her shoulder… She quickly takes her hand back and looks at him… He forwards her hand and signs her asking her for a dance in rain… She badly wanted that so couldn’t deny and that too Rohan… She keeps her hand on his and they both go together to enjoy the first shower and dance… He rotates her holding her one hand and then pulls her towards him… They have a small eyelock….

uljhee Huyee Thee Khul Bhee Gaee Thee Lat Vo Raath Bhar Bharasee
kabhee Manaaye Khoob Sataaye Vo Sab Yaar Kee Marzee
aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree
aye Ang Rang K Hilee Aye Saaree Raath Bolee
aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree

Rohan moves aside the hairs on Aisha’s face which came a result of sudden pull… This breaks her trance of eyelock and she blushes… She rushes back to the shed… Rohan ruffles his fingers through his hairs and smiles and blushes… He follows her…
SwaSan are lost in each other while dancing… His arms around her waist and her arms around his neck… They move slowly to the beat…
Ragini stands on her toe spreading her arms and feeling rain all over her body… While Lakshya stands there lost in her…
The song stops but Ragini stands like that only… Lakshya smiles seeing her… Suddenly he notices a green jet of light coming towards her from the other side… He gets shocked… Now he cannot be hidden here and see the worst happening with Ragini in front of his eyes… He rushes towards her calling her out…

Lakshya “Ragini!! Be careful…!!”

Ragini looks at him shocked and stunned… He comes over her and they stumble and fall… As they fall,the green jet of light passes from above them and hitting the shed where Lakshya was standing… They get shocked seeing the fire there but it extinguishes as it’s raining… Ragini is all over Lakshya and he beneath her… They both look at each other… First time face to face and eye to eye…
Lakshya tries to read her mind but when he looks into her eyes,he can just see his image… How he is looking right now from Ragini’s view… Same with Ragini… They can’t read each other’s mind because they aren’t thinking anything about anybody… They are just lost in each other… Because they can read minds,so looking into each other’s eyes showed them what was going on in their mind… They both were just looking at each other forgetting the world… Lakshya notices Ragini’s locks falling over her face… He didn’t wanted to miss this chance now… He moves aside her locks while touching her face… Ragini closes her eyes as he touches her… He looks at her face and is not able to control his emotions… He moves his face closer to her but just then they hear some noise from the direction of the attack which brings them back to the real world… They stand up hurriedly and look in the direction… Lakshya picks up Ragini’s wand and runs in that direction hoping to catch the person whole Ragini stands back there trying to normalize her deep breathings…. Lakshya comes back and finds her breathing heavily while closing her eyes… He couldn’t help noticing how each and every rain drops slide down her long slender arms… He then jerks his thoughts and walks to her… He taps on her shoulder… She turns looking down…

Lakshya “Are you ok???”

She nods “Did you found someone there??”

Lakshya replies in no but then notices the shiver in her voice due to cold… He holds her hand… She looks at him surprised… He walks to the shed… She also follows him without arguing… He gives her wand to her and looks other side else he will loose his control totally seeing more of that drenched angel standing right beside him…

He ruffles his fingers through his hairs to sprinkle off the water and shakes his head… This time Ragini looks at him… She notices him completely drenched and she had to admit that he was looking steamingly hot with those water droplets all over his revealing biceps… She wanted to hug him tight right now as he was really warm and the weather was really cool… But she has to control her emotions… To stop the devil overpowering her mind,she looked everywhere but Lakshya…

Lakshya turns to her “I think we should return to our rooms and change… We might catch cold…”

Ragini nods readily and they both head down to their respective rooms…

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