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Santoshi Maa 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Babli confesses herself to Indresh while Mata Santoshi saves Swati.

Santoshi Maa 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Babli trying to fool & convince Indresh by making him to apply Sindoor on her forehead so that all problems will vanish destroying Babli’s motive but he feels confused.
Mata Santoshi is intimating Indresh to be alert & not to get fooled but to realize who the person is in front of him.
Abhay, Lovely, Rinky & Devesh are trying to run away from that place but faces hurdle of tree falling down on both their sides making them scared. Lovely says it might be Babli who is doing all this while Devesh also says that how come Babli has returned but Rinky is blaming Swati due to whom all these things are faced but Devesh tells them how he tried to save Swati but was thrown away due to shock on door lock. They all feel to run away from that place.
Babli is again & again trying to convince Indresh to put Sindoor on her forehead while Mata is alerting him as well as Swati for saving Indresh to get fooled by Babli.
Devi Polomi feels that to see how Mata Santoshi will Swati her from her negative powers which she can’t & will also not allow for interfering between Babli & Indresh.
Babli is forcing Indresh smartly but his hand mistakenly pushes the Sindoor bowl which falls down & the whole Sindoor scattered. Babli react angrily on it while Indresh feels shocked about her behaviour but Babli realizes & again speaks politely. Indresh tells her if this is it then I’ll use my blood to make Babli jealous & she’ll leave us alone forever & he cuts his finger to apply blood on her forehead & she happily comes forward.
Mata Santoshi uses her powers to bring back Swati’s tone intimating her that to use the powers of meditation you have while she keeps praying Mata Santoshi while Indresh is about to apply the Sindoor but sees Mata’s chain missing on Babli’s neck hence he asks where is Mata’s chain but she gets bugged saying it might have forgotten at home but he insists how come Mata’s devotee forget this hence he says you aren’t my Swati & she finally confesses saying that yes I am not Swati & I have returned for you because you cannot be anyone’s except mine which I had told your earlier.
Mata is flowing her powers towards Swati so that she can talk & Swati chants Mata’s name & comes out of the room while Devi Polomi is shocked.
Dev Rishi praises Mata for clearing all problems of Swati but she intimates him that this time the problem saved but next time it’ll be more difficult because Devi Polomi will use more strong trick of this insult.
Swati comes running to call Indresh while Babli vanishes & Indresh is shocked to see Babli vanished.
All gather in the hotel lobby while Indresh tells Swati that we have to leave from here anyhow but the owner comes asking what happened & Indresh explains him whatever happened in hotel since last night & his daughter Samiksha also informs him the same hence the owner gives him the car keys to leave comfortably.
Indresh & all his family are leaving with the car but in the way they face hotel people including owner & his daughter tied with rope thrown in between the road while Indresh & all are shocked. Indresh says that let me see but Swati stops him while they see Babli in front of them & all of them are shocked watching Babli & Devesh wondering saying that it means Mohini has returned?
Swati tells Indresh that to let me go to meet Babli because she has returned due to me hence I’ll face her. Swati comes out of car & faces Babli.

Precap: Indresh warns Bubli that whatever you wish won’t ever happen because I am Swati’s. Babli uses her powers to light fire around hotel people & also harming Indresh’s family members saying that I won’t leave anybody but Swati tells her to stop while she’ll do anything she wishes. Devi Polomi also says that’s what I wanted.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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