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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 38

Hello everyone first of all i wanna apologize for not posting since 3 days i was not in right frame of mind so plz pardon me and do comments

So episode starts here

Scene 1

Next day

Meera – Their is ritual in our family that bride’s brother blesses her with red chunri..

Vyom – Fine then go ahead

Riddhima – I know my brother will do it right bhai

And angre just took step to come forward

Suddenly rehan comes forward and takes the chunri (bhai meko bhi abhi abhi yad aya ki ye bhi character hai meri story me 😂😂)

And keep it on riddhima’s head

Rehan – After sejal di i consider you as my sister and you loved me like your own brother shivanya di

Riddhima – You are not my brother by blood but our relation is beyond that

And she looks at angre with painful eyes

Angre has tears in his eyes


I lost my sona!! She was right i lost her

What will be more painful than this
That my sister is considering someone else as her brother in front of me

Meri ek zid ne sab barbaad kr dia (happy realization angu baby😂)

POV ends

Riddhima’s POV

The pain you gave me is much more than this bhai
U can’t even imagine how i felt when you said that i died for you
Pov ends

Meera – Everyone get ready marrige will start in few hours

Everyone departed to their rooms

Scene 2

Riddhima’s room

Preeta anika and avni are helping her in getting ready

Preeta – I hope you are clear about this marrige riddhima

Riddhima – What will happen if i am not

It makes no difference

Avni – Then so many lives will be destroy

Riddhima’s POV

Ye kya ho rha hai meri zindagi ke sath bappa
Ek taraf mera pyr hai or ek trf mera aatm samman
Koi chamtkar kro bappa
POV ends

Scene 3

Ishani’s Room

Vansh is sitting near ishani holding her hand

Vansh (crying) – My life is in your hands princess only you can save my love

Wake up princess your brother needs you

Only you can stop this marriage
People think that i can’t stop i can but i know my sweetheart she won’t choose me over her self respect and i am proud of her for this

But i can’t loose her no..

Wake up princess wake up..

And he cries bitterly

His pov

I won’t cry i am vansh raisinghania i will snatch what is mine

Song plays in bgm

pyar ki rah main mujh ko yun chhodne wale
ja tujhe maaf kiya
ja tujhe maaf kiya
dil ko torne wale
toot kar pyar kare dil jo bhikar jata hai
ishq to samne ankhon ke mukar jata hai
apni dhadkan ko mere dil se jodne wale
ja tujhe maaf kiya dil ko torne wale

(My fav song guys)

Scene 4

Vyom’s room

Vyom is getting ready but he is unable to tie his sehra

Suddenly siya comes

Siya – May i help you

Vyom- are you angry from me siya

Siya (smiling) – do i have that right

Vyom – Please siya don’t say like this i am already feeling guilty

Siya – U don’t have to

And she starts making wear him sehra

Vyom holds her hand

Vyom – you will always be my best friend siya

Siya – I am not Worthy of it

Suddenly anaisha comes

Anaisha – Siya aunty can you please help me in getting ready in mumma is busy na

Siya (looking at vyom) – I can’t take your mumma’s place baby

Anaisha – But you love me like her only na please help me

And they both leave

Siya’s poV

Yuh toh kabhi mile nhi hum unse ajnabi bankar
Par dil ko sukun ata tha unse milkar
Na khayal mohhobatt ka  na ibadat ishq ki
Na jine ki tamanna na khwaish marne ki
Be matlab ki zindagi me koi ber nhi tha
Wo apna sa lgne wala mere liye itna bhi ger nhi tha
Or phir kuch uh hua ki
Chal diye hum sath us raah par
Jaha hmari manzil hi alg thi
Mene soch bhi kese liya wo mera hoga
ye to khwaish hi galat thi
Wese to raha nhi zada lamba sath hmara
Par jitna bhi chle uska bankar chle
Or phir hath chhod gya wo hmara
Tut gya mera dil ..mit gyi hatho se mere mohhobatt ki nishani
Phir kabhi mukkamal nhi hui hamari adhuri kahani


(So guys u were missing my shyri so here it is enjoy)

Scene 5

At unknown place

A man is sitting on chair facing his back to the wall with cigerate in his hands

Man (smirking)- Someone’s doom is coming
I will destroy you bhabhi ji

Suddenly a women comes

Women – Vikram ji!!!

Man – shwetlana !! My wife! Come baby

And she sits in his lap

(So guys new entries are here they will be the villains)

Shwetlana – What are you planning

Vikram – their doom!!
We will avenge our lose
We will destroy each and everyone

Vansh bhi marega!! Riddhima bhi maregi

Or jo mere raste me ayega wo bhi mrega

Shwetlana – They will shade blood tears like will did back then

And they both hug each other

Scene 6

Riddhima and vyom descends from stairs

Riddhima is in veil and vyom is in sehra

Anaisha hugs riddhima

Anaisha – Wow mumma!! You are looking so pretty

Riddhima – But you didn’t see my face na baby

Anaisha – But i know as my mumma is so pretty but i want to see you and papa

Anika – We will see them after completing marrige baby this is ritual

They both sit in mandap

Pandit ji starts residing mantras

Riddhima’s POV

I don’t know what i am doing is right or wrong but today i lost my vansh my love

Avni comes and do gathbandhan

They both takes marrige vows

Vyom puts nuptial chain in her neck

and apply vermilion

Pandit – You are now united till 7 births

No force can make you apart
You are now husband and wife

Anaisha – Now we can see mumma papa’s face

Meera – No baby!! We can see their face tomorrow after performing a ritual

Pandit ji – Take blessings from everyone

They both goes to take blessings from dadi anupriya and meera

Vyom and riddhima bend to take blessings from meera

Suddenly riddhima notices the ring in vyom’s hand


This is not vyom’s engagement ring
It means he is not vyom then who is he

She stands and remove her veil

Riddhima – Who are you

Karan – What are you saying riddhima

Riddhima – I said who are you show me your face

Shivay – Why are you saying these

She comes near vyom and removes his sehra

Riddhima – Youuuuuu!!!!!!

Done for today it is quite short becoz next epi contain past revelation

Bdi mehnt ki hai yr 3 din baad ayi hu toh shyri photo sb dale hai ab comment bhi krdena mst mst

Luv uh all


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