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Little bundle of joy (ragsan) os

“No way dadi” he said declaring his final decision

Dadi twisted lips and made faces

“Uff ho chachu agree Na” Ansh joined dadi

“No means no” he said trying to escape

“Sanskar” dadi tried to stop him but he left

“Now what” Ansh asked dadi and she gave him blank expression

‘marriage and me no ways I am never gone marry anyone its ridiculous relation and I don’t want to get into this I am happy in this way of my life’ he thought

But he knew the truth but didn’t wished to except that

It was a fact that no girl would be ready to marry him after knowing about Ansh and he didn’t want to miss any responsibility towards him Ansh was his child and he had to take care of him and dadi too

He didn’t want any other person in his life he was happy with his small family


“But bhai” she tried to protest but she knew she couldn’t go against her brother’s word

“Ragu relax” he said passing her a glass of water

She gulped the whole in one go

“And now listen to me”

She looked at him

“Do you trust me” he asked

“Off course bhai”

“then trust your brother’s decision also he won’t be wrong I know you don’t want to marry now but this relation is just perfect for you I am not saying this because Sanskar is my friend I am saying this as your guardian and I feel he’s perfect match for you dadi asked your hand for marriage and I had no reason to deny it”

Randhir stopped he keenly looked at her

“Meet him once choice would be yours and I would support your every decision but I would say give it a try” he said

“Hmm I’ll but I need some time” she said

“Ok take time as much you want and tell me your decision whether you want to meet him or not and then wisely decide about this proposal” he said and she nodded

He left her cabin

Once he left she walked to her table

And sat on chair freely

“What’s happening” she thought

Marriage she was not ready for it and Sanskar she never thought of him like that

He was her brother’s best friend

Ragini Malhotra daughter of raj Malhotra and Sumitra Malhotra they were living in Pune they were happy in there world but then a storm took all their happiness,  her parents died in a car accident she was just 8 then ,she didn’t know anything of what was happening

Her uncle and aunt took her care they were her guardians and she moved with them to Mumbai

Radhika Shekawat and Arjun Shekawat her mama and mami

They loved her like their own child

Their son Randhir Shekawat who was 12 years then

He always wanted a sister and Ragini was always his beloved doll

He was protective and possessive about her

She didn’t have a happy childhood she lost her parents and it was great pain for her as she grew she learnt about loss in her life but she had learned to cope that with help of Randhir, mama and mami

They created their own small world with happiness and joy

Sanskar and Randhir were classmates they were childhood best friends

Sanskar Maheswari – a prankster naughty kid who loved troubling others

There first meet was also something like that

It was just few months that Ragini was staying with her new family initial days it was difficult to adjust and understand things

There first meet was also a fight

Ragini didn’t like Sanskar because of his naughty behavior and his pranks on her

He always troubled and irritated her and in front of Randhir he acted to be such a gentle men and kind hearted

He was beloved of all and it irked Ragini a lot

But soon Sanskar’s family shifted to Kolkata

“I know you would be most happy because I am going” Sanskar said to Ragini who came to meet Adarsh bhai Sanskar’s elder brother

Ragini ignored him but still she felt bad that he’s going

“Of course I’ll be because now no one would be there to trouble me snatch my chocolates” she said happily

Sanskar was angry hearing her reply

“Yeah and me too I am happy that finally I would never see your ugly face again” he said in rage

Ragini felt bad he was happy going from here and he never wanted to see her again

“Bye and never you again” this was the last thing they said to each other and after that they never met

Though for some instances Sanskar and Randhir met stayed together but ragsan never met each other

They were like stranger’s nor he did make any attempt to know about her and neither did she


Whole night she was unable to sleep her mind kept on revolving about what Randhir said should she give that a try

But then

‘Should I meet him but how would he react seeing me what will be his decision how will our meet be’ such question kept on evoking her mind


Saraswathi Maheswari was always proud of her family her son was her pride

Duraprasd was married to Annapurna and they had two kids Adarsh and Sanskar

Their life was going in sweet pace

he left to Mumbai along with his family for some business

and then they had to return back to there home town udaipur

Adarsh to Pari they had son Ansh

After two years of Adarsh and pari’s marriage they were blessed with Ansh all were so happy

