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Riansh Os-serious trauma by attractiveuser

Got 3 requests yesterday for an os. Will write all of them but first writing this one requested by Priyanshi. Aditi and stuti I will definitely write an os of your wishes after this. And yes my all time dialogue if you want me to write on any topic do comment 😂😂😂😂. So let’s start:

Vansh’s POV:

I am vansh rai Singhania. Nothing is impossible for me. But today I am feeling helpless. My Riddhima,my love,my life she is there like a lifeless creature. She is in trauma. This is all because of me. If I could have saved her that time then she would be happy like before. She would be smiling and dancing. I miss her smiles and laughs. I and Riddhima love each other immensely. But a incident that took place two weeks before turned our lives upside down.
Two weeks before:
I was working on my laptop when Riddhima came and back hugged me. I smiled.

Riddhima: vansh I am going to my friend’s get together party. Please come with me.

Vansh: Riddhima I am doing some important otherwise I must have accompanied you.

Riddhima: vansh..your work is more important than me?

Vansh: no sweetheart but I couldn’t accompany you today.

Riddhima(annoyed): ok.

She left from there. After nearly one hour I got her call. I picked it up and I was shocked.

Riddhima(fear): vansh…vansh…save me…they are behind me…they will kill me…

Vansh: nothing will happen to you sweetheart I am coming.

I ran to the place but I was too late. I found her fainted on the road. I took her to the hospital. Doctor told us that she has been molested. I was full of rage. I wanted to kill those idiots right now. That’s the reason for her serious trauma. She haven’t stepped out of her room from last two weeks. She is not talking to anyone. I cannot see her in this condition. I moved towards her as usual to give her food. I fed her. She eats with no expressions.

Vansh: sweetheart..you know today Ishani brought a funny book to home. It was really. You should also read it.

She didn’t respond.

Vansh: sweetheart please..your silence is killing me… please talk to me.

She just blinked her eyes. Her eyes had pain which she had been bearing from last two weeks.

Vansh: sweetheart you are in this condition just because of me. I must have accompanied you that day. I am the worst husband.

She kept finger on my lips and nodded in no.

Vansh: am I that bad? That my wife is not talking to me.

She again nodded in no.

Vansh: then talk to me Riddhima please..

She started crying. I was shocked but then I hugged her.

Vansh: cry sweetheart!! Cry please!! This will help you to come out of your trauma.

She was crying heavily while I was just hugging her. After a while she slept in my arms. I comforted her on the bed and took her into my arms and slept. In morning I woke up and brought breakfast for her like everyday. I fed her. Then she went for bath. I could hear her crying sounds from bathroom. I didn’t questioned her because she was crying her heart out. It’s ok it lessons the pain. She came out after bathing. I offered her favourite food and chocolates to her like I everyday do but she refuses. But today she took it and started eating like a baby. I was the happiest. Ishani and sia came to our room. They come daily but Riddhima don’t talk to anyone.

Ishani: bhabhi.

Riddhima looked at her and then smiles a bit. I,Ishani and sia were shedding happy tears to see her smiling after so much time. Ishani and sia sat beside her.

Ishani: bhabhi see this book is so funny.

She saw it and just blinked her eyes. Sia and Ishani talked a lot with her but she just blinked her eyes. Every family member comes to meet her like this daily to lighten her mood. when everyone left I came to her and sat beside her.

Vansh: you know Kabir’s new name is kabootar.

Kabir is my cousin brother. He is son of my chanchal chachi and rudra uncle. Real brother of Aryan.
She smiled a bit. I cracked some more jokes. And the scene I saw was just…she was laughing…she laughed…am I dreaming.

Riddhima: vansh..when you can’t joke…why you do this…your poor jokes..

I instantly hugged her. She was talking and laughing after complete two weeks. I was on cloud nine. I informed everyone about this. They all were very happy for Riddhima. I reached the room.

Riddhima: vansh..I want to punish those idiots who did this with me(requesting)

Vansh: ofcourse sweetheart how can I leave them. Come with me. I have  already kidnapped them.

She nodded. Me, Ishani, angre and Riddhima went to a old factory. We entered there.

Riddhima’s pov:

I was in serious trauma after what all happened with me. But thanks to vansh and all my family members that they helped me to get out of this situation. Now I wanted to punish those idiots. Vansh took me to that factory. I saw all the boys who molested me tied with ropes. Blood was shedding from their bodies. Just then vansh approched me.

Vansh: sweetheart!! Here are your criminals!! You can punish them in any way you want!!

I nodded. I asked angre bhai to bring hot oil. He was shocked at first but then realised that I was right. He brought it and I threw it on their face. They all were jerked and screamed in pain.

Me: you mad me suffer like this only na!! I was also screaming like this!!

Ishani: exactly!! Riddhima bhabhi would you mind if I punish them?

Riddhima: not at all ishani.(smile)

Then she went to angre bhai and told something. Angre bhai brought a hot iron rod. I understood what she would do. She proceeded towards them and burnt their hands with it. They were screaming in pain.

Ishani: you all deserve this.(angry) why can’t you understand if a girl is saying ‘no’ then it’s a ‘no’.

She was burning with anger and she hitted them with the rods. Then vansh told some of the bodyguards to bring honeybees. They brought and vansh freed the bees on them. They were continuasly biting the boys. I felt peace seeing them like this. Every day we came to torture them like this and after some days due to so much torture they died. Our lives came back to normal and now me and vansh were living together with peace.

.                      THE END!!!

~a girls no is a no. It will be just a minute for you but for a girl it would cost her whole life~

Hope you all like it and I hope it was upto your expectations Priyanshi 😊! Lots of love! Take care!

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