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Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Vidyapati gets married to Lalita.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Ganeshji’s aunty asks him did Vidyapati was truly in love with Lalita & how Vishwashahu reacted & he tells her that Vishwashahu decided on support of Lalita.
Vishwashahu tells his villagers that one thing had happened wrong that we allowed an unknown person in our village against our policy but now to allow for this marriage of Lalita with an unknown person will again be wrong hence this decision is put on my shoulder’s by our elder leaders hence I would like to ask one question to Vidyapati then only I can decide on this & he asks him that did you truly loved Lalita & he falls in confusion thinking that I am devoted to my God Shri Krishna but also this is true that I have fallen in love with Lalita too but whom to choose now as my God should not feel ignored or likewise Lalita too while all including Vishwashahu are wondering why isn’t he answering hence Vishwashahu asks him again & he finally says that I love Lalita truly & her father is delighted hence he performs their marriage with his villagers acceptance too.
Ganeshji says Vidyapati finally got married to Lalita whom he loved truly but can’t forget his devotion towards his God too that was his ultimate quality.
Bhashma who is Balaram is also telling Madhav who wondered about Vidyapati’s love towards Lalita that he finally got married to Lalita & never forgot devotion towards his God too for which he was there to complete his goal.
Vidyapati appreciates Lalita for coming into his life which is Gods given gift he feels & also Lalita too expresses her happiness for getting blessed with such a good husband.
Vidyapati’s brother tells his Guru that he is having full faith in his brother that he’ll complete his goal anyhow.
One morning Vidyapati wakes up immediately thinking of his goal & goes into jungle remembering about his promise to his brother which he has to complete & he has settled here marrying a girl. Lalita comes wondering & feeling concerned asking him that I know you wish to see Neil Madhav & he thinks blessed about his wife who is so understanding about his feelings. She assures him talk to with her father.
Vidyapati asks permission with Vishwashahu for coming to temple but he tells him that as you are outsider it’s difficult to decide but one day I will take you when God himself gives me the signal till then you have to wait.
Ganeshji says that from that day he kept giving flowers on his own to his father in law for daily going to perform Pooja of Neil Madhav by which he use to get impressed by Vidyapati & Lalita also feeling happy.
Vidyapati use to always provide flowers early morning daily to his father in law who was feeling impressed slowly about him. Lalita also praised watching his devotional behaviour towards God.
Balaram tells Madhav that Vidyapati was very eager to see Neil Madhav & complete his goal but with pure devotion.
Vidyapati is preparing Sweet for Bhog of God while Lalita feels concerned about his feelings & Vishwashahu tells him that I feel impressed with your pure devotion hence now you can come to perform Pooja of Neil Madhav on one condition that you have to close your eyes & he accepts his father in laws advise praising him that atleast I have got opportunity to go near the God which is happiest moment for me.
They both leave while he brings grains in a cloth bag to keep putting on their path which will make him understand the same path later to take away Neil Madhav from there. They both reach near the temple & Vishwashahu opens his eyes for allowing him to do prayers openly. Vidyapati seeing the idol of Neil Madhav praises it so much that he can’t resist to take away Neil Madhav from there & settle it into Jagannath temple.
They perform Pooja of Neil Madhav while Prabhu Narayan says that using tricky way is also wrong to achieve the goal.

Precap: Devi Laxmi intimates Prabhu Narayan that it’s time now to support for settling your idol in Jagannath temple but he tells her that tricky way isn’t accepted by any God. Vidyapati comes in their temple of Neil Madhav while Lalita understands seeing his cloth bag & confronts him in the temple while Vishwashahu praying his God feeling scared about getting signal of becoming dark in temple.

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