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Everything is Fair in love….. Part 35

Episode  35


Half  an hour later they stopped the car in the driveway of Maheshwari Manson. When Swara was trying to get out the car Laksh just stopped her,

Laksh: Be gentel to her….

Swara: Who??? (Confused)

Laksh: Come on Swara you don’t act this way with a Jaguar XJ…. Be gentle

Swara: Well Mr. Maheshwari it’s just a machine made with metal and nuts, don’t become nuts behind it…..

Laksh: Well I am sure to gift you an old Ambassador as our wedding gift…..

Swara: Lucky…… (Showing fake anger)

Laksh: Well……

He tries to kiss her again but moves her face….

Swara: Well I think Kavya and your family must hear about it first from you rather than see and be shocked.

Laksh: Still caring about others. What are you made up of woman….

Swara: Well I am serious. Kavya has right to know it first that too from your mouth.

Swara knew it firsthand that how painful it is to see the person you love with someone else, and to bear the hurt of betrayal. She did not want even her worst enemy to go through that feeling. Although she hated Kavya but she did know Kavya was a victim here. She deserved better than this. Kavya need not suffer in mid of all this.

Laksh: Ok fine you try not be dam sweet or else I don’t think I can control myself anymore…

Just as Laksh was again trying to get close to her they jumped apart hearing a shout…

Parineeta: Ho…. My…. God….. (Just stared at the couples in disbelief)

Swara: Hi Bhabhi…. (Looking down embarrassed)

Laksh: Hi Bhabhi….. How are you and your cricket team? (Casually)

Parineeta:  Are you two together for real or am I hallucinating?

Swara: Bhabi…. (Trying to handle the situation)

Laksh: (Cutting her)Bhabi we were together say for last four and a half years…

Parineeta: Well I am not mixing spinach and eight months pregnancy again….. I think I might faint…. (Turning pale)

Swara: Lucky do something her water might just break… (Worried)

Laksh: Bhabhi are you alright… (Worried now)

Parineeta: Well what about Kavya???

Laksh: Well…..

Sujata: You are back Lucky…

When Laksh saw Sujata he lost his smile and become serious. Even Sharmishta was present there.

Laksh: Everyone come inside I want to talk to everyone.

As soon as Kavya saw that Swara was also with them she becomes angry. She gives such look to Swara that clearly meant keep away. Swara was a bit scared.

Swara: Then you and family must talk. I and mom will come after sometimes…

As she tried to go Laksh just pull her and whispered into her ears….

Laksh: You try to move one inch from here to your house and then I will not be responsible for what will happen next. You know me Swara I will do as I say..

He said with steel eyes that Swara was so scared and ran into Maheshwari Manson along with other ladies.

As soon as they were seated,

Laksh: Where is Adresh bhai…

Parineeta: I think he is in Library. I will go and call him..

Adresh: No need I am here. And you where did you go just like that leaving a letter…. You better start explaining young man.

Laksh: I am sorry Bhai…. I must not have done that. But needed time to sort out what was really important to me.( Looking at Swara)  But I am sorry I should not have taken off like that.

All this time Swara ignored him like empty soda can and kept munching the chips kept on the table as she is nowhere party to this conversation.

Laksh then turned to Kavya

Laksh: Kavya…. I need to talk to you in person….

Kavya was almost sure what he was going to say. But still keeping a stone face and looking at Swara as if she killed someone or she had a contagious disease she said as a matter of fact to Laksh

Kavya: Laksh you can speak in front of everyone else, the matter can’t that private now.

Laksh want to give her more private let down but now she left no option

Laksh: Kavya please don’t try to misunderstand me….. I am…. I was saying….

Kavya: Come on Laksh is our marriage still on

Laksh: I am sorry Kavya, this marriage cannot happen. You are a great person but I am not right for you. I cannot give you the happiness and love that you deserve, when there is someone else in my heart….

Kavya: Ho come on Laksh don’t give me those cringe crap… (Sarcastically)

Laksh: I am really sorry Kavya….(putting his head down)

Kavya: So she is the lucky gal right….(Pointing towards Swara)

Swara had not expected the spotlight on her so soon. She stopped eating in the mid way and looked at others as a deer caught on a headlight.

Adresh and Shomi gave a grasp….. But Sujata could not contain her happiness. Parineeta felt like a storm had kick started in her belly….

Parineeta; Never again I will mix 8 months pregnancy and spinach cheese sandwich…

Laksh: Yes….. I am really lucky. And Swara is the only one…… For me. (Calmly)

Kavya: Ho please Laksh…..

Laksh: I am sorry Kavya….. My intension was never to hurt you…..

Kavya: Well you did exactly that…… (Wiping her tears) Well that’s the problem with you true lover….. or whatever your clan is called. Till you get your shit together you screw a alt of people in your way without any consideration…… So what am I expected to tell my parents?? Can you even tell me that?

Adresh: Well you can tell them that luckly Laksh came into his senses before marriage rather than after it. He saved me from going through therapy due to divorce or spared me the embracement of being left at the altar in all my design finery…..

All looked at Adresh as if he was talking in some foreign language. Out of all present there none expected it from Adresh the mature one…

Adresh: Hey….. What?? Someone had to give her answers. Lucky and Swara were seemed upset along with mom….

Parineeta: It’s better na Kavya that Lucky and Swara came to their senses before anything went official. You must thank god for that…..

Kavya: Well that’s it then. Laksh will you arrange for my return at the earliest. I don’t want to stay here anymore. Bye guys I got to go and pack my things and make a few calls. Hope there is no hard feelings

Kavya left from there before she had any breakdown in front of the family. Swara really felt sorry her, she knew it firsthand how it felt when your heart breaks….

Shomi: What the hell is going on Shona. You and Lucky… How… Where… When did this happen?? Why did you never tell me?

Swara: Well mom…. Laksh and I…. We came close… I mean to say…. We were close 4 years back and then….

Shomi and Adresh : What!!!

Swara: Mom I just mean to say that…

Laksh: Go on Swara… Tell them

Swara: Let me speak Lucky… Well we were seeing each other, but then due to uncles dismiss, we just kind of moved apart. And then when he returned back few things happened and we kind of reconnected and the feelings were still there… than…..

Laksh: To cut the long story short, we are deep in love with each other and we are making this official as soon as possible, no waiting. And we came here to seek your blessings.

Adresh: Wow guys you are really something. You made a fool of us for nearly four years….. I mean really four years and no one knew. Just fantastic.

Laksh: Well mom knew all about it, don’t you mom?

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