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Revenge Love (Raja Rani fan fiction) Nightmares (PART-1)

She opened the case again. Shit!! Shit!!

U idiot she never closed the case. She is been continuously searching for evidences. This official announcement is just to trigger us to spell the truth.

We should be careful.

Yes. That ingratitude maid tried to expose us.How dare she? I am the move maker&I will be the destroyer here. Anyone underestimating me will be punished.

U r right. We can get rid of this easily. We killed her mother. How much time will take to kill her daughter. She is just an ant.

No we shouldn’t underestimate our enemy. She is so smarter than her mother. We should do something quick to stop her.

Baby relax slow&steady wins the race.

No if we were late to stop her. She will be poison to her.

What we will do know? Let’s ask police help.

It is a suicide plan.

No we can ask them to afford us security.

On what basis? We r not a celebrity or a business tycoon.

S but we have rivals.

Who that helpless SEMBARUTHI

She is a rival to us. Not to our family. And she is a low class NGO worker. They not even think of it if we ask them to give us security against her.

This is the key to her.Then what to do?

Kill her…. Only way to get rid of her.

Lekha(Semba’s friend):Semba enough u have been jogging for three hours. Stop it.
Semba: Don’t stop me Lekha if I stopped now then I cannot start again.
Lekha:Again the same dream.
Semba nod her head.
Lekha:Did u see who was the two person?
Semba:No I couldn’t see anything. No all I recognise is that they are saying that they have a dirty truth which my mom got to know. She was killed because of that. They will me kill me too even I know the truth.
Lekha:Semba u hear only voices.Or u could picturize something?
Semba:I see a man in late 60’s &a man in early30’s.
Lekha:Then simple. There are two men in early 30’s and only one man in late60’s.
Semba:No Lekha it was just a dream.How could I be so sure about it.
Lekha:It is not a dream it may be a sign.
Semba: Exactly it may be. We should be sure what we do.
Lekha:Hmm.But they spoke was partly true right. U have been collecting evidences. It was true.
Semba:Lekha it may be my imagination which came out as a dream.
Semba:Even I think that reason they killed my mother was also my prediction which pooped out as dream.
Everything is my prediction. I have evidences for that. But once I want to confirm that.
Lekha:How do u think they will come out if u re opened the case.
Semba:Lekha everyone in that house has dirty secrets. I just want to know which secret led to my mother’s death. In fear of losing the secret the murderer will try to hunt me. He will surely come to kill me. The minute I see him . I will expose him.
Lekha:Semba if something happens to u. What will u do? This is dangerous.step back we will plan something else safe to us.
Semba:Lekha Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me. My fight is to live a happy&satisfying life. I lost my mother in his hands. I won’t lost my life in his hands.So relax.
Lekha: what’s the next move.
Semba:Entry into the house.
Lekha:She is the daughter of that house.
Semba:Yes. She is the only daughter of that house, who is my key to enter.

In Sekhar mansion.
Chandrasekar:Anni where is anna.?
Lakshmi:He went to temple.
Lakshmi:Today Karthik’s returning from London right? So he went to temple.
Chandrasekhar:Anni u get ready fast let me go and call Anna.Then we have to go and pick up Karthik from airport.
Lakshmi:Hmm .I am so happy finally my son is coming to me.
Chandrasekar: Where is my princess?
Lakshmi:She is busy in decorating her house. She is much excited to meet her brother.
Chandrasekhar:Haan Anni afterall they are the two who want a joint family like u.
Chandrasekhar:It is getting late. I am leaving.
Both leaves.

In semba’s office.
Lekha:Semba got a news he is arriving today.
Lekha:Ur childhood friend KARTHIK.
Semba:No he is not my child hood friend. He is also another person in that betrayal family.
Lekha:Semba..but he didn’t do any mistake.
Semba:I even didn’t do any mistake why am I being punished. Even he didn’t stood with me.
Past is past. He belongs to that family. It means he is nothing to me.
Lekha:Okay. When to meet Archana?
Semba: Tomorrow afternoon. Modern café.
Lekha:Mission on.
Lekha forwards her hand. Semba shakes her hand.

Precap: Karthik’ arrival. Archana’s secret revealed.Semba entry into house.

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