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Soul forever? #Riansh FF..part 3 …by Aayu



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Episodes start…



That man..was something interesting..to know about.. but wait why I want to know about him…


She closed her eyes and a smile crept on her face…


Flashback starts..


Man:- Thank you… if you were not helped me I would have been missed a really important work..


Riddhima:- welcome..


Man:- What were you doing here ?


Riddhima:- just feeling the nature..


Man:- Isn’t it wired..??


Riddhima:- well hmm…but if I would have not here..you have missed your really important work.. isn’t it?


Man:- yeah!! Once again Thankyou..it was nice meeting you..


Riddhima:- well may I know your name..


Man:- oh yay..but I want you to introduce yourself first..


Riddhima:- well.. myself Riddhima..


Man:- oh nice name..well I am getting late..


Saying so he left


Riddhima:- That was rude…

Well what can stand for VR…


Flashback ends…


Riddhima:- I have seen the initial but what can it stand for??

Well it was something interesting..

And I can’t deny he was something different..


Wait why I am thinking so much about him..


Shrugging these thoughts she drift to sleep…


Scene shifts to a office room…


A man in black Tuxedo checking some files..


Stretched his arms and rested on the chair…


Man:- hmm… today was something interesting…

That girl..captured my mind..she is not going from my eyes..

What was her name.. Riddhima.. sweet…isn’t it..


When someone knocks..


Man:- yes come in..Angre..


Angre:- Vansh Bhai..Mr Sharma is no more..and his manager call us that Mr.sharma daughter has come from Shimla so if you want to confirm or hang the deal you can take signatures from her..


Vansh:- Okay fix a meeting at tomorrow 4:00 pm..


Angre:- okay..!!


Precap:- Riansh meet.


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