In a car accident DP AP Adarsh and Pari died

Sanskar was badly broken and same was dadi

They lost everything

After that accident Sanskar suffered from panic disorder

It was not so easy for him to come out of that it took him years because of dadi’s support care and love Sanskar overcome that



“Ok I’ll meet her” finally he agreed after lot of blackmailing and emotional drama by dadi


They were dinning together

“I am ready to meet him” she said slowly bending her head down but she got no response she thought may be no one heard her she looked up and saw everyone smiling at her

“I am so happy” mami said kissing her forehead she could see how happy they were and she just wanted that


‘At sunrise café’ he read the message dadi had send him address where they had arranged date with Ragini

He was nervous a bit he doesn’t know how she looks now it’s been years when he saw her last

He smiled at his silly thought about how she would react seeing him

She was bubbly and cute in childhood

How would she be now?

What if she is fat?

‘Silly me’ he said in mind

He was at café waiting for her

He was dressed in white shirt and blue jean

He looked at his watch it’s been 15 minutes he was there but no sign of her

She was nervous and excited to meet

She reached the café and was late

Last moment there was some emergency at hospital so she had to handle that

She was searching for him but stupid she, she doesn’t know how he looks

She re-read the message and walked to the table which was booked for them

He was not there

‘Thank god I am on time before him’ she thought in mind

And looked at entrance to see if he was there

Sanskar got a call and he was attending it when he saw a girl coming towards the table which was booked for them

He was all lost in her

He was no longer able to concentrate on the call

“I’ll call later”

He took a deep breath and walked towards her

He was nervous how he would introduce himself oh god where am I stuck he thought in mind

“ahemm” he cleared his throat trying to grab her attention but Ragini was busy looking at entrance

She didn’t pay any heed to him

He again cleared his throat and she was irritated a bit she thought it was waiter who was disturbing her

“Later I’ll place order” she said

“Ragini” he called her name and her mind went blank hearing his voice

She looked at him with a blank expression

“Sanskar” he said and she stood up

Not knowing what to do

She forwarded her hand but pulled in middle and did Namaste “Ra….Ragini” she said

He was feeling to laugh seeing her state

She looked so cute she didn’t change a bit she was still the same innocent Ragini with bubbly cheeks and pretty eyes she looked more beautiful now

She was shocked hearing her name she thought it was waiter and now she was embraced knowing it was him he would have known how desperately she was looking for him thinking that he didn’t arrive yet and she was late also

And when she looked at him she was all lost in those hypnotizing dark orbs

His beard made him look more manly

She was lost in ogling him thinking how hot he was and cute

He took his seat but she was still standing

“You are not here for job interview” he said

“Huh” she looked at him

“Please have a seat” he replied her and then she realized that she was standing

Both did not know how to initiate the conversation

And she was hell nervous now

“Waiter” he called and placed his order

“What would you like” he asked her

“A capchino” she said trying to look cool

“So how is your job going on” he asked trying to be friendly with her


That was there first meet after years

She became friends and spoke about many things

It was not easy for both to decide anything in just one meet but that first meet that left them with thirst to meet again and again they had a strange connection with each other and wished to know each other more

They exchanged there number’s and decided to meet again

“How was your date?”

“What did you decide” the families bombarded them with questions but they had no answer yet

Ragini liked him she developed a tiny crush on him and thinking of him would just get a big smile on her face


“Hello” she typed the message but then erased it

No if I message him first what will he think Ragini thought in mind

She was sitting on bed waiting for him to text her but he didn’t

She thought maybe she should start the conversation but then no

‘Maybe he slept or would be busy’ she thought and kept her phone on table and lied on bed

But sleep was far from her

She tossed on sides of bed and then pulled quilt over her face and trying to hard sleep that’s when her phone beeped she quickly got up and checked it was a good night message from him she smiled heart fully seeing it

Things were changing she was feeling totally different around him and there was different joy in her heart

And same was in his case he was happy but was scared and confused how would there future be


It had been months since there marriage it was arrange marriage

She still couldn’t believe that she was married to whom her brother’s best friend her enemy and it was arrange marriage

