Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


OmRu along with Khanna came tracking Anika’s number and rushed towards Shivay who was still lost i. The fact that Tia has left him forever….on the other hand Khanna managed the media and informed Anika’s family to reach the spot. “Shivay …ye sab kaise hua?” Om asked looking at Shivay horrified
“Bhaiya …please speak something” Rudra cried ” yeah Shivay…we are getting tensed speak something” Om retried
Shivay looked at both of them and cried heavily saying ” Tia…Tia has left me forever…Tia she has left me…how can she do this to me…she promised me to stay with me forever”
” Shivay…Shivay…relax…please we need to first go from here…please control…” om tried to pacify
Om held Shivay and Rudra and made them stand up….Shivay bent and took tia’s body and walked towards their car….
Om drive off towards OM….on the other hand Soumya and Anika’s mom took Anika to hospital and she was admitted in the hospital under emergency…. Clouds of grief shadowed OM as none of OF members could digest the fact that Tia was no more….Tia’s final rites were performed … Anika on the other hand was still in hospital as she was into a major shock with the happenings on that unfortunate day….

A week passed by and Shivay once again immersed himself in business to forget his past…in this process he slowly started turning into a ruthless emotionless businessman….though he never changed his equation with his family members…. Anika on the other hand got discharged and reached her home still unable to get out of that nightmare

Anika’s house ——————- “Anika beta….i think we should visit the OF once” Anik’s mom spoke
“Why maa…I don’t feel like going there…i can’t face anyone there ..specially Shivay…you know…you know he feels that i am reason for Tia’s death ” Anika spoke breathing heavily with hiccups
” Anika beta relax…i know what you are undergoing and why you don’t want to go…but i am worried for some other reason…and for the same , we need to go there” anika’s mom spoke brushing her back

Anika looked at her mom confused and spoke “for some other reason? I didn’t get you what you are trying to say” ” Anika you became a surrogate only because Tia wanted a child …Tia was the sole reason…she was the one who convinced Shivay beta, who in turn convinced rest others of their family…but with death of Tia…” Anika’s mom felt a sort of inconvenience to complete the rest of sentence ” with Tia’s death ..what maa” Anika questioned anxiously ” i don’t know what they have decided about the baby after Tia’s death….will they still want the baby or will they want you to abort” Anika’s mom put forth her concerns “No maa…they cannot do like this…they can’t do this…i promised Tia that no matter what i will save this baby from any storm…I cannot let them take any wrong decision about my baby” Anika again spoke in anxiety

Anika this is not your baby…this is Oberoi’s heir don’t forget…and for God sake please don’t develop a bond for the unborn because …because you will face hardship later…” Anika’s mom spoke curtly “Maa…this is my child now…whether they want or don’t want…this baby will grow up as my child and no one can take this right away from me” anika replied determined “Anika be practical…this child can never be yours…whether they accept or not…if they accept then this baby will grow up to be an Oberoi , as decided earlier you will give the child away and then there will be no relation between them and you…if they don’t accept the child , still it is not yours because it’s root is not you…it’s root is of Shivay Singh Oberoi and Tia….” Anika’s mom explained

Anika couldn’t bear this reality or truth rather…she sat with a thud “Anika you are just a surrogate and a surrogate can or will never have any right on or relation with the baby…please understand…and before we discuss or decide anything we must meet Oberoi’s…it’s only 5 th month …if needed to abort this is the last month we have, because after sixth month the baby cannot be aborted…and I cannot and don’t want to risk my daughters life” Anika’s mom said being practical

Anika looked at her teary eyed and wiping her tears got up and said ” let’s go to OM mom…i will want to know their decision first …based on their decision i will decide the future of this baby…but mom one thing is for sure…this baby will be born, there is no question of abortion..” Anika’s mom tried to say something but Anika cut her off and held her hand picking her bag and stepped outside…

Both reached OM …and stepped in…OmRu went towards Anika and hugged her…Anika reciprocated the hug…very soon all the OF members except Shivaay gathered in the living room…after exchanging pleasantries everyone settled in the sofa’s …an awkward silence prevailed….Anika’s eyes started searching for Shivaay…Dadi who noticed this held her hand pressed it and signed her to relax…Anika smiled sadly

Dadi ” Ru..go puttar call Shivaay ..say Anika and her mom have come to meet us”
” ji dadi” Saying this Rudra went inside
Soon Shivaay and Rudra came out…as soon as Shivaay came Anika and Anika’s mom stood up…Anika’s mom joined hands and said “Namasthe beta”
Shivaay saw Anika and his anger started to gain momentum….Anika stood like a stone ….

PRECAP : Shivaay to propose marraige with Anika to OF members…. stay tuned friends to happen next.

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