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SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 18

Episode 18

Ragini was getting ready in front of mirror when Aisha and Swara came running towards her…

Ragini “Relax guys… Ragini is ready to blow everyone’s mind… Now tell me how do I look?”

Aisha “I will tell you that later first tell me why didn’t you told me about my form??”

Ragini “Huh?? Oh Yaa…!! I remember… I knew here almost everyone from before but not you… Coz your form was not there in VP Maheshwari’s cabinet…”

Aisha “But Ragini that’s not possible… I filled up my form myself and sent it here with Erold…”

Swara “Erold??”

Aisha “My pet… He is an owl… All witches and wizards have their own pets!!! Don’t you have one??”

Both the sisters looked at each other… They shook their head…

Aisha “Whatever?? But what are we gonna do now?? Our forms are stolen!!”

Ragini gasps…

Swara “But why will someone steal my, Sanskar’s and Rohan’s form?? I mean we are seniors… And I remember that I didn’t even saw Lucky’s form!!”

Ragini “I don’t even have enmity with anyone here..!! Why our group’s forms are stolen??”

Swara “The main problem is something else Ragu… For wand registry one needs their form… There is a column for wand which remains unfilled until the students are admitted… After checking,the details of the wand is filled in the column and then the wand is registered in Hecate as well as in the Magic Ministry…”

Ragini “OMG di!! We are in a mess… Now what are we gonna do? You guys have already completed a year in Hecate but what about me and Aisha??”

Swara “And Lakshya…”

Ragini “Who cares??”

Swara glares him… Ragini turns silent…

Ragini “We could have checked in the form book once more but you have already destroyed it!!”

Swara looks at her unbelievably…

Sanskar “What are you saying?? I destroyed it!!! Don’t joke Lucky… I didn’t… It’s you who destroyed those copied forms!!”

Lakshya “I didn’t!! I searched for the book the next day to destroy it but I didn’t found it!! I thought you destroyed it…”

Sanskar “No I didn’t!!”

Lakshya “That’s what I thought!! How can you do something so responsibly!!”

Rohan “Instead of thinking that, Lucky look into the seriousness of the matter!! You didn’t destroyed the forms neither Sanky did… But you guys weren’t able to locate the book anywhere in the house… It means someone caught hold of the book..!! And that’s really not good for us…”

Sanskar “Why for you?? We were the one to copy the forms like burglars… You are safe dude!!”

Rohan “No I ain’t… So what if I wasn’t involved in this one… But I am involved with you both in every mischief… And I have no issues being involved in it… Even though from the middle…”

Lakshya “Thank you so much Rohan Bhai but what’s striking in my mind is what if the forms have gone into wrong hands?? That won’t be good for us!!”

Rohan “Even if the forms have gone into right hands,still we are in trouble… ”

Sanskar “He is right… What if the everybody questions us about what were the forms doing with us in our bedroom!!”

Lakshya looks ok shocked after realizing the fact!!

Aisha “And you will be in even more trouble when they will come to know that the original forms are still in VP Maheshwari’s office!!”

Swara “What are we gonna answer them?? How come we broke into her office and copied the forms?? Ragu!! What we did??”

Ragini “Oh no Di!! We are in a big mess!!!”

Aisha “Even me…”

Ragini “How come?”

Aisha “Even my form is missing… So even I am in mess… What are we gonna do now??”

Ragini “Di… I have an idea… You told me that Rohan and Sanskar are really helpful and are just like me!! Di… It’s time… We have to take their help… ”

Aisha “But why will they help us…??”

Ragini “Because Mr. Frowning Maheshwari’s form is also missing and Di will inform Sanskar about that… And even his and Rohan’s forms are missing… He will definitely help us…”

Swara “And why will Rohan help us??”

Ragini “Of course for himself and His best friend… He considers Mr. Frown as his brother… And even Aisha is there…(She looks at Aisha who is turning crimson) Oops…!!”

Swara tries to hide her wide grin, Ragini giggles while Aisha blushes badly…

Aisha “I… I think we should leave for VP Maheshwari’s office…”

Swara “Hey where on Earth am I supposed to find them?”

Ragini “Di… Take help of Richard na… He would never deny you…”

Swara throws daggers at her while Ragini laughs… Aisha looks on clueless…

Aisha “Richard?? That ghost?? He is so naughty!! Why will he listen to Swara??”

Ragini “Come with me… I will tell you on the way… Coz for now we are getting late for our registration…”

Swara “I will see you Ragu for the mess you have got me into!!!”

Ragini holds Aisha’s hand runs from there… She tells on the way about Richard to her… They both then laugh…

Aisha “Now let us hurry up..”

