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Prithvi Vallabh 10th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Malwa and Manyakheta fight a war, Mrinal gets caught by Ghazni and Mahmud

Prithvi Vallabh 10th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kabul King comes to meet his son Anand Pal. Anand Pal introduces him to Gajkesari Prithvi Vallabh. Kabul King tells that he couldn’t welcome him properly. Prithvi says we will celebrate after dealing with these looteras. Kabul King says we will have a big jashn and asks Prithvi if the sword is with him which hemraj gave. Prithvi says yes. Kabul King says time has come when you have to use your sword. He takes him to the golden bird and asks him to use his sword and unlock the bird. Prithvi hits on the globe kept there with his sword, and the golden bird changes into glittering one. Kabul King tells that they have found it when they dug the place. He briefs him that the golden bird presents their unity and safety. He says Maharaj Shivdutt had protected it last and asks him to protect it now. Prithvi

asks how? Kabul King when nature selects Gajkesari, you will have some divine powers, and you can give it to next Gajkesari and handover it to nature now, but you will get weak at that point. Prithvi says I don’t have the time to get weak at this moment and says he aims to kill Subuktagin Ghazni rather that hiding the bird in nature. Kabul King asks what is his war strategy?

Mrinal comes to Subuktagin Ghazni and tells that everyone eyes must be on the prince and tells that Ismal must have many enemies. Ghazni asks what you want to say? Mrinal says she has seen own family members going against each other for the throne, and says where is a fire, smoke comes out from there only. Ghazni asks her to leave him alone and asks her to leave. Mrinal walks out smirking. Ghazni gets doubtful on Mahmud.

Bhoj tells Sindhu that Tailap Raj has arrived. Sindhu tells that they have less soldiers than them and says this is the matter of worry. Kalari says we will make them have dust. Sindhu says we don’t have even half of the soldiers. Kalari asks them about the wealther. Bhoj tells about some lines and says Guru ji taught me this. Sindhu says even I. Kalari says we have been trained to get over this. He says Bhoj and I will face the soldiers, when dust storm comes, we will attack them. Sindhu says if they try to run, then..Kalari says you will be standing on north with sena and will not leave them. Sindhu says if they don’t come from that side that. Kalari says then only they will defeat the soldiers and teach them a lesson.

Informers tell Mrinal about Subuktagin Ghazni’s soldiers. Mrinal asks them to get gun powder and says it will be useful for us to win the war. She asks them to secretively search it. Ghazni’s men return to him and tell that they couldn’t find Ismail. Ghazni gets angry on them. They tell him if Mahmud is behind it. Mahmud comes and tells that he has always regarded Ismail as his younger brother and gets time till evening. He says you will get Ismail else I will surrender myself to you. Ghazni nods. Mahmud tells his soldiers to bring Ismail else commit suicide. He thinks only I have the right to kill Ismail and laughs…

Prithvi tells Anand pal that he is worried about their people who is in Subuktagin’s place. He says our soldiers can get caught especially Mrinal. Anand Pal says everyone is competent. Prithvi says if one is caught then everyone will be caught. Anand Pal asks shall I go and bring them back from Mahmud Chawni. Prithvi says I think I shall go. Ghazni gets angry and says I have foolish soldier’s army and asks them to find out about the secret door of Qila/Fort. He says then how Ismail was taken inside? Mahmud says something is wrong. Ghazni says he wants Ismail.

Jakala asks Satyashrah why is he worried? He says nothing. She asks him to think like a King and take a wise decision who takes right decision. She asks if you will fulfill your mother’s dream. Satyashrah says I will surely do.

Tailap and Sindhu’s army fight in the battle field. Kalari looks at Sindhu and smiles. Just then Tailap’s soldiers fire arrow on his chest. Sindhu shouts Guru dev…

Mrinal is checking the map, when Mahmud comes to her. Mrinal hides it and greets him with Salaam. She says would be Shahensha came to meet me and asks did I do any mistake? Mahmud says you have done a mistake by your beauty and says everyone is mad about your beauty. Mrinal asks what about you? He asks what you can you other than dancing to cheer me. She says she can do anything. He gets happy and says you have answered like my brother. Mrinal asks did you find out anything about him? Mahmud says I will find out and picks something and throws on Mrinal. Mrinal catches it and throws it.

She smiles. Mahmud says Subhan Allah, you have many qualities. He says this jalwa is a big coincidence and I have found it. He says Ghazni blood don’t believe in coincidence. He leaves.

Mrinal comes to Ghazni and says your worry is showing how much you care for Ismail and asks him not to worry, says Ismail must have went out. Your soldiers will bring him back and says Shahzaade Mahmud went in his search. She gives him a drink and says you will get peace. She says I can’t see your restlessness. Ghazni says you said right that I shall believe on my army’s competency. He says but I can’t have this drink. Mrinal asks why? She says I don’t know what is my mistake? He says there is a manner to make others drink and asks her to taste it first with her lips. Mrinal says this is my good luck that you are offering me this, but this wine is not suitable for my health. Ghazni says you have to drink this with my hand. He makes her drink and then he himself drinks. Mrinal says I will get more. She is about to attack Ghazni with knife when Mahmud comes and holds her hand. He aims knife on her neck and says I was doubtful on her, and says only Bala can be beautiful. Ghazni asks did you think that you will kill Subuktagin where devil is residing to protect me. He slaps her hard and asks his soldiers to take her and make her life hell. Sindhu takes Kalari inside the Palace and asks someone to call Vaid Raj immediately. Maharani asks what happened to him? Bhoj tells them that Sindhu and Vikramjeet fired at his back taking him far from the battlefield. Maharani is shocked. Ghazni’s soldiers tie Mrinal to a stone/pole and tells that Mahmud will decide what to do to her. Soldier warns her not to act smart else she will be killed.

Sindhu asks Vaid Raj about Kalari. Vaid Raj says it is difficult for him to come back to senses. Sindhu cries. A man comes and sees Prithvi sleeping. He says you are now strengthless and tells that he will kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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