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Shivi TS: Ishqzaade – Prologue

Hey Everyone, Mehak here.

How are you all doing? Hope you are doing great. Well, I am back with another interesting story, Shivi TS: Ishqzaade. Hope you find it amazing. But before this I would like to inform you that the dialogues are written in Hindi as well as in English. For English, it is written in the brackets.

Let’s Begin…

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“Haye Somnath, yeh hawae aaj kaha le jaengi mujhe [ Oh God, where will these winds take me today? ]” , a melodious chirpy voice is heard echoing in the temple of Somnath.

The girl opens her eyes a bit and looks at her left from the corner of her eyes for a second. She opens her eyes and looks at the idol of lord Somnath. The priest comes and gives her prasad.

The priest says ” Raavi, Me hamesha sochta hu ki tu roz ye sawal kyo karti hai bhagwan se [ Raavi, I have always wondered why do you ask this question to god daily]”

Raavi beams and her eyes glistens, she says ” Oh ho pandit ji, ye to me bas inspiration ke liye puchti hu [Oh ho pandit ji, it’s for inspiration]”

Someone runs into the temple and stands in front of the idol. The priest says ” Are Shiva aaram se [Ah Shiva take it easy]”.

Shiva is breathing heavily. After a moment he catches his breath and prays. He says ” Haye Somnath, aaj shaam mujhe nadi ke kinare kaam hai, madat karna and raksha karna meri [Oh God, I have some work on the river side in the evening, help me and keep me safe ]”

Priest gives him prasad and says ” Aisa hi hoga tu pareshaan mat hona [Everything will be good, don’t worry have faith]”

Raavi glares him for a second then maintains her normal sweet expressions and looks at the idol in front of her. She looks at Shiva from the corner of her eye and slowly blinks. Shiva is looking at her and he blinks her eyes too.

Raavi prays again and says “Haye Somnath, himmat dena mujhe aaj shaam ko mujhe Maasi ke saath bahut sari mithai banwani hai [Oh God, give me strength so that I could help my aunt in making a lot of sweets in the evening ]”

Raavi looks at Shiva from the corner of her eyes and finds him looking at her. He slowly blinks at her.

Author says “Ishaqzaade to har koi ban sakta hai par sabki kahani inki tarha nhi hoti [Lovers can be anyone, but their story won’t be like these].”

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Well, that’s for today. Hope you find it amazing. Do comment and share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear. Like, Comment and Share. Do Follow me. Meet you with new chapter soon.

Mehak Bhambri

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