She nods and they both go…

Lakshya “Well… I think it’s too late to think now… I have to go to Mom for the registration… I am already late… Well,I am not getting bad vibes so I guess nothing will go wrong…”

Sanskar “Wait Lucky… I have an idea… Rohan… You can concentrate and see future right… Then look at Lucky and tell us…”

Lakshya “Are you crazy??”

Rohan “He definitely is… Sanky… Future visions are subjective… They change with the situation… We can depend on past visions but not on future ones… They aren’t reliable… And moreover, sometimes,the visions are according to our brain… Right now we are imagining such consequences that it won’t show correct visions… So sorry I can’t…”

Lakshya “Exactly… He is right… Bhai… Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that!!(Sanskar smiles sheepishly… Lakshya palms his face) Anyways,I must rush now… Till then you both think of a plan to solve this out and also the escape plan…”

They both nod and Lakshya rushed out of the room….

At VP Maheshwari’s cabin door…

Ragini and Aisha are coming from one side whereas Lakshya is running from another side…

Aisha “Ragini… You go ahead… You have the experience of getting into that room….”

Ragini “Hey… You are teasing me!!(Aisha giggles) Anyways as you wish… BTW,it’s good that today the freshers are allowed to enter without any password…”

She turns the knob of the door while talking and looking towards Aisha and doesn’t see Lakshya coming there while running…
Lakshya on the other side was running in full speed when he glances at his shoes whose laces are opened… He doesn’t see Ragini standing at the door and BAAANNNNGGG!!!
They both clash with each other falling down…

Aisha calls Ragini and Lakshya out of concern…


RagLak (again together) “How dare you call me that?? Aarrrggghhh!!! Why the hell are you copying me!!!”

Lakshya “Ok stop that now…”

Ragini “You should!!”

Lakshya opens his mouth to say something but Aisha interrupts him…

Aisha “Is it necessary to fight Everytime you both face each other?? Do you understand the mess we are into… Ragini?? How can you forget that? And Lakshya do you know in what problem we are going to fall in??”

Lakshya looks into Aisha’s eyes and reads her mind..!! He gets shocked…

Lakshya “How do you know that my form is Missing??”

Ragini “Your form?? Mr. Lakshya Maheshwari,not just your form but our forms are also missing… We are in equally big mess as you…!!”

Aisha “Wait a minute!! How do you know about that form??”

Lakshya gets speechless “That’s a long story,I will tell you later… But how do you both know about the missing forms…”

Ragini and Aisha look at each other speechlessly…

Ragini “Since question is same, therefore the answer is also same…”

Lakshya is bowled… Aisha suppresses her smile…

The old man on Annapurna’s cabin door speaks…

Old man “VP Maheshwari is growing impatient inside… And you guys are the last ones left…”

Lakshya gulps “Oh no!! Mom!!!”

They all three rush inside…

Annapurna “Thank God you came inside… Else I thought that you are going to argue outside only?”

The three of them widen their eyes remembering the topic of their argument… All of them are sweating badly…

Ragini “Y–o–u…. You heard that???”

Annapurna “What??”

Aisha “That we were arguing…”

Annapurna “Oh no… I didn’t…”

Lakshya “Then Mom (Annapurna glares him) I mean Professor,how do you know that we were arguing??”

Annapurna “I could hear your and Ragini’s voices… You both were screaming… And everyone in the dining assembly heard your sweet thoughts regarding each other yesterday so it was easy to guess who was shouting…”

Annapurna threw a sarcastic reply to them and they both were embarrassed…

Annapurna “Now if you are done,can we start the work we are here for??(The three of them nod) Good… Now keep your wands on the table in front of you… Ms. Mew will check your wands…”

Lakshya looks on suddenly at her…
Ragini and Aisha notice his expression…

They keep their wands on the table… Aisha gets shocked seeing something at the table and looks at Ragini but she is busy figuring out Lakshya’s expressions… She tries to call her without anybody’s notice but she is so low that even Ragini can’t notice it…

There Swara is cursing Ragini and searching Richard…

Swara “Richard!!! Richard!!! Richard???!!!! Can you hear me???”

Richard hears her voice and turns dramatically… Song starts playing in the background in his POV…

Aayi aisi raat hai jo
Bohat khush-naseeb hai
Chaahe jisse door se duniya
Vo mere kareeb hai
Kitna kuch kehna hai
Fir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kaheen
Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai
wo phir se kahun Ya nahee

He imagines both of them running towards each other… She as a Catholic bride and he as a Catholic Groom…  She has a white flower bouquet in her hand and he has a diamond ring in his hand… They reach each other and are about to hug but she passes through him… They both laugh…

Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

They both are laughing very hard..  he then slowly stops laughing and keeps staring her… She continues laughing… He keeps his hand on his cheek and looks at her being mesmerized…

Swara “Richard?? Richard???”

