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The nights we spent together (Chapter 2)

Episode starts with Riddhima standing in front of mirror in bathroom,
"Vansh is living with a girl?But they had never disclosed it before marriage?He is pretending to be so normal.He is showing as it is a normal thing,haww..he is naming it jealousy?Is he mad..jealousy?ofcourse it is a feeling of betrayl,,cheat,but if he ..."

With this self talking she got shocked,in her bag,which had night dresses,her sisters had just kept miny dresses...
"Are they too completely mad?Will I wear these dresses?I have told them to keep normal clothes,how stupid they are.I will kill them"
She was getting too much frustated,now she was losing the cool.She came out ,frustation and anger was clear on her face.Vansh who was sitting on bed and was using phone,looked at her,
Vansh:What happened?Why didn't you change?
He was just to speak further when Riddhima grabbed him from his collar,
Riddhima:MR Vansh Rai singhania...if you dare to cheat me na..I will kill you.
Vansh became shocked,Riddhima,who was so innocent girl just 10 minutes before,she was wild now.Vansh heavily breathed,and laughed.

Riddhima became more furious and started shouting,
Riddhima: Now why are you laughing?On my condition?That first  you betrayed me,(she then started cryingand seeing her tears Vansh became serious and sad)..you never told before marriage that here is a girll...
He made her sit on bed ,and himself sat on knees on floor...
Vansh looked in her eyes.
Vansh:Riddhima,don't call it betrayl so soon.i willmake you meet her tomorrowI assure you,you will like her.You have given me 7 vows to believe me?Just do it for one night please.
Riddhima wiped her tears and took deep breath.
Riddhima:Fine,give me my other bags.

Vansh:Have you forgotten? The luggage has not yet reached..that's why I told you to take a bag of your clothes,so that you may wear them till your luggage arives.
Riddhima stunned,
Vansh:What happened..is everything fine?You had got a clothes bag na?
Riddhima looked at him,how could she tell that what her sisters had done.
Riddhima:yes,i was just asking.I have my bag with me.
Vansh nodded,:Don't worry your luggage will arrrive by morning.I have one more thing to say...Till,you don't become comfortable with me,I mean,we both don't know each other completely,it will be just normal everything amid us,you are understanding na..
Riddhima was just looking at him ,eyes widened.
Vansh:I will stay in next room,I mean..all the stuff of ours will be here ,in the same room,just that I will sleep in the next room.

Riddhima felt very warm by this,this really touched her heart.
"How can someone be that good?what sort of guy is this,one minute before he made me cry by showing betrayl,and now,he is making me fall over his goodness ,he is so mature,.."
With these thoughts in mind going on,she saw Vansh taking his clothes from wardrobe,and smiling towards her.
Vansh:Good night
Riddhima:(Still lost in thoughts)...Goo..good night.
They both smiled.
He shut the door from outside and left.
Riddhima stood for some moments smiling,and feeling warm by his goodness,then she became serious,and furious and mimiced Vansh saying Angelinaaaa...
She then looked at her bag.
"I can not sleep in this dress,this is so heavy,I can niether sleep in these dresses that they have kept for me.What can i do..."..She then looked at vanshs wardrobe and thinking something smiled.

Precap: Vansh is changing shirt to sleep,he hears the main gate opening sound.He became shocked,RIddhima?

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