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Mahakaali 10th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna comes and Parvati leaves Kelash

Mahakaali 10th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Parvati says we have to leave Kelash because i know who am I. They both walk out. Shiv says we have to do this for everyone. We can’t miss someone we never forget. Parvati says I have to go. She walks out. Parvati is in tears. Parvati says I will miss you. She walks out of Kelash.
Ganesh is crying. Kartika hugs him. Ganehs says mata left us. Kartika says she will be back.
Vishnu comes to Shiv. Shiv says I know you are here because the trouble has started. Vishnu says yes. Kartika comes as well. Kartika says why didn’t Indra tell me? Bhaaramdev comes and says Parvati can’t take punar janam. Shiv says she has gone to make a balance between right and wrong. In the world there will be more wrong. Like Balasur is trying to do it wrong. Parvati has to be born as a human.

says will ma take a punar janam? Shiv leaves. Kartika says you are leaving us as well? Shiv says i have to go.

Shiv comes to a cave. He sees many skeletons.
Ganesh says we have to go there. when will ma take her new life? Kartika says we can’t enter the cave. Ganesh says but he came come out. Kartika comes to cave. Ganesh says if mata can’t take new life I will die as well. Promise me you wont stop me. this is the only way. Kartika says I hope pita shri comes. Ganesh goes towards the tirshul. He says I will end myself. A strong storm rages on. Ganesh is going up in a cyclon. Kartika says Ganesh.. Ganehs says you wont stop me. Shiv comes his eyes and comes there. He stops Ganesh. Ganesh hugs him. Ganehs says if ma can’t come back I ddon’t wanna live either. shiv says she will come back. You have to wait for the right time. Your momm will be born on earth. To kill Balasur Parvati has to stand in front of him. Ganehs says what place would it be? Shiv tells them the place where Parvati will take his new life. Kartuka says what has that got to do with mata? Shiv says when Parvati died as sati she was into 72 pieces. One of those pieces fell here. Kartika says who did that? Vishnu says I did. He tells them entire story how sati set herself on fire. Shiv says now you know? We need those powers to bring Parvati back.
Kartika says we will turn on those powers to bring mata back. Shiv says you two will have to do it. GAnehs and Kartika touch Shiv’s feet.

Ganehs and Kartika leave. They look for the powers. Ganeh says we couldn’t find a single of those powers. Kartika says we have to hurry up. A king’s men ask him we don’t have any water. Our kids are dying.
Kartika says which direction should we go in? Ganehs says pita shri said we should think of the direction he has told us. Shiv says mata you told me how i was born. Please help me again and show us a way. Parvati’s shadow comes. Ganehs says we are trying to find a way. Parvati says first ask if you are two devtas looking for a way or two sons who are looking for their mother? Ganehs says thank you mata. They both hug her shadow. She disappears. Ganesh and Kartik walk straight.
Nandi says to Shiv what will happen? When will mata come?? he says two yatras have started one is for ganesh and Kartika. On the other one you and I will go together. Vishnu comes. SHiv says we will all know him as Krishn now. Everyone bows down to him, Shiv says we have to go on our yarta.
Ganesh and Kartika find their first spot.
Precap-Shiv and Krishna come in front of each other because of Wanasur.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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