She learnt many things about him and felt sad for him

He lost his whole family in a tragedy accident just like she lost

Ansh and she developed a special bond after their first meet during engagement he got attached to her and dadi and Sanskar were happy with their sweet bonding

Ragini and Sanskar were still same even after marriage they spoke less or would say they spoke only when it was needed

During these months Sanskar learnt about many things that irritated Ragini and she had dislike towards many of his habits

Sometimes he would initially do things just to irritate her and see her frown

She looked cute when she gets angry

“Ma” Ansh called

“Coming” she said quickly coming out of kitchen with his lunch box

She kept that in his bag kissed his forehead and quickly bided him bye

Driver took Ansh to school

She relaxed a bit after sending Ansh to school

She looked at watch

“I’ll be late” she thought and quickly rushed to her room

As she opened the door she found towel on bed and some files messed here and there

And Sanskar was busy setting in hairs looking at mirror

“Sanskar” she called irritated and he could quickly guess that he did something and she got irritated by that

He quickly looked here and there and found towel on bed and some scattered files he gave her a nervous smile and quickly picked the towel kept it on dressing and tried to arrange his filed but they fell down

She gave an disappointed look and walked to him helping him arranging his files

“Can’t do a single work properly” she cursed

“Sorry” he whispered

She kept the files in drawer he then looked at her

Her hairs were bit messed her sari pallo was tucking at waist she looked so exhausted with all work

He felt bad for her she had to manage so many things

After their marriage so many things changed she smartly handled both house and hospital’s responsibility but sometimes she would be dam tried and still she won’t complain about that

“Ragini” he called her she turned to him questioning what

He moved to her and held her by shoulder and made her sit on bed

“Relax a bit you look tried” he said gently massaging her shoulder

She relaxed a bit

But then it stuck her

“Need to go hospital” she said standing up but he again made her sit

“Take leave today” he suggested

“Important operation” she said

“Ok fine then take half day leave”

“Will think about that” she said quickly setting her hairs it was then she felt a hand on her waist

She looked at mirror and found Sanskar standing behind her

He removed the sari pallo which was tucked her

Her breath hacked when she felt his touch

They kept on looking at each other through mirror

It looked like he was back hugging her

“Ragini beta” dadi’s voice broke there moment

“Umm I am getting late” she said

“Ragini” he called when he saw she left her set scope on dressing only

“Ha” she turned back and was nervous seeing him approaching near her

He slowly kept stereoscope around her neck

“Come I’ll drop you” he said holding her hand in his she kept on looking at her entangled hands

It gave her a weird sensation in heart she smiled and blushed


It was her birthday and no one wished her anyone

“How can everyone forget my body even Randhir bhai didn’t wish me” she said sadly

Ansh came to their room

“Ma” he called

She thought at least he would but no

He came to inform her that he and dadi were going somewhere out and would return by evening

She felt hurt and angry

‘I won’t speak to anyone’ she thought and kept an angry face

He entered there room saw her frowning and angry face

He chuckled seeing her

‘”Ragini” he called her and she turned to him

“Get ready we have to attend an business party” he said

And she felt more hurt

‘What a great husband I have who doesn’t even remember his wife’s b’day I hate him ughh

May be I was only excepting more

But bhai how can he forget’ she thought

They were travelling in car and she had her headphones on she didn’t want to speak to him

Soon she drifted to sleep

When she opened her eyes she found herself in unknown place

“Where am I” she asked

The place was all dark she got sacred a bit

“Sanskar”she called him recalling that they were going to some party and how and where she did she land up and where is Sanskar

Fear was overcoming her

‘Where is Sanskar’ she thought so many negative thoughts

‘God please keep him safe’ she prayed in heart trying to find a way out of the place

“Ragini” she heard his voice she quickly ran towards the source of sound

“Sanskar” she called again tears were rolling down her eyes

She was running from here and there like a mad

When suddenly she bumped into some one

“Sanskar” she whispered when she recognized his touch she hugged him and busted in bitter cry

“Shh relax Ragini” he tried to cool her but she hugged him even more tightly

For a moment she thought she lost him and she couldn’t bear that

Already she had lost so many things in her life but she couldn’t take his loss he was her world her love her life her reason to breath

