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It’s all about LOVE – 1 ( 2 SHOTS )

A woman in her late 20s is shown sitting on a rocking chair , her innocent yet mature eyes are shown and then her angelic face and she’s none other than our very own Twinkle or Mrs. Twinkle Sarna and she a baby bump too.. looking at her stomach , she put her both hands on her bump and started caressing it with one hand……

Just then a man well dressed in his uniform comes and bows before twinkle

Man – Good morning Maam and he kisses her hand and then sits beside her on his knees and well you all must have guessed who it is… he is KUNJ

T – Good Morning Colonel and smiled and then she look at her bump again and said “ look baby papa is also here…. Tell papa to come home soon , we’ll miss him “

K – I’ll miss u both too… twinkle take care of yours and our baby , I’ll come soon dear….

T – I know and she smiles

He kisses on her forehead and then both of them hugged… a drop of tear came out of twinkle’s eye but she quickly wiped it off. Kunj then goes and she just smiles and waves him a bye….

Scene shifts

At Kunj’s office

A soldier came in hurriedly and saluted kunj

S- Sir , we just got a call from Major KV . we have an emergency in Kashmir and he wants to talk to you.

Kunj hurriedly goes to attend the call and after 15 minutes of serious conversation he hanged up .

K – I need to go there . Smaran ask the unit to pack their bags , we need to leave within 2 hours and go to my home and bring my bag too … Hurry up guyz we have very less time . the country needs us.

( sorry guyz I don’t the what happens like formally so just writing like this )

Kunj’s POV

I know this is twinkle’s ninth month and she needs me but I need to go . when I was all alone she was with me at every step and now when she needs me the most I cant be with her but what I can I do god  …… the country needs me too.. I love twinkle a lot and God I know that you’ll take her care . just take care of her and our baby … I know twinkle will understand my situation and be strong like she has always been….

He then calls twinkle…..

T – hello Mr. colonel by the way missing me so much or baby and she laughs

K – twinkle actually …………. ( seriously )

T – kunj everything’s right ya…. What happened ?? you sound tensed

K – twinkle…. Actually…. I …

T – kunj just tell me quickly I’m really getting worried …..

K – I need  to go Kashmir…

T – what…. But how?? I mean why?

K – actually there’s an emergency …. But u don’t worry if u want I can cancel my order… I wont go

T – ya ya I know …. Stop lying ok ! now don’t make me a villain …. I know you wont stop …. Ok I’ll pack your bag

K – yes I’ve asked Smaran to take my bags…

T – ohhh so ordered already…..

K – ya.. and smiles…

T – ok so see you … I’ll come with Smaran……

K – aree you take rest… whats the need…

T – ohh so u want to go without meeting me.. I’m coming and that’s final after all I’m your first wife …

K – ok baby,,, I’m waiting…

T – for me or the bags….

K – both and both of them giggled

After an hour twinkle comes at the office with smaran…..

T – kunj take care and come back soon…. i need you ( she said with moist  eyes )

K – i know …. you dont worry . I”ll come very soon for you and our lill baby and pecks on her stomach….

T – can i ask u one thing….. whom do u love the most … ur first or ur second wife…..

K ( laughs ) – of course second….. that”s why I’m going u see….

twinkle hits him with her elbow

K – just joking yrrr… first love is special.. dont u know… and I’m going because country needs me and i know that my First wife is very strong , she can manage a few days without me… tell me if I’m wrong…

T – ya ya i can manage and I’m proud of u kunj… go my… no no our ( she touches her stomach) wishes r wid u and she hugs him tightly……

K – Bye dear … take care and smiles…

twinkle also bids him with a smile…

I know guyzz u must have forgotten me and the credit goes to me only… well this just came to my mind so wrote it .. I know that my writing skills have gone poorer but no bashing please, criticism will be appreciated but in not rudely… and ya chappals , tomatoes all are not allowed…. hahaahhaaa. just tell me if I should post the next part also or not….

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