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Shakti 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Soumya and Harman spend some quality time together

Shakti 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Simran telling Rohan that his anger, his accusation on her, was limited till here. She says I have decided to divorce you. Rohan is shocked. Virat gets up shockingly. Simran says the relation which is not by heart, but due to a favour, which is for sympathy, tells that she don’t want to be in such a relation. She says you don’t need to worry about me or my daughter, as my daughter’s father has returned and I will marry him. Arjun hears and gets happy. Rohan throws his phone in anger.

Later Mahi looks at Soumya as she makes something in the kitchen. Later Virat calls Heer and asks what will you get by lying to me and asks what is the use of involving Veer ji. Virat asks her to talk to Veer ji. Heer says Veer ji said that he is fine and asks him not to lie. Virat says this means he didn’t tell you anything, tells that he don’t lie and worries for Simran and Veer ji’s relation, asks her to return for her Veer ji if not for him. Heer asks what do you think that I am robot to agree to your sayings. Virat says you knows well who are you to me, and tells that if she don’t come then he will come and take her. Heer ends the call and thinks she shall understand that she went away from him for his betterment and that’s why can’t return to his life, feels apologetic.

Soumya comes to Harman and says she made kada for him. He refuses to drink it. Soumya says this kada plays an important role in our love story. Harman drinks making faces. Soumya says your habit haven’t changed. Harman says you are also same and then tells that she has changed a lot and got more beautiful than before. She says you are in pain and talking worldly things. She asks him to lie down on the bed and applies lep on his back. He smiles as she applies it. Soumya asks why did you do this, why did you risk your life for me? He says I didn’t risk my life, but saved my life from danger. He says it is better to die rather than living with you. Soumya asks what you are saying and asks him to sleep. Harman says since I gained consciousness and when you refused to identify me, I felt like death. A fb is shown. Soumya says two lovers can have misunderstandings and fights, but love can never die. She says I was waiting for you. She talks about Heer and tells that she has many habits like you, and jumps in and out of the window like you. She says interestingly she calls me Gulabo like you. She never made me miss you. Harman asks really, did you really see my reflection in you? And that you don’t miss me. Soumya says no, I have spent the days due to her, you complete my identity, and says nobody can compensate that thing. He asks where is she? I want to meet Heer. Soumya says she is fighting her life’s fight and tells that she is with her. He looks at her and says he is looking at her and will compensate for the time, which he missed. He says he wants to spend time with her and his family. Soumya hopes DNA reports come soon. Harman says I am happy that you believe me, now everyone will believe me, until you are with me….nothing can happen to me. He says lets change the mood and asks her to dance with him. Soumya dances happily with him. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Mahi looks at them and gets upset.

Rohan thinks how can Simran do this? He thinks what to do and calls Preeto. He calls Preeto. Preeto says it is good that you called me and says I was about to call you. Rohan asks if everything is fine. Preeto tells him about Harman. She asks him to spend time with Simran and take care of her. Rohan thinks Nani is already in tension, if I tell about my problem then she will get more tension. He says everything is fine and asks her to call him. Preeto ends the call and thinks of Soumya’s words. Mahi comes to her and says you are sitting silently here and Soumya is doing whatever she wants. Preeto asks her to let it be. Mahi says this house is mine too and I worry for the family’s respect. Preeto asks did you stay quiet, we get the DNA test done. Mahi asks her to see Soumya’s shameless and says she is staying with the guy in his room. Preeto says I am upset with Soumya, that doesn’t mean that I will believe you if you raise finger on her character. Mahi asks why you don’t trust me. Soumya comes there and says I can ignore this right away, but I will not tolerate anything wrong. She says that person is Harman ji and says once DNA results come, that point will be proved. She says until his truth comes out, I will not stay with him in his room. She says this house respect is more important to me than my life. She says she will not do anything which will harm Mummy ji and Papa ji and asks her not to let her bad thoughts known. She goes. Mahi says that imposter’s truth will be revealed tomorrow, but another truth is that I am Harman ji’s legally wedded wife. Preeto looks on.

Preeto will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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