Sanskar could feel her pain he gently rubbed her back relaxing her

“Where were you” she asked furiously breaking the hug

“And where are we, we were going to some party Na and how dare you leave me alone” she started hitting him on chest he didn’t except so many reaction from her

First she was sad then worried and now angry

She was really a unique piece

“I am sorry baba” he tried to stop her and pulled her in a tight hug

She sobbed for some time and then she was alright

“How did we reach here” she asked

He smiled sheepishly at her

“And where are we” she asked

But he just held her hand and they walked some distance

Suddenly a light fell on her

“Sanskar” but he left her

She was worried

“The day I saw you I felt a different bond with you all my worry seems to find an end and I can’t say how thankful I am to life for making me meet you” he said

She was astonished

Then the light fell on a pathway that was decorated with flowers and she walked on it

And then she reached a stage and was standing in a heart

The lights were on and she looked here and there and found Sanskar on his knees


“I didn’t believe in love I thought it’s not in my fate but the day I met you everything changed I felt a weird sensation in my heart, looking at you gave me a different joy irritating you was fun you really look so cute with that frown”

She twisted her lips hearing her

“I don’t know what they say but I am helpless before my heart

Which is with you I can’t live without you, you have turned my reason to live you are my pride my life and all I want to say is I love you, I love you till entity you the reason for my breath

The word love had no meaning for me but it has and it’s you thank you for coming in my life and making it so amazing” he said

“Am I dreaming” she said and now he frowned it took him so long to get this courage and say her he felt and she

“Ouch” he screamed as she pinched him

“So it’s real” she said

He gave her unbelievable look


He stood up and turned other side

She held his wrist

“Don’t you want to know my reply” she asked

He turned to her

She gently held his face her palm

“the moment I opened my eyes and didn’t find you I was sacred, scared to lose you during these months I developed a strong feeling for you I was not understanding what that was but the thought to live without you was like death for me you have turned my reason to smile my bundle of happiness and all I know Is I am madly in love with my husband I love you” she said

And they hugged each other tight

But there moment got spoiled by phone call

“who is that” she asked still hugging him

“kabh me hadi” he said

“Randhir bhai” she said as she pulled the phone and saw the id

She elbowed him for calling her bhai like that

“yeah we are reaching” he said

“need to leave” he said



“I still didn’t understand how did we reach here and where are we”

“u’ll know that soon and about us reaching here it was not a great deal a glass of juice was enough”

“glass of juice” she was confused but then she realsied that there was something in juice and she felt weird while drinking it but in anger she ignored

“you”she chased him


Sanskar blind fold her

And took her to some place

“Sanskar where are we” she asked

“you ask to many questions” he said and she frowned

“Surprise” everyone screamed

She was shocked


“Happy birthday princess” Randhir wished her hugging her

She looked shocked at Sanskar

“So it was your plan” she asked and he nodded

“Ours ma” Ansh screeched happily

She then looked at the place

It was familiar to her

“This house” she asked shocked Sanskar could understand what she was going through

They were in pune at the place where she spend most of her childhood

She looked at Sanskar and just hugged him

“You are just spoiling my shirt” he whispered

And she frowned at his statement

“ahmmm” everyone looked at them teasing smile

And they were bit embarrassed

“Let’s cut the cake” Ansh said dragging everyone

They had a small party and everyone enjoyed a lot Ragini was more than happy she was at her old house which had so many memories with her childhood

She couldn’t have asked anything more than this

It was 11:30pm and everyone started leaving towards there room

Everyone felt they needed to give privacy to new couple

Ragini was too emotional seeing the wall with her pictures

She gently caressed them and tears made their way

Sanskar felt bad seeing her in that state

He held her hand in his and gently wiped her tears

“If I knew bringing you to this house would bring these tears I would have never got you here” he said

She smiled at him

“These are tears of happiness” she said

“You know Sanskar when I was young mom use to say me someday I’ll have my prince charming who would love me more than anyone in this world who would stand by me and now I can say I really have my prince charming my love” she said and he pulled her in bear hug

“thank you for coming in my life” she said

And he kissed her forehead


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