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Are you losing interest in Colors’ Shakti?

Colors’ Shakti is slowing losing out the dramatic strength in the plot. The show has turned much repetitive, because Soumya and Harman always get separated after a brief union. The couple lived happily before. Their separation track seems to be never ending. Harman started hating Soumya when she did a mistake to go against him and worship Aravan Devta to get a rebirth as a normal female. Harman was against Soumya’s perception, since he had accepted her knowing she is a Kinner. Their annoyance continued for much long.

Sooner, there was an entry of Harman’s childhood friend Jasleen. The marriage track of Harman and Jasleen was much hyped. Though they didn’t get married, Soumya isn’t aware of the truth. Soumya finds Harman happy with Jasleen and moves out of the city forever. Harman begins finding her. He turns into her intense lover once again. Soumya meets a guy Sameer, who gives her shelter. Sameer falls in love with Soumya. Soumya reveals her Kinner identity, which makes Sameer hate her. Harman and Soumya’s union seems close now. But, there is also a negative character Jeet who doesn’t want Soumya to return in Harman’s life. The negatives always wins in separating the leads. The drama is getting looped. Are you losing interest in Colors’ Shakti? Let us know your opinion.

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