Richard comes out of his imagination…

Richard “You are searching me?? How come I am so luck?”

Swara “Ragini has a work for you… (Now Richard gets serious) You have to find Sanskar and Rohan and inform them to meet me in the Quidditch stadium within 15 minutes… Inform your group about this and you yourself go to VP Maheshwari’s cabin and wait outside there… As soon as Ragini along with other two freshers comes out,inform them to reach Quidditch stadium as well… We all are there only… Now rush… You don’t have much time…”

Richard nods and flies off from there… Swara moves towards the Quidditch stadium….

Annapurna “Ms. Mew… You are required here…”

A soft attractive female voice “Aha… I must say Anu, your new students are really late… But it’s good you called me now… I was going to sleep…”

All can hear the voice but none can see anyone…

Ragini (whispering) “Where are you looking so intensely??”

Aisha(in the same tone) “And why are you making that face??”

Lakshya says nothing but just points towards a small doll house…

Annapurna smiles “Sorry Ms. Mew…. But they are the last ones… Plz come out…”

The three of them look fascinatedly towards the doll house…

A small pink colored doll sized cat wearing a beautiful white colored gown and a fancy net hat walks out of it on two legs like humans walk and grows to a size of normal cat as it goes far from the doll house and sits in front of Annapurna on the table… Though being a cat, she has basic etiquettes and manners and behaves like royals…

Ms. Mew “Hello girls… And hi Lucky boy… I was missing you back there… It has been two days since I saw you…”

Lakshya “Hi Ms. Mew… I didn’t knew that you are also an important part of Hecate… ”

Ms. Mew “Of course… As important as any other Professor of this college… And they are your new friends?( she signs towards Ragini and Aisha)”

They all look at Ragini and Aisha who look at Ms. Mew in awe…

Lakshya “Ragini?? Aisha?”

Ragini and Aisha (together) “Awwwwwwww…. She is so cute and beautiful and adorable and royal… She is like an angel..!!!”

Ms. Mew blushes “Thank you girls… But you are praising me too much… Anu,tell them…”

Lakshya looks on speechlessly at them while Annapurna smiles…

Annapurna “Girls,she is Ms. Mew,my pet and Hecate’s Wandsmith… She has the speciality of reading wands and telling about their owners without even seeing them… Just by examining the wand,she can tell about the owner…”

Ms. Mew “Anu,soon it will be time for my beauty sleep… Let’s complete the work…”

Annapurna nods and keeps the first wand on her hand… She caresses the wand and examines it… She then takes it to her ear and listens something…

Ms. Mew “Ahaan..!! This is one of its kind… It’s been so many years since I have seen this… (Annapurna gets worried listening this)
Ficus’s branch, and single hairs of a Dragon, a Unicorn and a Phoenix… 9.45 inches long… Lakshya Maheshwari… This is your wand… Anu… Take down the details”

Annapurna nods and gets up to take out the forms from the same cabinet…
The three look at each other tensed…
They are shocked when they see their forms with Annapurna… They look at each other in disbelief…

Annapurna fills the details in Lakshya’s form… She gets tensed as she fills in the wand column…

Ms. Mew takes another wand in her hand and repeats the process “Nice… Very Nice… 8.25 inches… Willow’s branch,heart string of a Dragon and feather of a Pegasus… Aisha Mehta… That’s your wand!!”

Annapurna notes down the details…

Ms. Mew takes another wand and examines it “Lakshya,you didn’t take back your wand?”

Ragini looks on confused… All look at Ms. Mew… Lakshya shows her his wand which he is holding in his hand…

Ms. Mew “What! How is this possible… Oh wait… (She caresses the wand again… Her expression changes… She takes it to her ears…) Oh My God! It’s first time in so many years…Ficus’s branch, and single hairs of a Dragon, a Unicorn and a Phoenix… Just the size is different… 9.50 inches… Ragini Gadodia… That’s your wand… (She gives her the wand) amazing… First time in so many years I saw two peoples in same batch with same wand!! Wow… You both have a very strong connection… May you both always be together…”

RagLak together “WHAT!!!!?????”

Annapurna and Aisha look on amazingly at both of them… While they also look first at each other and then at their wands…. Annapurna fills in Ragini’s wand column with double tension this time…

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